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How to Use Free Ask a Question or Prashna Kundli Service?
1. Prashna Kundli or horoscope is an ancient method of finding the solution to any problem in life. But one has to use it properly to get the right answers.
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3. Close your eyes and ask ONE question in mind.
4. Now write this question in the text box given below.
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6. Ensure you ask only one or maximum two questions per day only as else- the results would not be accurate.
7. So for this reason we have restricted the attempts to ask a question- to two(maximum) per day.
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How & why does Prashna Kundli Or Horoscope work?
Just like a child born on a specific date, time and place has a personality,destiny or luck- so does any question have a personality(nature), and yes destiny or luck of the question. That is the outcome of question lucky or not.

Based on prashna kundli you can ask as question to do with job,career,love,marriage,money,wealth,children,family,legal(courts or judge, case or litigation),health or any other matter.

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Prashna (also known as prashna shastra or prashna jyotish) is an accurate exact framework and a part of Vedic Astrology . The horoscope is erected based on the time of asking the question, the personal date of birth etc details are not needed. The accuracy or correctness of prashna is only up to maximum 2 queries- else it does not work out correctly.

Only genuine queries can be answered by this method of Vedic astrology.

One has to think deeply about the question and then ask the question. So if you don’t have an have your time of birth or you are not sure about it to be accurate prashna is a powerful way to solve your problems.

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