Your Varshphal-or the Annual birthday horoscope coming 12 months in details predictions

happy-birthday-2338813_1920 varshphal annual birthday horoscope 12 months details predictions

fire-planet-3281255_1920 varshphal annual birthday horoscope 12 months details predictions

Your Varshphal-or the  Annual  birthday horoscope coming 12 months in details

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We have prepared Varshphal-the coming One Year Birthday Report
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Varshphal-or the  annual  birthday horoscope coming 12 months in details


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abc-d9 (2) varshphal annual birthday horoscope 12 months details predictions

abc-d9 (1) varshphal annual birthday horoscope 12 months details predictions


  • Your varshphal Horoscope:

Summary Report for the year coming 12 months from your birthday OR  from Todays  Date to coming 12 months

Your predictions of Coming Based on Dasha system:

  • Dasa system is one of the most potent and powerful systems of prediction, so we as a BONUS and a double check any prediction in general with the dasa system of Vedic astrology as an additional benefit for your customers.
  • It is said that the ratio or the periods of Vimshottari dasa system are like what you have in fractals, that is the mathematics that is now a day’s used in prediction for Money and stocks- by the scientists and other people of today.
  • We provide you with basic over view of the possible events that could happen in the coming 12 months- so as the saying goes forewarned is fore armed!
  • So dasa predictions act as a double check to your varshphal predictions making it much more accurate, authentic and useful for you.

Your Coming 1 year Dasa predictions:

  • You run Ketu main period – with Saturn and mercury sub periods for coming 12 Months
  • MER till august 2018
  • Mercury is strong for you and rules 6th and ninth bhava or house of yours for vighna/obstacles/legal problems and enmity and also luck or past life good karma that is the ninth bhava or house.
  • Though you have ketu there in the ninth bhava- this is a good combination and would give you good gain in career. Luck and money matters.
  • Your business and projects would grow for sure and your friend circle and gains would improve now for sure.
  • But at the same time Partnerships and mind needs proper care. Yoga is much needed. Plus BONUS- donate pencils/rubbers and copies to poor students
  • SAT till april 2019
  • Saturn or shani rules your second bhava or house of wealth and status and also the third bhava of initiative.
  • It is not very well placed in the house of gains and friends that is your friends.
  • This Saturn or shani period could give a lot  of stress and problems as your natal Saturn is weak and a but debilitated- and one has to take care of health and nerves.
  • Your nerves need special care as Saturn and ketu connect to create some issues in the vata or stress levels within the body.
  • Ketu is more of a spiritual planet and Saturn means business or number 8, so you Luck may not be very supportive as such.
  • But sure yes well planned effort would make you a success

Special BONUS:Nadi astrology and You in coming 12 months:

What is nadi astrology and why is it so important?

  • Nadi astrology just bhrigu samhita is a powerful and accurate system to predict future and get the right solutions to problems like bhrigu samhita in the northern India
  • Nadi astrology gives focus or emphasis on signs or rashis of the zodiac and planets placed in the same to make accurate predictions.
  • The nadis are named after the great rishis- like bhrigu nadi, dhruva nadi, Chandra kala nadi and saptarishi nadi etc.
  • The advice and suggestion given here are very effective and powerful.
  • All naadis are 100% accurate and detailed in nature in general if applied

BONUS:Your coming 12 months events patterns and suggestions based on Nadi astrology?

  • The matters may be slow now, so you have to adjust well as you may want matters to happen. Utilize your inherent administrative  & management ability in combination  with cooperative ability  to get the best of the situation now in 2018/19.
  • This 2018 could mean a time where is a  mix of hard  & also  soft  situations building up. Stress  in the office situations  could possibly be there you need to simply be peaceful.
  • This time you will need to balance your professional goals  and also  feelings/family life  The conflict of priorities between your Office  and also  perhaps personal  goals might generate a lot of  anxiety. So Synergy would be the way to development.
  • So over all That is a mix of matters happening fast & slow both this time.
  • FAMILY/FRIENDS: AVERAGE: due to Saturn movement ,The effort at your end  may be more, but matters  may well move slow triggering anxiety in addition to some harshness   You need proper collection and also collation of details for success in addition more cooperation at your end.
  • JOB or career : AVERAGE:  the year 2018/19 may mean a time when a  well planned delivery with an eye on details is much needed now. Sensitivity to colleagues is needed
  • LOVE/ROMANCE: AVERAGE: There could be a Slight progress from your past, seeing that now you can show more tenderness now, stay more and more sensitive and caring
  • FINANCE/STOCKS: AVERAGE: In 2018/19 , Success will depend on exactly how well you collect and manage information or data you have , so that planning has to be perfect.

varshphal-sample varshphal annual birthday horoscope 12 months details predictions

Date wise breakup of the full year – coming 12 months


April 11, 2018 – April 20, 2018 Dasha MARS

MARS   is in Bhav number 8 .

  • This could be a high energy time for you and very eventful with possible fights and emotional disturbances at home or office. Stay cool with YOGA.
  • You need to drive carefully as 8th bhava or eighth house is involved.
  • You could expect good or high energy news this time. Your passion at work and home would be marked. You may try to do things differently
  • As mars is in the eighth house – so Avoid any disputes due to aggression of any kind. There may be a great deal of warmth and passion in relationships. Money flow could improve
  • You have to Avoid heated arguments at the home front


April 20, 2018 – June 15, 2018 Dasha RAHU

RAHU is in Bhav number 3 .

