The AkshaVedamsa Divisional Horoscope Or Varga Birth Chart

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About this article?

  • This article on d45 or akshavedamsha chart or horoscope discusses on what is d45 or akshavedamsha chart. It then suggests how to erect or create the d45 or akshavedamsha chart.
  • It further looks at the various deities of each of the 45 divisions and also lordships in tables.
  • it later discusses at length that how the d45 or akshavedamsha chart or horoscope is analyzed for any individual.
  • India’s khavedamsha or d45 chart is taken as a sample reference of analysis to see why and How India is becoming a world leader ;).
  • What is akshavedamsha or d45 Horoscope or chart?

  • Now the first question is what is what is this akshavedamsha or d45? it is the 45th division of any sign in the horoscope. so that means 0 degrees 40 minutes per division is akshavedamsha or d45.
    0 deg 45 min x 45 = 30 degrees πŸ™‚
  • with akshavedamsha or d45 horoscope we look for all aspects of life. also kindly note that as the lagna or ascendant changes every 3 minutes so the birth time should be accurate! πŸ˜‰ else one could take the lagna of d1 itself as akshavedamsha or d45 lord.
  • How are the various signs or rashis in horoscope assigned to the akshavedamsha chart or Horoscope?

  • so casting horoscopes for akshavedamsha or d45 . The planets in movable signs have Aries the starting sign for akshavedamsha or d45 lagna followed by Taurus and so on(aries,cancer,libra,capricorn) . also if fixed sign like Taurus, leo,scorpio,aquarius- then Leo rises as the first division lord of the 45 division of akshavedamsha or d45.
  • also for planets in movable signs like (Gemini, Virgo,sagittarius and Pisces) the first division of akshavedamsha or d45 starts with Sagittarius sign.
  • How To calculate The AkshaVedamsa Divisional Horoscope or Varga Birth Chart? What are the deities that rules various divisions of the Sign(details)
    The AkshaVedamsa or the 1/45th part of a sign(D-45).
    In case of movable sign use Aries, is case of fixed signs use Leo as the Starting Sign and in case of common signs use Sagittarius.

    For movable signs the deities are:
    β€’ Brahma,
    β€’ Shiva
    β€’ and Vishnu
    For fixed signs :
    β€’ Shiva
    β€’ Vishnu
    β€’ and Brahma and
    For common signs
    β€’ Vishnu,
    β€’ Brahma and
    β€’ Shiva

    What are the deities for the d45 or akshavedamsha chart or horoscope?

  • the three Supreme duties are Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu for movable sign the first deity is Brahma(Brahma->shiva->Vishnu->Brahma…repeats) . for the fixed sign shiva is there and Vishnu is there for movable sign as the first deity and series repeats.
    All of the above deities repeat 15×3 times the lordship for AkshaVedamsa
  • How are various life aspects in the akshavedamsha chart or horoscope(kundli) analyzed?

  • In examination of the horoscope d45 or akshavedamsha chart all aspects of life are covered . d45 or akshavedamsha chart also looks into how the person conducts himself or herself .
  • It also look over emphasis on the religious conduct and also may be downfall and the moral conduct of the person .so mantra or sacred incantation & remedial measures and plus the overall conduct of the person is analyzed based on d45 or akshavedamsha chart.
  • what is the role of sun or surya in the d45 akshavedamsha chart or horoscope in any kundli?

  • The planet sun or surya in the d45 or akshavedamsha chart ore kundli represents Atma or soul of the horoscope . if the planet sun is aspected by benefics in d45 or akshavedamsha chart or horoscope it would mean a sattvik soul .otherwise if malefic are there it shows a negative person as such. πŸ™‚
  • what is the role of Moon or Chandra in the d45 akshavedamsha chart or horoscope in any kundli?

  • If we look at moon or Chandra or mind it suggest the mental morality. so if moon is un-afflicted it gives a very serious nature and also not so deviant nature . πŸ˜‰
  • what is the role of 6th,1st,3rd and 9th bhava of any chart or horoscope in any d45 or akashavedamsha kundli?

  • IN d45 or akshavedamsha chart or kundli the lagana(ascendant), the 3rd house , the 6th house and 9th house are analysed also in some cases .
    The lagans for d1 chart are taken if proper birth time is not there.
    also the well-connected Lords of 1st, 3rd,6th & 9th house give good action and Karma by the person. if afflicted or not well connected suggest issues in connection.
  • How could one get good thinking based on any chart or horoscope in any d45 or akashavedamsha kundli?

  • the benefic association of 1st,3rd,6th and 9th bhava in d45 or akshavedamsha chart or horoscope gives good and positive thinking.
  • what gives good thinking any chart or horoscope(kundli) in any d45 or akashavedamsha kundli?

  • if mercury or budha is retrograde in d45 or akshavedamsha chart or horoscope it gives negative or criminal thinking. also moon even if good in association with mercury would give such kind of results. mercury or the planet for discrimination has to be un afflicted.
  • How could you judge a character based on chart or horoscope(kundli) in any d45 or akashavedamsha kundli?

