Virat Kohli what makes him so Special for Indian Cricket -2016 horoscope based on vedic astrology



What makes Virat Kohli so special and blessed at such a young age? He has got success in Indian cricket team(both BCCI and IPL), blessed with wealth    and yes, a great love life.

Astrology 2016 Horoscope & Predictions for Virat Kohli:


  • Given his solar horoscope, Venus is the ascendant lord, but in 12th house. This.This might mean affairs materializing with lots of effort as Venus stands for love.
  • Also gives him love for comfort and other good things in life.
  • His would be wife anushka Sharma is a true representative of Venus, that I she I not only a goddess of beauty she is from the film industry ruled by planet Venus.
  • The planet mercury ruling luck and fortune gives strength to the ascendant of viral kohl.
  • The lord of career= Indian cricket is ruled by planet moon sitting in house of gains along with planet ketu. This means exceptional gains are possible and very peculiar and choosy mindset this guy virat kohli could have. Virat kohli had the mental strength to play the math while his father had left for the heavenly abode in year 2008. Talks about his mental strength . Ketu magnifies his mental strength and acumen.
  • Mercury representing his father helps his ascendant that is virat himself as he his father late Sri Prem kohli helped him in cricket by bowling for him in his younger days.
  • Placement of sun in ascendant gives gains, but as sun also represents his father and is weak in Venus sign Libra, suggest he may not get great gains all over life due to his father. He lost his father at a very young age.
  • His ascendant has an aspect of planet Jupiter which is retro gate in Taurus. Jupiter also ruling 6th could give him tiffs and fights in test cricket.

2016 horoscope predictions for Virat Kohl

  • In Year 2016, Jupiter gets into his house of gains and also helps his ascendant, so apart from helping in his cricket career for IPL and BCCI; it would also hinder him at times as Jupiter is a bit malefic for him.
  • He needs to be careful for his image.
  • Rahu in Leo, 11th house of his helps him though in discipline, but again being enemy of sun, he has to take care of health and image.
  • He needs to keep his cool in year 2016 as moon gets energy from malefic rahu. But at the same time it could make him very focussed on matters.
  • Rahu aspect suggest impact on family life of virat kohli’s career, that’s also possible as he plans to get married in with anushka Sharma year 2016.


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