Nishek Lagna – Before Birth Conditions in mothers womb

Nishek lagna calculations:

  Vedic astrology is astrology of par excellence, it provides means of judging the experiences of the soul in the mother’s womb itself.

It is calculated based on angular distance in degrees,minutes  and seconds between planet Saturn/shani and Gulik( What is a Gulik) plus the bhava Madhya( middle of house or cusp  of lagna) and the 9th house(bhava) mid .

Then convert the above number in to signs or rashis( 12 x 30 degrees = 360 degrees). If the above sum is in the invisible visible half of the  horoscope(  7 to 12th house), add the degree of moon( Chandra) within a sign /rashi to the above product, else not.

This would give you the longitude of nishek lagna.

Interpretations based on Nishek Lagna

Based on niskek lagna/ascendant- the good and bad experiences by the person in the womb can be found out based on Vedic astrology principles. That includes longevity of parents etc.

Like benefics in or aspecting 9th house of father and 4th house of mother or karakas of father and mother  respectively( sun and moon) could mean longevity and good health to parents and in case of malefic it could be otherwise.

The mental state on the womb could be judged based on lord of 4th and 5th house respectively.

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