Akash Ambani & Shloka Mehta Love Horoscope

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About this article ?

  • This article talks at length and looks at astrological causes in the horoscope of Mukesh Ambani ji, on what made him achieve so much, his education at Stanford and then break, about his father sri Dhirubhai Ambani ji his luck in telecommunication industry of 4G and petroleum and yes many other things about him .
  • It then explores the horoscopes of his son Akash Ambani and his wife Shloka Mehta. The basic Love compatibility analysis is done and then the General predictions are made for the couple .The past life or reincarnation is also evaluated for Akash Ambani to see the current connection with Mukesh Ambani ji.
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    mukesh ambani akash ambani shloka reliance 4g telecommunications awards achievement
    What makes based on horoscope Mukesh Ambani such a Great achiever in life ? 🙂

  • the first question is what made Mukesh Ambani such a great person :). very clearly there is a Saturn or shani dev sitting on his Lagna(ascendant) . Saturn or shani is lord of public image the 4th house and the 3rd house of initiatives for Mukesh Ambani ji.
  • but Saturn very clearly gives Mukesh Ambani ji a great discipline to succeed and lead . we also see that sun or Surya of Mukesh Ambani is exalted and very strong in the 6th house very good combination for him for leadership and distinction in life.
  • one may also note that Mukesh Ambani is born on April 19th where 19=1+9=10=1+0=1.
  • so based on Anka Jyotish or numerology his birth number again is sun and is exalted in the Aries sign or mesha rashi by western astrology as well.
    this gives Mukesh Ambani ji great initiative to solve problems . there is Ketu or Dragon’s Tail that gives him exceptional initiative to do anything or start new initiatives like 4G one he started.
  • IN the horoscope of Mukesh Ambani ji Venus or shukra is also sitting there Venus is sitting there. It is the lord of the house of relationships and also the 12th house Vyaya or travel.
  • But Venus the 12th house lord in the 6th bhava for a Rajyog and gives good gains to Mukesh Ambani and also success in luxury matters. so also the 12th house Lord in 6th makes a person very happy and prosperous .
  • Venus is a planet of prosperity and the physical body gets blessed. the 12th house negative or opposite(vipreet raj yoga) gives great 🙂 physical Comforts to Mukesh Ambani ji .
  • But at the same time as 6th bhava is negative Litigation could trouble him. his conflict with Anil Ambani ji his younger brother is well known.
  • we also have mercury is the 8th House Lord sitting there in the 6th bhava for Mukesh Ambani ji . so it is having tow negatives and so gives raj yoga to him. 😉 again Vipreet raja Yoga. this Yoga could lead Mukesh Ambani ji to create material affluence and mercury also gives a great property name and fame for him .all is 100% true !! 🙂
    Yes at the same time disease and loss of money and spin health issues or issues of property related issues could be there for Mukesh Ambani ji as in any case 8th and 6th bhava are not so great houses.
  • mukesh ambani akash ambani shloka reliance 4g telecommunications education studies
    what do the planets say about Mukesh Ambani’s education Mukesh Ambani?stanford and then…break of education

  • Mukesh Ambani ji was educated in Stanford but his father the illustrious sri Dhirubhai Ambani ji called him back in-between saying that he needs to have more practical and hands on knowledge and education.
  • so looking at the education houses the 4th house for Mukesh Ambani ji . It is ruled by Saturn or shani dev the lord of obstacles :). and it is sitting in the lagna or ascendant for him .Aquarius very clearly suggest that because it is Aquarius sign(kumbha rashi = 11th sign) so that means Mukesh Ambani ji would get something of distinction and ideal( Stanford is a very ideal and distinct university people from GOOGLE studied from there).
  • Then what caused the trouble in education for Mukesh ambani ji?

  • Note Saturn is a natural malefic and causes obstacles. also Saturn or shani dev is sitting on lagna on a mars or Mangal dev sign. so it’s not comfortable that so that’s one of the reasons that Mukesh Ambani had to and come back and break his education.
  • here 4th bhava lord or the education lord is in the first bhava very clearly suggest a good family background for him. yes he had and illustrious father sri Dhirubhai Ambani ji. 🙂
  • Now what does the 5th house for long term thinking and education says about Mukesh Ambani ji ?

  • for education we also look at the 5th house of mukesh Ambani ji. and this is Ruled By Pisces sign or meena rashi. or the twelfth sign of Liberation and we know that is long-term thinking of Mukesh Ambani ji is influenced by donations. he is an also known as greatest philanthropist of India.
  • Now for Mukesh Ambani ji is Jupiter is very strong in the 10th House infection occur more that very clearly indicates that he would do put Karma helping people but at the same time it’s also suggests just great education all over life Mukesh Ambani ji. Jupiter gives him constant learning and Humility.
  • mukesh ambani dhirubhai ambanireliance 4g telecommunications father

    What planets indicate that Mukesh ambani’s father sri Dhirubhai Ambani ji would be a great and illustrious person ?

