Evaluation Of Planetary Strengths & India’s Horoscope(kundli) Houses Strength

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Evaluation Of Planetary Strengths & India’s Horoscope Houses Strength

The strength of the planet is of prime importance to give the right effects. A weak (Young or old planet) may not be able to give the rightful results.

The various kinds of strengths of planets are discussed below. We have applied the strength for India’s Horoscope.

Bala here means strength.

  • Shad Bal comprises of the accompanying: Sthan Bal (positional or bala or strength based on position), Dig Bal (directional strength), Kaal Bal (Temporal or time based strength), comprehensive of Ayan Bal (equinoctial), Chesht Bal (motional strength based on motion), Naisargika Bal (natural strength), Drik Bal (aspectual strength or based on aspects). These qualities are registered for the seven Grahas from sun to Saturn or shani. The nodes or rahu or ketu are not considered.
  • Sthan Bal involves the accompanying contemplations: Uchch Bal (praise), Sapt Vargas Bal (strength gathering out of positions in rashis) , Hora(the horoscope  or kundli sub chart to do with  wealth & family matters), Drekkana the horoscope  or kundli sub chart to do with siblings   and nature), sapatamsa(the horoscope  or kundli sub chart to do with children and progeny matters), Navamsa the horoscope  or kundli sub chart to do with wealth wife , dharma and relationships matters), Dwadasamsa the horoscope  or kundli sub chart to do with parents matters) and Trimsamsa(the horoscope  or kundli sub chart to do with evils failure and bad luck related matters),
  • Ojhayugma rasina Bal (got by arrangement in odd, or even rashi or sign and in odd, or even navamsa),
  • Kendradi Bal (because of position in Kon angles , or Panaphara, or Apoklima Bhava or houses),
  • Dreshkan Bal (because of situation in to start with, second, or third decanate of a rashi or sun sign).
  • Kaal Bal contains the accompanying subdivisions: Nathonnata Bal (diurnal and nighttimes- based on night or day), Paksh Bal (fortnight- we have shukla paksha and Krishna paksha), Tribhag Bal (because of day/night being made in 3 sections), Varsh, Maas, Dina and Hora Bal (Varsh – prophetic year, Maas – month, Dina – weekday and Hora – planetary hour), Ayan Bal (equinoctial), Yudhdh Bal (because of sharing in war between Grahas).
  • Sthan Bal(positional strength) Firstly Uchch Bal. Presently about the qualities by classes positional, transient and so on. Deduct from the longitude of the planet or graha its (profound) weakening point. On the off chance that the entirety is under 6 rashis or signs, consider it, as it seems to be; in the event that it surpasses 6 rashis or signs, deduct the same from 12 rashis or sun signs. The entirety so got be changed over into degrees and so forth and partitioned by 3, which is the Grah’s Uchch Bal in Virupas.
  • Sapt Vargaj Bal. On the off chance that a Grah or planet is in its Mooltrikona rashi or sign, it gets 45 Virupas, in Svasth rashi ( healthy rashi or sun sign) 30 Virupas, in Pramudit rashi or sun sign 20 Virupas, in Shant rashi or sun sign 15 Virupas, in Din rashi or sign 10 Virupas, in Duhkhit rashi  4 Virupas and in Khal rashi or sign  2 Virupas.
  • Likewise these qualities happen for the other 6 divisional occupations, viz. Hora, drekkana, sapatamsa, navamsa, Dvadshamsa and Trimshamsa. When all these are included the Grah’s Sapt Vargaj Bal is calculated.
  • Ojhayugma rashi or sun Bal or strength. Each of shukra or Venus  and Chandra or moon  in even rashis  and others in odd rashis  or sign get a fourth of Rupa. These are material to such navamsa
  • Kendradi Bal(the strength of angular houses). A Grah in a Kon or angular house  gets full quality or energy, while one in Panaphara Bhava(Houses 2,5,8 and 11 are the Panapara or “succedent” bhavas or houses.) gets half and the one in Apoklima Bhava (Houses 3,6,9 and 12 are called the Apoklima or cadent houses. )gets a quarter(1/4), as Kendradi Bal.
  • Dreshkan Bal. Male, female and bisexual planets or Grahas, individually, get a quarter Rupa as indicated by positions in the main, second and third decanates.
  • Dig Bal(directional strength). Deduct Bandhu Bhava (Nadir it is the fourth house) from the longitudes of sun or surya  and Mangal or mars, Yuvati Bhava(seventh house) from that of Guru(Jupiter) and Budha(mercury), Karma Bhava(tenth house or career or job) from that of shukra or Venus  and Chandra  or moon and finally Lagn from that of shani or Saturn. In the event that the entirety is above 180 degrees, deduct the whole from 360. The total touched base in whichever way is separated by 3, which will be Dig Bal of the Graha or planet.
  • Kaal Bal(the strength based on the time of the day) Firstly Nathonnata Bal. Discover the distinction amongst midnight and the obvious birth time, which is called Unnata. Deduct Unnata from 30 Ghatis to acquire Nata. Twofold the Nata in Ghatis, which will demonstrate indistinguishable Nata Bal for moon or chandra, mars or Mangal and Saturn or Śani. Deduct the Nata from 60 to know the Unnata Bal of sun or surya, Jupiter or Guru and Venus or shukra . Mercury or budha Budh, independent of day and night, gets full Nathonnata Bal.
  • Paksh Bal(fortnight strength). Deduct from moon or Chandra’s longitude that of sun or surya. In the event that the total surpasses 6 rashis or sun signs, deduct the same from 12. The item so got be changed over into degrees and so forth and partitioned by 3, which will show the Paksh Bal of each of the benefic planets or Grahas.
  • The Paksh Bal( or fortnight strength) of benefic ought to be deducted from 60, which will go to each malefic, as Paksh Bal.
  • Tribagh Bal. One Rupa is acquired by mercury or Budh in the initial 1/3 some portion of day time, by sun or surya in the second 1/3 part of the day and by Saturn or shani in the last 1/3 part of the day. Additionally  moon or Chandra, Venus or shukra  and mars(Mangal) get full Bal or strength  in the main, second and last 1/3 sections of the night. Guru or Jupiter gets this Bal at all times.
  • Varsh-Maas-Dina-Hora Bal. or year,month,day and hour strength,15, 30, 45 and 60 Virupas are all together given to Varsh Lord, Maas Lord, Dina Lord and Hora Lord. Naisargika Bal has as of now been clarified.
  • The Varsh Lord(yearly lord) is the Lord of the day, on which the celestial year of birth begins. To compute this we initially require the quantity of days, past from the earliest starting point of Creation, the Ahargan. As indicated in Vedic astrology or jyotish classic surya Siddhanta Creation are 714,404,108,573.
  • Separate the quantity of days, past from the day of Creation till the day of birth, by 60. Reject leftover portion and duplicate the remainder by 3. Increment the post-increased item by 1 and separation by 7. The rest of demonstrate the week day, on which the visionary year, bringing forth the local, opened. Leftover portion 1 demonstrates Sunday, 2 Monday etc etc.
  • 188px-Flag_of_India.svg bala strength planets India industries venus shukra karkat rashi
  • IndiasNationalHoroscope02_29112008 bala strength planets India industries venus shukra karkat rashi