  • You have to avoid harsh or rash decisions now.
  • There could be positive changes now.
  • Your efforts or innovations may be rewarded and You might get sudden recognition in office.
  • This is a time when organized hard work would pay. Take care as things may suddenly turnaround at office and home front.
  • Money or financial matters flow may not be very good all the times- but sudden changes could be expected
  • As an aspect to seventh bhaav or house is there, Relationships have to be guarded with stability- too much of restrictions could be a source of trouble


June 15, 2018 – August 10, 2018 Dasha JUPITER

JUPITER is in Bhav number 6.

  • Your Jupiter rules the eighth and eleventh bhav or house of unexpected trouble and also gains.
  • For you September ,August and July may have some issues. Keep the mind cool in august and august just relaxes and avoid any hard behavior or domination.
  • But overall.
  • You would gain in money and love and respect in the office. Your current career could grow and you would get opportunity to grow.
  • Your money/income and wealth flows could increase. You may feel a new influx in your love life.You might have outings  and fun this time


August 10, 2018 – October 5, 2018 Dasha SATURN

SATURN is in Bhav number 8 .

  • September period discussed
  • October would be better.
  • Saturn rules the ninth and tenth bhava of luck and career.
  • You would get success in work but Expect success in career after struggle. More than usual Work pressure might also be there. Family problems due to Saturn in eighth bhava may crop up. Try to maintain your optimism.
  • Money flows would be there- but expect delays in what you deserve
  • You have to avoid any coldness in the love life and also in office life.


October 05, 2018 – November 1, 2018 Dasha MER

MER is in Bhav number 11 .

  • Now mercury is in debility and rules the fifth bhav of children and sudden luck and second house of wealth and money flows/status.
  • So November and December 2018 could be better but a time for more introspection.


  • Mental stress and also quick changes on the office front. There is a slight possibility of New opportunities might come up to your advantage.
  • Your Money flow may The key to success is better communications
  • In your personal relationship also – try to maintain proper communication.
  • Relationship might have some ups and downs



November 1, 2018 – December 30, 2018 Dasha KETU

KETU is in Bhav number 9 .

  • Ketu impacts your luck.
  • So may give you more inclination to dharma.
  • Your career may not go very well and you may have conflict with your boss .You could expect people working secretly against you
  • you may get more inwards at this time- or inclined to be philosophical
  • This time You may also not have a very good flow of money if in business. The relationships may also suffer
  • You need to Avoid secretiveness in relationships and try to be open and with people.


December 30, 2018 – February 25, 2019 Dasha VENUS

VENUS is in Bhav number 12.

  • A bit eventful time.
  • Venus rules 1/6 bhava or house of yours
  • January 2019 not so great.

In the month of February

  • For your career you may feel more comfortable, but yes obstcales would be there. Your work and other responsibility might increase. The basic family comforts would also increase
  • Your natural interest may increase in art and music- this could add to peace of mind. You would get family members support
  • Your interest towards opposite sex due to Venus may also increase. You may spend more on luxuries.


February 25, 2019 – March 20, 2019 Dasha SUN

SUN is in Bhav number 11 .

  • Sun rules your fourth house or bhaav of public image , so You may gain recognition in office. Also all your past efforts might be rewarded.
  • Your friends would help you and your confidence level might go high this time. This is time when you might also
  • Sun may also cause ego conflicts at home and the office front. You need Take special care of conflicts at the love front. Your money flow might increase according to your status.


March 20, 2019 – April 15, 2019 Dasha MOON

MOON is in Bhav number 9 .

  • Moon rules the third house of initiative and business with rahu there.
  • So You may have to travel for business reasons or studies as ninth bhav is there involved.
  • Luck is supportive and You could expect an environment of change in office. New relationships would be formed.
  • You may expect some fluidity in the matters of love- things may change quickly. Money flow in and out might be changeable.
  • You need to avoid Stress and anxiety now

Suggestion for improvement this year :

  • Already covered above.
  • Discipline of Saturn and cooperation of moon is much needed.


Recite om Namoha shivaye 108  daily.


Varshaphal planet descriptions:
The rising sign of the Varshaphala Chart- Taurus

Muntha- Taurus
Munthesh- the lord of Muntha- 12th House
Munthapati- the dispositor of Munthapati- Aries


 Muntha in 7th house 2018-19



  • Thus may cause distress and mental agony
  • You need to take care of physical pain and gastric trouble
  • – but over all good gains in your career or job and money matters
  • You may have disputes and enmity within the family
  • There could also be obstacles and tension in the work place
  • But over all career and money gains would be there,
  • Loved people need more care
  • There could be fear from government
  • There might be a need for change of place.


BONUS Remedies:

Saturn is very important for you to balance for job.


  • Be considerate to servants and subordinates
  • Offer simple salty food to birds
  • Donate black pulses or mustard oil on Saturdays
  • Donate to organizations that help the poor people as much as you can.



  • Prayer to lord shiva
  • Get this yantra engraved on steel and wear it in middle finger on Saturday- would be very helpful for health and happiness.
14 7 12
9 11 13
10 15 8


Aum sham shanaishcharaye namah aum 108 times on Saturdays as many times you can in a Shani Mandir. This mantra would help to charge the yantra for proper benefits. Do it with devotion to shani devta.


For Jupiter


  • Offering service to one’s Guru/teachers
  • Prayer every morning
  • Offer banana pieces to birds
  • Offer bundi laddue to birds.




Wishing you all the best for coming 12 months and life in general,

  • Arjun pundit
  • Chief vedic astrologer, Numerologist and nadi astrology expert – 25 years  In India and USA,over 100,000 horoscopes successfully evaluated
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