Qandeel Baloch-Pakistani model,TV actress-Murdered(Honor Killing)- why? Based on Astrology & Numerology



Qandeel baloch was a Pakistani model, cum TV actress who was recently killed by her own brother waseem as an Honor killing.

She rose into prominence and was very popular due to her videos and posts on facebook and other places to do talk about her daily routine.

Baloch Got recognition ion 2013 when she was auditioned for Pakistani idol.

She was born on:

March 1st 1990

Qandeel baloch- what made her so independent minded :

  • She was born on 1st, that is ruled by planet SUN, which in itself suggest her independence and the will power she exhibited
  • Her Sun sign is Pisces, ruled by planet Jupiter, Giving her the domination, leadership and yes Humanitarian touch. She exhibited all these qualities.
  • Her name number = 9 for Qandeel Baloch- giving her a Martian and aggressive streak along with being independent minded.
  • So we can clearly see her personality is in conformity of her numbers.
  • Her destiny number is = 1 + March(3) + 1990(19/1) = 1+3 +1 = 5 mercury! This number connects with the TV industry and media very clearly. This number comes in conflict with her name number = 9= Mars and she has to be careful of being impulsive and what she is talking about. Unfortunately rest is history.

What kind of numbers Might have caused her killing?

  • Her personal year in 2016 is 3+1+9 = 13 = Rahu or Dragon’s head negative number!!! Now 13 is a number of death or resurrection from death. This unfortunately what has happened.
  • Her name number =9 = Mars increases the mars energy of the year 2016=9, increasing the chances of accidents.Mars is a killer planet if the energy increases.
  • Month of July= 7th month= Ketu ruler ship is not good for people who have a personal year number of 13.
  • She was killed on July 15th, 15 = 1+5 = 6= venus, not a friendly number for her birth number =1 =SUN. Sun and venus are enemies.
  • The day she was killed total vibration is July(=7)+ 15(=6) + 2016(=9) = 7+6+9 = 22 = 2+2 = 4 = Rahu = Deadly planet and is in tune with her negative year numbers 13= 1+3=4.


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