  • as the 4th house or bhava rules your mind, so in d45 or akshavedamsha chart or kundli(horoscope) the lord and the house un afflicted could give you a great mind and positive thinking . πŸ™‚
  • d45 khavedamsha horoscope kundli indiad45 khavedamsha horoscope kundli india
    d45 khavedamsha horoscope kundli india divisional chartKhavedamsha chart
    How is High dignity and spiritual Lineage predicted for India based on d45 or akshavedamsha chart or Horoscope?

  • now we analyse d45 or akshavedamsha chart or Horoscope for our country . Now for India what is happening in the horoscope is that in the d45 or akshavedamsha horoscope Leo or Simha rises and sits in the 2nd house of bhava of wealth and status.
  • so it very clearly means India would be like a world leader. as Leo is ruled by number 1= sun.
    also d45 or akshavedamsha chart or Horoscope suggests how the individual or country would function in the world . It suggests the conduct and ethics of the country .
  • ravishankar d45 khavedamsha horoscope kundli india

  • All this clearly means India would be a leader and infact an inspirational leader of spiritual revival and movements . like that for sri Jaggi Vasudev of Isha foundation, ISCKON or art of Living by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji etc. All these illuminating movements have been started by Indians and the world is looking to India for guidance in spiritual matters today’s . πŸ™‚
  • sun surya d45 khavedamsha horoscope kundli india
    What is the role for Sun or Surya for India’s d45 or Khavedamsha horoscope? also what makes India excel in computers based on the d45 chart

  • Sun or Surya which is called the soul of India is in the 2nd house in the horoscope in the Virgo sign or kanya rashi.This sign is ruled by lord Vishnu or Krishna. πŸ™‚ Vishnu so focus towards conservation of culture would be there in India. :).
  • also because it’s a 6th sign. so some of the energies of India would go towards spirituality and home(number 6) .
  • also as Virgo sign or kanya rashi is ruled by mercury (budha) . this sign rules industries, computers and mathematics . so India would do great in computer industry – we know it has great representation on Google(sundar Pichai), Facebook or even design of our ISRO satellites has been done by intelligent Indians. πŸ™‚ It is a very clear indication of how good the Indians are great in computer related things or Medical Sciences .
  • harmony ethics d45 khavedamsha horoscope kundli india
    what kind of ethical and moral Conduct India would adopt?

  • we have moon or Chandra rules mind or morality in the d45 or akshavedamsha chart or Horoscope. in this horoscope Sun is close to moon or the mind. so this very clearly means that the mind of Indians :). would be independent & clearly focused on very good ethics of business as well .
  • there could also be great intellectual achievements and education for India. also Indians would be focusing on home and own culture. also we can very clearly see how moon and sun define focus on the things mathematics, literature and creativity.
  • unity india diversity d45 khavedamsha horoscope kundli india
    Whys is there Unity in Diversity in India?

  • India is a land of diverse cultures and sub cultures and races etc. But still there is unity in India- why?;) we look at the lordship of lagna that is sun . the lordship of 3rd house is Libra or venus, that again is in the 6th house and 6th house lord (Capricorn ruled by Saturn) is in the 3rd house.
  • This suggests a strong coordination between these two houses. so the unconscious and sub conscious is great for India. The 9th house lord Aries or mars is strong in the 4th bhava . this is the super conscious mind of India. so that means all the culture subcultures in India would live in harmony. People would love Holy Bagwat Gita, Holy Bible or Koran or even the old testament and Guru Granth sahib. everyone here is equal and in harmony πŸ˜‰
  • How are various cultures and societies IN India well connected?

  • as indicated that 3,6th and 9th bhava lords are well placed and interchange of energy is there. also mars the lord of super conscious state and purva punya is great for India. It is very strong in the house of public prominence or the 4th house. so it very clearly indicates that India would be an action Guru in terms of taking initiative of taking the mankind to the higher state of consciousness .
    The 9th bhava or house or super-conscious gives great intelligence to Indians .
  • what is the role of mercury or budha in giving India great discrimination?

  • Mercury rules Intelligence and mercury(budha) is sitting on the ninth sign of Sagittarius(dhanu rashi) sign for India’s d45 or khavedamsha horoscope or Kundli.
  • Mercury or Budha is in the fifth house of India’s d45 or khavedamsha horoscope or Kundli so very clearly this indicates that India would excel in giving ancient Vedic knowledge to the world.
  • as ancient Vedic knowledge also deals with mantra and mercury also rules mantra shastras. Note 5th bhava also rules mantra.
    The 5th house also rules purva punya and past life cultures for India. so it also rules the dignity of India & the Vedic culture plus other ancient cultures of India. that will come back and India will regain her dignity to fullest. πŸ™‚ . earlier for over thousands of years it was under shackles of foreign rule, now it would come out in full bloom .