Malaika Arora khan files for divorce from husband Arbaaz khan 2016 forecast



What made malaika arora khan & arbaaz khan part their ways after 17 years of staying together, despite best efforts by salman khan the bollywood super star. As birth time is not confirmed so let’s use astrology and numerology.

Name: Malaika Arora Khan

  • Date of Birth: Thursday, August 23, 1973
  • Place of Birth: Mumbai
  • Malaika arora khan numbers and sun sign
  • Birth number =23/5= Mercury
  • Sun sign =Leo & Virgo both, so numbers = 1(sun) and 5(Mercury)
  • Destiny number = 23+8(august) + 2( Total sun of 1973) = 5+8+2=15/6= Venus
  • Name Number = 3= Jupiter


Name: Arbaaz Khan

  • 4 August 1967 (age 48)
  • Pune, Maharashtra, India
  • Arbaaz khan numbers and sun sign
  • Birth number =4 (rahu),
  • Sun sign = Leo= ruled by planet Sun = Number 1
  • Destiny number = 4+8(august) + 5( total of 1967) = 17= 8 Saturn
  • Name Number=9= Mars


Compatibility  Analysis for malaika arora khan and arbaaz khan :

  • Now let us first analyze the base birth numbers of arbaaz khan (4=Rahu) and malaika is 5=mercury. Now rahu and mercury go on well, but with a difference in approach towards life. That is rahu, number 4 is more reserved and disciplined, fixed and could be un conventional/rebellious, but mostly stable- but mercury at the other end could be restless, outgoing, fun loving and talkative number to have. So there is harmony in 4 and 5, but at the same time suggests difference in opinion due to the same.
  • The sun sign number of arbaaz khan is Leo, is number 1, so he could be very un conventional and may sudden at times in his behavior. May be insistent on his views. For malaika arora khan, it’s a mix of Leo and virgo, so number 1 and 5. Many 5’s in her core numbers makes her restless more than usual, independent , outgoing and may be more outspoken. So though number 1(arbaaz) and 5(malaika) go on well
  • Apart from the two basic conflicting qualities of malaika being may be too outspoken and outgoing/flighty and arbaaz being inconsistent and at times rigid and sudden based on their numbers.
  • So what happened that could have caused the split in 2016

2016 horoscope forecast for malaika arora khan and arbaaz khan relationship


  • In Year 2016, arbaaz basic number rahu is not comfortable with year 2016 number=mars=9(2+0+1+6), it carets sudden issues and surprises for him. But with proper effort he in the end would get what he deserves professionally and personally this year. Actually year 2017 is of caution and he needs to be careful about his image.
  • For malaika, mercury(number 5) is at less comfort with number 9 of 2016. It makes her more restless, impulse and may be outspoken. It could be a depressing phase for her, she would be out of this by year 2016 ending. With a more harmonious phase starting for her. She should go in a well planned manner and avoid sudden behaviour.
  • You can clearly see how numbers and planets affect our behaviour and present and future events. Taking preventive steps can always help us to come out of the matter.
  • We at wish both malaika arora khan and arbaaz khan the best in life.

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