P V sindhu 2016 Rio Olympics Badminton silver medal winner Indian –Secret of winning- Kundli (Horoscope) analysis

P.V._Sindhu badminton rio 2016 Olympics silver medal india

India Open 2017: PV Sindhu has the edge over Sung Ji Hyun in high octane semi-final clash?
This is a basic evaluation of her horoscope based on her solar chart and current planetary trends.
What happens now in terms of Planets in 2017 April
• In the kundli or Horoscope (Birth Chart), she is mercury ascendant (Gemini or mithuna rashi) and her tenth house of name and fame is mercury itself with the mool trikona sign of Virgo or kanya rashi being there.
• In the kundli or Horoscope (Birth Chart), Mercury is on Aries in transit now in April 2017 and mars (mangal) the lord of Aries or mesha is strong enough.Mars rules her house of gains and also her house of obstacles.
• Mars strengthens her chance of getting gains and also in the end money and fame returns as it is in the eleventh house. It is conjunct with natal ketu so could give exceptional results to her- confirming her victories now.
• In the kundli or Horoscope(Birth Chart),Mars or mangal is in her house of initiatives that includes badminton, and in the sign of Leo, sun is fair in Kendra in the first house- all this gives her action and courage and gains in life by action and sports and would give her success now
• In the kundli or Horoscope(Birth Chart),Saturn or shani the lord of sudden problems and also gains aspects sun, the lord of her game that is badminton- so higher chance to bless her with gains by discipline as Saturn rules the ninth house of wealth and fortune and also the eight house of unexpected stuff. Though slight impact on image is a possibility. Saturn is strong enough and in Kendra so strong enough to bless her.
• In the kundli or Horoscope(Birth Chart),Venus or shukra the lord of losses and also gains in foreign lands(twelfth house for her) and also fifth house for her, that is luck favor towards her, is retrogate-in her tenth house of career and aspects her image. So there is a slight chance that she might miss the bus almost at the end of the game. But it could be tie or win for her as well.
• So her chances of losing are 30% but her wining chances to position of mars/Saturn is around 70%.As sun or surya the lord of her games is strong in Pisces and aspecting her fourth house of image.
• So he has a fairly high chance to win the game
What Horoscope support her- her(Pv sindhu) natal chart (Birth chart) 2017?
• Her moon or Chandra nakshatra or birth star is uttara phalguni, ruled by sun in the sign of virgo or kanya rashi.
• This makes p v sindhu well liked and more stable, much comfort & luxury in terms of money and gains.Independent and clean hearted.
• Year 2017 would be a bunch of surprises for her. She should not under estimate her opponents. April could be a gruelling time in general- with a bag of surprises for her.
• We wish her all the best to win.

P V sindhu 2016 Rio Olympic  Badminton silver medal winner Indian –Secret of winning-  Kundli (Horoscope) analysis  based on Vedic astrology or jyotishAbout: Sindhu or better known and PV sindhu settled for a silver medal in the 2016 Rio Olympics and were defeated by Carolina marina of Spain who is world number one. But still she brought laurels to India. In the game of badminton women’s singles event on 19th August 2016. Pusarla Venkata Sindhu her full name ,is an Indian professional badminton player of international repute now. In  the 2016 Summer Olympics, she became the first Indian lady  to win an Olympic silver medal. Sindhu was in top 20 rankings by September 2012. SindhuH P V sindhu 2016 Rio Olympic  Badminton silver medal winner Indian- Kundli or Horoscope analysis – based on Vedic Astrology or Jyotish:

  • If ascendant Lord is in twelfth house or vyaya bhava in her kundli or horoscope. The ascendant is Gemini or mithuna lagna.This makes her quick witted and fast to respond much needed in a game of badminton.
  • The placement of ascendant in twelfth house gives a worry prone nature- means she needs a lot of praise  and reassurance all over life.
  • Its noteworthy that she is born on 5th = ruled by planet mercury or budha and the sun sign of cancer or moon. Making her extremely swift and fast in her game of badminton.
  • Her moon sign is also Virgo and moon sits in her fourth house of mind, again reassuring a fast and quick mind that is much needed in quick decision making in the game of badminton. Also mercury is an Airy planet and we know the game of badminton the shuttle being light weight essentially is in the air most of the time. So a strong mercury or budha vibrations helps her in the game.
  • The lord of her initiatives sun sits in first hour of hers and gets the aggressive energy of mars sitting in the shaurya bhava(third house), this gives her the capability to make the powerful shots and also brings her name into the word. As sun in Kendra or ascendant becomes strong.
  • He house of career is Jupiter ruling her relationships and career house is in sixth house(house of health) and is retro gate in Scorpio or vrischika rashi- this gives her obstacles all over like the severe physical problems she faced while preparing for Rio Olympics and her coach helped her to come out of the same.
  • The lord of ninth house of bhagya bhava and also eight house sits in tenth house- promise good fortune in career and family life. Eight house ruler ship helps her to shoot to fame
  • P V sindhu 2016 Rio Olympic  Badminton silver medal winner Indian – what made her win the Olympics?- Kundli or Horoscope analysis – based on Vedic Astrology or Jyotish

    • In August 2016 (after 15th), sun the planet of fame and action enters a friendly sign of Gemini or mithuna inm third house of her action/sports along with natal mars sitting there. Sun also sits on her ascendant and is responsible for victory
    • Her natal mars or mangal is in Scorpio or vrischchika rashi in sixth house of opposition so giving her a boost ( gives her silver) but being in sixth there is opposition as well, so she has to settle for silver instead of gold.
    • The planet Jupiter or guru is in her house of public fame that is the fourth house and ruled by mercury (or budha), it is conjunct with transit mercury here- creating a powerful raja yoga or combination for success and name as mercury rules her first house or ascendant as well.
    • Planet moon or Chandra ruling her wealth and status is in her ninth house of bhagya or luck and fortune – giving her the name and fame she deserves. As moon is  bit weak in transit in Aquarius her sign for ninth house- she went for the second position
    • We wish her all the best in life & bring more laurels to her country.


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