The Evaluation of Various Balas or strengths of Ascendant or personality  of Indian Horoscope or Kundli( Birth Chart):

If we do the detailed calculations for India ascendant Venus. That sits in the 3rd house. The total shadabala or strength is highest amongst  all planets in rupas = 7.98 and Total shaba bala of Venus = 478.61

  • Now this is real good news for India as a strong ascendant n third house of initiatives or shaurya, promises gains by industries to do with Venus or shukra and also won  initiatives would do great gain for India.
  • One can see that though Venus or shukra is not very strong on moon, that could be one of reasons of facing so many wars with Pakistan, china and also internal rift- India has stood up the test of times and is coming up as a world power.
  • Venus or shukra in moon(karkat  rashi) sign cancer suggests that India could do well in trades to do with fluids, beauty products, tourism and as a host it would do well.
  • India could do well in industries to do with medicines AS VENUS IS shukra or shukra acharya
  • This list also includes hospitals( ayurveda industry could be a great industry for India) , just like Yoga has picked up as Yoga is a part of ayurveda. So is true for Vedic astrology or jyotish.
  • As Saturn or shani the lord of luck, fortune and career or job connects with the ascendant in third house- that means industry to do with electronic, entertainment(TV, Internet, Movies- Bollywood(Indian Hollywood)) could give great gains to India.
  • Budha the lord of wealth and status and thinking process is also there flows. So Venus or shukra( ayurveda, entertainment, medicine industry, hospitality, call centres, beauty products like of ramdev) could give a great boost to Indian economy.

We wish all the best to India.


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