Anil Ambani Kundali Predictions



  • What makes anil ambani different from others?
  • What awaits him in his business ventures(reliance infrastructure, reliance communication), Discover all this by science Vedic astrology.
  • The article talks about how and why anil ambani gets so much of wealth? Tells about his career and profession? it also tells about his wife and yes talks about his basic longevity or lifespan on how long would he live.
  • Name: Anil Ambani
    Date of Birth: Thursday, June 04, 1959
    Time of Birth: 22:30:00
    Place of Birth: Mumbai
    Longitude: 72 E 50
    Latitude: 18 N 58
    Time Zone: 5.5

    Natal Chart /Natal Horoscope Analysis and Predictions for Anil Ambani :

    • The ascendant lord of anil ambani is Capricorn as per Vedic astrology. This rashi describes the ankles of the kala purusha of Vedic astrology that is the human body. It’s a movable and active sign, with windy disposition. We all know how active and dynamic anil ambani is in real life and the kind of progress he has been able to take his father’s legacy of late sri dhiru bhai ambani.
    • The lord of this sign is Saturn the planet of discipline and order that is sani/Saturn as per western and Vedic astrology. An industry of the scale of reliance cannot be built or sustained without the right kind of discipline and sustained effort.
    • This sign Capricorn has earth element domination that means gains from landed properties and also petrol for anil ambani.
  • The strength is in the southern direction- so anil ambani would gain more in industries in south of India or even extending his empire to Australia or sri lanka
  • There is an element of tamoguna , demoniac nature of rahu effect. Rahu we know affects petrol. Reliance is also a big name in energy/petrol industry. We see the accuracy of Vedic astrology in the same.
    • This combination of ascendant lord being in 12th reduces the physical comfort of the person (if devoid of benefic aspect from a good planet). There is an energy exchange from Jupiter , so he would have good gains, but maybe he would not be attached to the same.
    • The happiness would be less for physical comfort matter . Also one could be more prone to anger. The expenditure might be in excess due to placement in 12th house of lagan.
    • The expenditure part could be true for anil ambani
  • Also the nakshatra anil ambani has is uttar ashada, that gives him success in petrol etc and also gives him a deeply human nature. This nakshatra helps him to penetrate deeply to any problems and get success. As sun the leader is the lord of this nakshatra. This kind of attitude also create success and money for anil ambani.
  • What planetary makes anil ambani so rich or wealthy?

  • The lord of the lagna is Saturn and is in the twelfth bhava or house of anil ambani. This could make him vata or stress prone. also it is OK in degrees- but is retrograde at 11:59 degrees.
  • The dispositer of Saturn is also very weak Jupiter at 1+ degree and is also retrograde. so based on classical astrology principles Jupiter or guru is very weak.
  • so this should make his lagna Saturn very weak- being in 12th bhava and on a weak dispositer ? – but that is not the case.
  • The reasons is Saturn being weak and so does Jupiter in twelfth- create an opposite effects of neecha bhanga or negative negative being cancelled to a positive outcome. That is exactly the case of anil ambani.
  • the second bhava or house lord is also Saturn and it is also very weak. now second bhava rules the wealth and status for anil ambani- how could this happen? This can only be explained by the neecha bhanga effects of the lagna.
  • Mars the lord of eleventh house is again very weak and debilitated in the seventh house. also the twelfth house lord Jupiter is in eleventh-s means losses and expenditure on friends and not so great gains.
  • now again the dispositer of mars is moon and it is at 0:29 degrees , so very weak. now mars in cancer sign is debilitated and along with debility or weak on moon again creates neecha bhanga Yoga for anil ambani and gives him great gains in life. One has to remember negative x negative = positive :).
  • The second bhava nakshatra is shatbhishaj that is the 24th nakshatra and also ruled by planet rahu and Saturn. This gives him great protection and promise of success by hard work, planning and yes in petrochemicals for sure.
  • What does the horoscope of anil ambani tell about his career and kind of work he would be doing?
    career anil ambani

  • His lord of third house or initiatives has ketu and is mars and sits in the eleventh bhava. so this suggest gains by self effort for him and forms a kind of raja yoga for anil ambani. that is action and planning could give him great gains.
  • now mars is weak and close to Venus in the seventh bhava. so he could get gains or take initiatives to do with cinema multiplexes etc- which is 100% true for anil ambani.
  • he has DTH business, also anil ambani has animation studios, plus several multiplex cinemas.
  • Ketu sitting in the third bhava gives him company of saints and also gives him or anil ambani exceptional initiative to do things. also it could bring him out in flying colors.
  • Now Venus is the lord of his career and is close to mars – his inertest with entertainment includes 44 FM radio stations also it includes his interest in Venus(= Home) and mars = energy that is reliance power. Venus here connects to reliance infrastructure as well.
  • so his overall career is directed by mars and Venus both. that means things to do with art and creativity(=Venus= cinema/films/home) and ye mars or mangal is to do with power FM etc.
  • swati nakshatra here in his tenth house suggest great success as a businessman and cleverness in business for sure.venus the tenth lord has a lot of Saturn energies in the pushya nakshatra. so gains and lot success in industries is indicated for anil ambani.
  • What kind of wife of life partner would anil ambani be having based on his horoscope or kundali?
    anil-ambani-tina anil ambani wife tina munim

  • His wife is a formed bollywood actress tina munim. he has Venus sitting there indicating beauty and possible connection of wife from art related industry.
  • Moon the lord of seventh house is in the fifth house with sun, so moon giving her a fair complexion and also sun giving his wife tina munim a high status may be in the film industry.
  • What the horoscope tells about anil ambani’s children and possible future
    anil-ambani-sons anil ambani children tina munim

  • the fifth house or children lord is Venus that is fair enough in Kendra or the seventh house. giving good impetus to his children.
  • Moon being there and Venus being the lord and also sun- gives his son the handsomeness, fair complexion and sun would give them name and fame for sure.
  • Jupiter or guru otherwise is fair in the Scorpio sign or vrischika rashi- so they would do well in life and may be get deep into research matters.
  • the children would get deep into religion matters though more focused on worldly matters due to Venus and sun energy.
  • The seventh bhava of anil ambani is ruled by pushya nakshatra that is ruled by planet Saturn and is zodiac for cancer and is the 8th nakshatra. so lot of Saturn energy here gives him good professional contacts and makes his wife tina munim fair( due to moon), but not fully fair as his other brothers (mukesh ambani’s wife is ).
  • How long would anil ambani live or his life span?

  • Now Saturn or shani dev for anil ambani though in twelfth house is strong by the neecha bhanga effect . But Saturn the lagna lord is in the twelfth house – this is not good.
  • also Saturn is ayushkaraka for any horoscope or kundali. The eighth house lord sun is in the angular houses- so is good but is not a friendly sign of Taurus – makes it a bit weak.
  • weak moon the markesh or the seventh lord is very close to sun the longevity lord for anil ambani. This is not good as such.
  • mercury the lord of sixth bhava and ninth bhava is also there. which has mixed effects more of good effects for longevity for anil ambani. Sun is at around 20 degrees sop fair enough strength here.
  • Now moon lagan is Venus that is fair enough in the third house but a secondary markesh. Jupiter the lord of eighth house is in the markesh bhava of seventh. so good care of health is needed for anil ambani. he could have a 70-75 year life span atleast. yes more granular details could be gotten from navamsa chart and nakshatra details.
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