Akshay kumar the Action Hero of bollywood-2016 horoscope predictions & Hidden Secrets by Astrology & Numerology

Akshay Kumar Bollywood planets akshay kumar kundli horoscope bollywood

About this article ?

  • This interesting article in depth Based on Kundli or Horoscope of Bollywood hero Akshay Kumar discusses the various life aspects of his- like what makes him a big success in films?
  • like wife, wealth, money, name fame , martial arts karate, numerology, and astrology for the Bollywood hero Akshay Kumar .
  • It analyses akshay Kumar’s Horoscope in depth,. on what Yoga’s & planetary combination makes him so successful. 😉 .
  • also what makes Akshay Kumar so different from other heroes in the Bollywood film industry.
  • This article also looks at what makes Akshay Kumar a hit in “khiladi” movies or his Karate movies. also based on Akshay Kumar’s planets and horoscope.
  • It traces on what makes him so successful in the Bollywood film industry based on astrology and planets ;).
  • What is in Akshay Kumar’s horoscope to make him marry the daughter of celebrity Rajesh Khanna, the beautiful lady like Twinkle Khanna;0).
  • later it also analyses the number or numerology of Akshay Kumar and his success in Bollywood films and also role of his good body and martial arts based on astrology for his big success.;) in Life.
  • The interesting article based on horoscope or kundli of Akshay Kumar tells you what makes Akshay Kumar more action oriented best karate black belt of the Bollywood film (movies) ?
  • birth chart akshay kumar kundli horoscope bollywood

    Date of Birth & Horoscope(Kundli) of Akshay Kumar:

    Birth Data & Other Data of Akshay Kumar:
    Akshay Kumar
    Name: Akshay Kumar
    Date of Birth: Saturday, September 09, 1967
    Time of Birth: 12:05:00
    Place of Birth: Amritsar (Punjab)
    Longitude: 74 E 55
    Latitude: 31 N 37
    Time Zone: 5.5

    Astrology Horoscope & Predictions for Akshay Kumar:

    Akshay Kumar-chart
    danger akshay kumar kundli horoscope bollywood
    Is Akshay Kumar a risk taker while doing the Bollywood films? 😉

  • A strong ascendant = Scorpio ruled by planet mars. The Mars is placed in Scorpio, it makes his action part much stronger.
  • But mars also rules 6th house, so he needs to control too much of risk taking.
  • Also rahu in 6th could give him some rashness in approach- that he has to take care of.
  • father akshay kumar kundli horoscope bollywood
    which planetary combination in the horoscope of Akshay Kumar made him loose his father early in life?

  • Moon the lord of 9th is a bit weak and old in 12th. Aspects of rahu-ketu axis, with rahu sitting in mars sign.
  • It suggests he might lose his parent figure relatively early in life.
  • This again is true in his case- he lost his father relatively early in his life.
  • ketu dragon's tail akshay kumar kundli horoscope bollywood
    which planet in the horoscope prepares Akshay Kumar for better Bollywood movie stunts?

  • Ketu close to moon gives him ability to be independently and exceptionally, for the Bollywood stunts himself.
  • All this is true for Akshay Kumar

  • Akshay Kumar Bollywood films  action hero
    What makes Akshay Kumar so different from other heroes?
    looks personality akshay kumar kundli horoscope bollywood
    what planets in the Horoscope gives Akshay Kumar so different or handsome looks in the Bollywood heroes?

  • now as Akshay Kumar’s accurate birth time is not available so we would look at his Chandra Lagna or Rashi Lagna where Akshay Kumar’s moon is sitting.
  • Now for Akshay Kumar, the moon or Chandra dev is sitting in the Libra sign or Tula Rashi. That gives him handsome looks
  • mars mangal akshay kumar kundli horoscope bollywood
    Does mars or Mangal for Akshay Kumar make him so well-muscled?

  • Akshay Kumar is strong due to mars in Scorpio(vrishchika rashi) sign gives him a good combination of masculinity and training in martial arts.
  • Mars also gives him good success in action films to do with the Khiladi series.
  • venus shukra akshay kumar kundli horoscope bollywood
    Do Venus or shukra and mars(mangal0 Both pay a role in distinct personality of Akshay Kumar as a hero in Bollywood?

  • Akshay Kumar’s mars(Mangal) is in the second Bhava or house. so overall Venus plus mars always give him good handsomeness and strong muscles.
  • also, mars or Mangal in the Scorpio sign gives well-developed muscles in his body.
  • Ketu in the Chandra Lagna integrates him with Vedic or Hindu Dharma .and yes also gives basic aggression to be expressed in martial arts like karate for Akshay Kumar. 🙂
  • raja yoga akshay kumar kundli horoscope bollywood
    Is there a raja Yoga in Akshay Kumar’s Kundli to make him big success in Bollywood Movies?;)
    Now akshay kumar’s Venus or Shukra the lord of Libra sign is sitting in the eleventh of 11th bhava/house of gains.

  • This very clearly indicates great gains and wealth from Arts and & movies(Bollywood) for Akshay Kumar. Yes, it forms a good Raj Yoga for Akshay Kumar.
  • Equation of Life for Akshay Kumar 🙂
    Venus Venus shukra akshay Kumar Bollywood Plus Mars mars Mangal Akshay Kumar karate martial arts Plus Jupiter Jupiter or guru Akshay Kumar ===>EQUALS Akshay Kumar Akshay Kumar hero BollywoodAkshay Kumar karate
    What makes Akshay Kumar successful in action films and also in emotional films like hera Pheri with paresh Rawal?
    success akshay kumar kundli horoscope bollywood
    which planets and houses in the Horoscope of Akshay Kumar make him a big success in Bollywood movies? also a great action hero 😉

  • Now looking at the horoscope of Akshay Kumar, his Mars or Mangal is very well placed in the sign of Scorpio (vrishchika Rashi) .
  • now the 2nd bhava is the house of wealth and status. that suggests very clearly that he(kasha Kumar) would gain good wealth and status by doing proper action and work in the Bollywood.
  • that is doing of Karate or martial arts and yes mars would give him strong and muscular/angular face.
  • mars mangal akshay kumar kundli horoscope bollywood
    what planets in the horoscope(kundli) of Akshay Kumar made him have affair with many Bollywood heroines?

