Sachin Tendulkar the master blaster of Indian Cricket –what makes him Great & 2016 horoscope based on Vedic Astrology

Sachin.Tendulkar sachin tendulkar master indian cricket ipl bcci 2016 horoscope vedic astrology predictions

About Sachin tendulkar:

  • What makes Sachin tendulkar the master blaster of Indian cricket so different? Sachin needs no introduction? He was a great success in Indian cricket team, and yes the first choice of IPL/BCCI in his prime.

  • what Planetary makes sachin tendulkar a diffrent kind of Cricketeer altogether? The MASTER BLASTER of the indian team!:

    sachin-kundli sachin tendulkar master indian cricket ipl bcci 2016 horoscope vedic astrology predictions

    • He is Leo ascendant and the lord of Leo= sun sits in 9th, the house of great fortune for him! Also sitting on mars, the planet of action and relatively strong- it makes him a fairly powerful personality.
    • His ascendant being in 9th, on mars sign Aries, gives him great personal power and strength. Also help from father and yes a life of ethics as 9th rules dharma and ethics.
    • So he would respect his family and follow the dharma/ethics.
    • Venus is combust in Aries and rules the 3rd house and 10th, that is his initiatives and actions/ his career. But it also means Venus gets good energy from powerful sun of sachin tendulkar and hence gives him a boost in his career.
    • Rahu close to moon and in 5th house aspects his Venus, giving him the master strokes and exceptional ability that world has seen in him.
    • Moon in Jupiter again gives him the inclination to follow ethics and dharma.
    • The strongest planet for him is planet sun with shadabala of 640.11 – that is his ascendant and also gives him un sullied name and fame.
    • The exceptional success sachin tedulkar had in Indian cricket could be explained by raja yoga of sun in Aries in 9th house and also sun having a good amount of shadabala.

    2016 horoscope predictions for sachin Tendulkar

    • Up to mid of 2016 it could be great time for sachin tendulkar.
    • Also after may he gets Jupiter period, that again is lord of 5th house and has good relationships with mars could give him a new era and name and fame in new roles.