How Do Astrology Remedies Work?

How do the Vedic Remedies of Yajna work:?

GEMSTONES- The Natural Methods to Tune Your Chakras and Destiny,Karma or Luck
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Gemstones like coral for mars,yellow sapphire(pukhraaj) for Jupiter, neelam or blue sapphire for Saturn, gomed or hessonite for Rahu,etc. are naturally occurring & emit subtle but powerful vibrations to charge the human chakras and bosy. They are also effective in reduce the negative effects of planetary energies radiating in the cosmos and bringing in wealth and prosperity to the individual wearing them.

Based on a thorough scientific analysis your Individual vedic Horoscope if proper gemstones are suggested and used by you, they can work wonders for you .

YAGYAS Or YAJNAS – Are The Scientific & Powerful Thought Energy & Cosmic Energy Based Healing of Destiny, karma Or Luck Transformation
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As an old saying in the Holy Bible – As you sow so shall you reap. This principle applies to Vedic Remedies as well.

That is  In Vedic Remedies( especially Yajnas/Yagyas), with proper pronunciation and chanting of potent Vedic Mantras- energy is projected in the cosmos on Your Behalf, which comes back to you in terms of relief from any problem One  might be facing or in terms some gains or benefits You Might be expected.

Any problem- to do with your personal life or professional life can in principle be either reduced in intensity of completely eliminated by Vedic Remedies. It all depends on how much strength your past karma has (determined from your horoscope) and How much energy is generated by the Yajna’s or Yagya’s.

Who Needs Vedic Remedies?

It could be anyone could be benefitted by this- be it for a personal(health,relationships,job,financial etc.) or professional problem OR  gains-like promotions, monetary or any other kind of gains.

Vedic Remedies:

  1. Vedic Yagyas Or Yajnas:
  • Mahamrityunjay Yagya: The prime and the most important is Mahamrityunjay mantra – as it is for the supreme being GOD himself and controls all planets. So it helps in addressing any planetary problems as well as effectively like planetary yagyas.
  • Planetary Yagyas/Yajnas : The Planetary Yagyas/Yajnas for various planets- like Sun,Moon,Jupiter,Rahu(dragon’s head),Mercury,Venus,ketu(dragon’s tail),Saturn and Mars.Are used to reduce the malefic effects of planets or even strengthening a weak planet in the horoscope- so as it is able to deliver the benefits .

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