  • Mars is also the lord of 7th bhava or the seventh house for Akshay Kumar. It has Rahu sitting there.
  • that gives him some rebel traits and sexual deviations- he has been involved with many women like Shilpa Shetty and others as Rahu deals with anything foreign.
  • How hard Akshay Kumar has done to come so high in the Bollywood film industry? right form a bearer boy! 🙂

  • yes we know he has been able to fight life right from bearer boy in hotel/restaurant in Bangkok he came to Film Industry(Bollywood) work for karate school now is one of the topmost active and emotional romantic heroes.
  • Akshay Kumar Bollywood films  action hero
    so what made my great success in art films or films that work to do with fun
    venus shukra akshay kumar kundli horoscope bollywood
    Does shukra or Venus gives home great creativity in expressing and doing comedy Bollywood films?

  • Akshay Kumar expresses great creativity, especially for his role with Paresh Rawal in “hera phere” film.
  • we know that Akshay Kumar’s Venus or Shukra is strong in the horoscope and sitting in the 11th bhava or 11th house. suggesting a strong & creative plus artistic talent in Akshay Kumar.
  • moon chandra akshay kumar kundli horoscope bollywood
    What planets in Horoscope of Akshay Kumar suggest great expansion and growth for his career?

  • This along with good and action hero capability in him. we note that Guru or Jupiter is sitting in the 10th House from the Moon .
  • so that very clearly suggest that great expansion and growth in his career.
  • rise gains akshay kumar kundli horoscope bollywood
    what base level or low level did Akshay Kumar actually start life and where did he reach?

  • we know he started from a scratch restaurant in Bangkok and he is raised to such a high level with money and everything in life!
  • along with his beautiful wife Twinkle Khanna who is the daughter of legendary actor Rajesh Khanna.
  • jupiter guru akshay kumar kundli horoscope bollywood
    what planets in the horoscope made Akshay Kumar Khiladi series so popular in the Bollywood films?

  • also, note that Jupiter is Lord of action and it is sitting in the 10th bhava of Akshay Kumar that is action expands.
  • so he would grow with action or karma. That is also an added reason he grew so much in the “Khiladi” series.
    we wish him all the best in life!
  • Bollywood numerology akshay Kumar films  action hero
    Numerology Horoscope & Predictions for Akshay Kumar:
    DOB: September 09, 1967
    Popular Name: Akshay Kumar
    Birth Name: Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia

  • Birth number = 0 = Planet Mars, Born on 9th month again reinforces his influence of planet mars. We now know why he is the best ACTION Hero in Bollywood film(movies)! Also the best martial artist.
  • The sun sign for 9th September = Virgo= Ruled By Mercury, being the sign which is earthy and also mercury gives him practical intelligence.
  • Now let us look at Akshay Kumar’s destiny. What Akshay Kumar was destined to do?
  • numbers akshay kumar kundli horoscope bollywood
    Destiny Number = 9+September(9th Month) +1967(=23) = 9+ 9+23(=5) = 23=5 = Mercury
    mercury budha akshay kumar kundli horoscope bollywood
    what role does mercury or number 5 play for Akshay Kumar’s success in Bollywood films? 😉

  • Now mercury here gives two strong mercury influences. That is restlessness, desire to take lot of risks, have a lot of experiences and yes be a teacher too.
  • We know he has been taking a lot of risk doing his stunts for Bollywood films.
  • Akshay Kumar wants to experience a lot and he had a strong desire to be a martial arts teacher.
  • name fame akshay kumar kundli horoscope bollywood
    Does Akshay Kumar have number 1 to make him the Bollywood film Industry leader?

  • Name number of Akshay Kumar = 1= sun. Makes him a leader and gives him good name in Bollywood and otherwise.
  • His sun is in Leo in his birth chart.
  • numbers numerology akshay kumar kundli horoscope bollywood
    which numbers and signs based on numerology or numbers suggest Akshay Kumar’s’ creativity in Bollywood films?

  • He is also very creative and now involved in family film/movies of Bollywood that come mostly from his highly creative number 9 and yes earthy sign Virgo.
  • akshay kumar kundli horoscope bollywood

    Horoscope predictions for Akshay Kumar

  • He runs dasha(planetary period) of ketu-mercury
  • calculated risks akshay kumar kundli horoscope bollywood
    what planets in the Horoscope of Akshay Kumar suggest that he would take calculated risks while doing the Bollywood movies?

  • His mercury is in Virgo(8/11 houses lordship), but a bit com-bust. So AS suggested in numerology above same is true with astrology.
  • He could have gains mostly, but needs to take calculated risks by use of discrimination when doing stunts are signing any document in Bollywood
  • He has to take care of what he speaks as mercury is afflicted.
  • Jupiter transits to his 11th house in mid-year makes things better for him after July 2016.

  • horoscope predictions for Akshay Kumar

  • 2016= 2+0+1+6 = 9 = Mars, mars is not comfortable with numbers of akshay Kumar, especially mercury.
  • So he has to take calculated risks, in the year starting especially
  • He has to be careful of accidents and other risks of being operated etc. this year
  • Latter part of the year April onward might work out a bit better for him.
  • His success could be rated as (5 to 7) points out of 10 this year.