Zodiac Signs & Rashis explained- As per Vedic Astrology Or Jyotish

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Different rashis or signs of zodiac have association with different aspects of Human Body or interconnection among themselves.

This is explained below.

Human Body parts and the Zodiac – The kaal Purush or Personified Time- as per Vedic astrology or jyotish

Planetary energies and sign/rashi energies are correlated with the various body parts given below. The western and eastern astrology (Vedic astrology) almost agree to this correspondence.

Mesh  rashi or Aries  sign:   Rules Head

Vrishibha rashi or Taurus   sign: Rules Face

Mithun rashi or Gemini  sign: Rules Arms

Kark rashi or Cancer  sign: Rules heart

Simha rashi or Leo   sign: Rules Stomach

Kanya rashi or Virgo    sign: Rules Hip

Tula rashi or Libra  sign: Rules Space below navel

Virshchik  rashi or Scorpio  sign: Rules Private Parts

Dhanu rashi or Sagittarius   sign: Rules Thighs

Makar rashi or Capricorn    sign: Rules Knees

Kumbha rashi or Aquarius  sign:  Rules Ankles

Meena rashi or Pisces   sign: Rules Feet

Basic Nature  Of The  rashi or signs – as per Vedic astrology or  jyotish

Now a simple application of the table below is say if 7th house of marriage is Aquarius, which is a fixed sign and the lord or ruler of 7th is weak, one could have troubles with his wife or husband which might have a fixed mind.

Mesh  rashi or Aries  sign:   Movable

Vrishibha rashi or Taurus   sign: fixed

Mithun rashi or Gemini  sign: Dual

Kark rashi or Cancer  sign: Movable

Simha rashi or Leo   sign: Fixed

Kanya rashi or Virgo    sign: Dual

Tula rashi or Libra  sign: Movable

Virshchik  rashi or Scorpio  sign: Fixed

Dhanu rashi or Sagittarius   sign: Dual

Makar rashi or Capricorn    sign: Movable

Kumbha rashi or Aquarius  sign:  Fixed

Meena rashi or Pisces   sign: Dual

Temperament  of rashi or sign:  – as per Vedic astrology or  jyotish

A simple application could be -So say for  example in the table below the lagna or ascendant  of a person is cancer and is weak- you could easily predict that the person could be phlegm dominated. That is more affected by common cold.

Mesh  rashi or Aries  sign:   Bile dominated

Vrishibha rashi or Taurus   sign: Wind dominated

Mithun rashi or Gemini  sign: Mixed(wind + Bile) dominated

Kark rashi or Cancer  sign: Phlegm dominated

Simha rashi or Leo   sign: Bile dominated

Kanya rashi or Virgo    sign: Wind dominated

Tula rashi or Libra  sign: Mixed(wind + Bile) dominated

Virshchik  rashi or Scorpio  sign: Phlegm  dominated

Dhanu rashi or Sagittarius   sign: Bile dominated

Makar rashi or Capricorn    sign: Wind dominated

Kumbha rashi or Aquarius  sign:  Mixed(wind + Bile) dominated

Meena rashi or Pisces   sign: Phlegm  dominated

Zodiac Signs or rashis described

The sign Aries is ruled by the fiery planet mars. As it is a sign of animal it has four legs (quadruped). It is strong in night rather than day. It is related to kings and lives in the east direction. The rajo guna dominates this sign- that is the business world and action.This sign rises with its back up. If this sign is in the ascendant, it give courage.


Taurus is ruled by planet Venus, the planet of beauty and comfort and yes sensitivity. It is and earth sign and the sign rise with its back first. The color assigned to this sign is white. The sign Taurus rules the south direction and also rules night. It has an influence on villages and yes being a sign of Venus has command over business.

The Gemini sign is ruled by planet mercury. This planet mercury revolves around sun very fast, so makes people ruled by the same very restless. It is an airy sign and lives in the west direction. The sign is strong in nights and lives in the west. The temperament of the sign is windy in nature and lives in villages. The body of this sign is even and is green in color.
This sign cancer is ruled by planet moon. It is said to be of Brahmin caste and lives in forests. It gain strength in night. It is a centipede rashi/sign and has quite bulk in body. The nature of this rashi/sign is sattva that is purity. It is dominated by water and rise with the back .

The sign/rashi of Leo is ruled by sun called the surya GOD in Hindu mythology. It is a quadruped sign and it has a royal Leo nature. It stays in forests and it comes up with its head up. The nature is pure, that is sattvik. The body is white and large. The strength of this sign is more in daytime and it stays in the east direction.
This sign is ruled by planet mercury. It lives in south. It carries grains and fire in hands. It lives in hills and has strength in the day time. It is a biped sign. It has connection to business community due to ruler ship by mercury. It is connected to hurricanes. It is called the virgin and has the temperament of the demons.


The lord of this rashi/sun sign Libra is planet Venus. The planet of beauty and comfort and home. The physique is medium and it s biped sign/rashi. The sign rises with the head. The color is said to be black and is strong during the day.
The direction which it governs is west and it lives on the land. The rajasik guna are predominant.
The tendency of mischief and destruction is there. It has a ruler ship of lower caste that is the 4th class division in the Hindu society.

Mars is the ruler of this sign. It is slender in appearance and is representing centipede. The colour of this sign is reddish-brown just like the centipede. It can live both in land and water.
The ruler ship of both land and water. The direction it rules is north. As the centipede it is hairy and has great passion hidden in people ruled by this sign.

Sagittarius is ruled by the benefic planet Jupiter. The sign is sattvik (pure) in nature and has a tawny colour. Sattva hints towards being more spiritual and humanitarian. This sun sign rises at the horizon with its head. The sign is strong ion night and is a fire sign. The first half of the sign is biped and the second half is quadruped. Due to its regal nature is it said to be a royal sign. It lives on land and stays in east, as east is the repository of spirituality & dharma.

This rashi describes the ankles of the kala purusha that is the human body. It’s a movable and active sign, with windy disposition.
The lord of this sign is the planet of discipline and order that is sani/Saturn. This sign has earth element domination.
The strength is in the southern direction. It generally gives a large body with and variegated complexion and is found in forest and land. The first half of the sign is four legged (quadrpud) and the second half is footless that moves in water.

There is an element of tamoguna , demoniac.

Aquarius is ruled by planet Saturn , which is the son of planet sun as per Hindu mythology. It is of a medium built and biped. The strength in day time is high. It lives in deep waters and is an air sign. The rise of this sign is with head and has demoniac nature. It has a ruling on the lowest class people and the western direction. It is shown by man holding a pot. The colour is brown.
The sign Pisces is ruled by Jupiter. It has domination of water and has satva guna, the guna of good people. It is very strong willed and prefers water. The representation is pairs of fish, one tail touching the other. Like fish it does not have foot. The direction ruled is north. This sun sign rises by both the back and the neck.