Virat Kohli – wonder Boy Of Indian Cricket -2016 horoscope predictions & Hidden Secrets by Astro-numerology



Get to know the makes Virat Kohli so successful at such a young age. He has got success in Indian cricket, blessed with goddess laxmi   and yes, wonderful love life.

Astrology 2016 Horoscope & Predictions for Virat Kohli:

  • His Horoscope does not seem to be accurate, so we will use astro numerology to fathom his destiny.
  • He is born on 5 November 1988
  • His birth number and main ruling planet =5 = Mercury, that gives him versatility as a bowler and a batsman in Indian cricket.
  • His sun sign is = Scorpio= Mars. Planet mars and mercury together give him tenacity and intelligence to solve problems better as a captain for the Indian cricket team.
  • Year 2013 = 2+0+1+3=6 = Planet Venus, he reached number 1(one) spot in BCCI ratings. Also his destiny number = 5+11(November) +26(Total of year 1988) = 5+11+8 = 24 = 2+4=6= planet Venus.
  • So year 2013 which is ruled by planet Venus is harmonious with his destiny number which is also same as 6 , also sun sign number 9 and also his birth number 5  – gave him the good  recognition from bcci.
  • 2014 was special for virat kohli’s love matters. 2014 =he was in his 26th year, note the 6 in the year 26, that stands for Venus the planet for love.
  • His name number is also 32= 3+3=5= Mercury. So he will do well in betting and quick decisions.
  • All this makes him a good choice for IPL matches and yes by the BCCI.
  • He will get married in 2016= 2+0+1+6=9= planet mars. This is in harmony with his sun sign number 9(mars), and also gives him success in his personal desires.

2016 horoscope predictions for Virat Kohl

  • Year 2016 has mars influence , so it would be really great time for him personally(marriage) and yes professionally.
  • Impulsive actions could cause more harm this year. Time to re-frame life.
  • But at the same time he has to avoid hasty deals and investments and take care of what he says due to mercury being his birth number.
  • Months June(he has to speak with care and take wise decisions), May, november could be over all good months for career and yea personal matters,


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