  • does the horoscope indicate the Mukesh Ambani ji would be born to an illustrious father Sri dhirubhai Ambani ji ? yes moon the 9th house lord is very strongly place in the second house of wealth and status . Its dispositer is Jupiter or Guru. very clearly suggest that the persons father would be affluent and influential and one would get very good parental properties .
  • also note that moon is sitting on a Jupiter sign of Sagittarius or dhanu rashi. blessings and gains from his father sari Dhirubhai Ambani is this is 100% true .
  • mukesh ambani akash ambani shloka reliance 4g telecommunications career job petroleum
    What planets in Horoscope of Mukesh Ambani ji suggest that he would work for petroleum industry and the Telecommunications industry = 4g? 🙂

  • now the 10th House of horoscope of Mukesh Ambani ji is Ruled By planet Sun which is exalted and very strong in 6th house. it has Ketu there with it and Rahu aspect is there .
  • Venus the lord of 12th house is there . so strong Rahu energies go to Sun. mercury The Lord of 8th house is on the 6th house. so overall strong . we also note Venus energy is there so this very clearly indicates gains from things like petroleum petrol as rahu/12th and 8th bhava deals with petrol related products.
  • what caused reliance= 4G :)?

  • we also have to see that mercury is the Planet of Communications is there with sun or career house lord for Mukesh Ambani ji.
  • so this combination very clearly indicates that Mukesh Ambani would be having lots of gains from communication industry. sun and mercury together with ketu and also Venus.
  • Note that 11th Bhava or house lord is mercury sitting in this 6 th bhava or house so gains also from litigations and hospitals is there for Mukesh Ambani.
    The 10th Lord in 6th house also would get him good name Fame 🙂 that is in 4g that gave a tough fight to airtel and has come up.
  • Shloka-Mehta-Left-Akash-Ambani-Right mukesh ambani akash reliance 4g shloka mehta kundli horoscope birth chart marriage compatibility love past life karma 2018 predictions
    Akash Ambani & Shloka Mehta Love Horoscope

    Birth details akash ambani

    Name: Akash Ambani

    • Date of Birth: Wednesday, October 23, 1991
    • Place of Birth: Mumbai
    • Longitude: 72 E 50
    • Latitude: 18 N 58
    • Time Zone: 5.5

    akasha-d1 Akash Ambani & shloka Mehta Love Horoscope love past life karma 2018 predictions

    Who is shloka Mehta?
    Akash Ambani & shloka Mehta Love Horoscope

    • She (shloka Mehta) is the daughter of the diamond magnate Russel Mehta. She is generally a low profile person.
    • She(shloka Mehta) has been a good student at her school and is also has a keen interest in social work. She is the co-founder of ConnectFor,
    • She(shloka Mehta) helps the volunteers who want to help in certain fields with there innovations and efforts to reach out to certain on governmental organization or NGOs.
    • Shloka Mehta is around 5 foot 6 inches tall and keeps fit by Yoga and weighs around 50-55 kg

    Birth details shloka Mehta

    Shloka Mehta was born on 11th July 1990 in Mumbai

    shloka-mehta-d1 Akash Ambani & shloka Mehta Love Horoscope kundali compatibility love past life karma predictions

    What makes akash ambani and shloka Mehta click together- compatibility and Love- based on Vedic astrology?
    compatbility Akash Ambani & shloka Mehta Love Horoscope

    • Now in the Kundali or horoscope of,  Akash Amabani’s moon sign is Pisces – the sensitive Jupiter sign and the sign of dharma and afterlife. So despite his ambitions in this lifetime- he will get into dharma or spirituality deeply sooner or later.
    • In the Kundali or horoscope of Akash Ambani, His(Akash Ambani’s) Lagna is cancer or Karkat Rashi or moon.
    • So both his Lagna and moon are very sensitive signs and give him a sensitive, friendly and benevolent nature. That is friendly and positive, but may be less confident at times in making or taking decisions based on his horoscope.
    • But as Saturn(Shani) aspects his first bhava from the seventh bhava- yes he could do or take hard actions as well, also this gives him the ability to manage that he would build up slowly from being fun-loving and sensitive ( 23 borns) to 8= destiny of him. so he could be a mix of 70% soft and 30% hard.
    • On the other hand In the Kundali or horoscope of shloka Mehta, shloka Mehta as moon sign as Capricorn(Makar)- ruled by Saturn or Shani along with Rahu. This  gives her the connection to NGO ’s, social work for masses(Saturn), something to do differently or innovation(Rahu is there with the moon).she may also have a hard temper at times due to rahu.
    • Now moon(Chandra)/Jupiter or guru (Akash Ambani) and Saturn(Shani)/rahu(shloka Mehta), overall they may not be very friendly but still OK. The common element in them is helping for people, helping the society or working for people, this is the common destiny element amongst them.

    What does western astrology say about the compatibility of the couple?
    Akash Ambani & shloka Mehta Love Horoscope

    • In the Kundali or horoscope of Akash Ambani, The sun sign for Akash is Libra – ruled by Venus(Shukra), he looks handsome and also the date of birth is 23= 2+3=5 = mercury(Budha)- giving him good business intelligence.
    • In the Kundali or horoscope of shloka Mehta Ambani, The lady shloka Mehta is July born so ruled by cancer or Karkat and also the date of birth is 11th= 1+1=2 = moon again, so there is a double moon. As cancer is their fourth sign so there is an element of Rahu as well- so the mind is set on doing something different and also she is quite inspired and would  be sensitive but independent views due to 11( 1 & 1).
    • Libra ( = ruled by Venus or Shukra) goes on well with cancer or Karkat( = ruled by moon), both are sensitive and true lovers.
    • Akash would love to have a beautiful harmonious home and be sensitive, so is shloka Mehta caring and yes very sensitive. This is what Akash needs to take care of.
    • Akash would be very friendly and outgoing and shloka may take time to adjust to people and parties- this is where the couple needs to work for.
    • Moon(Chandra) and mercury(Budha) could cause situations where the couple does not have time for each other at times.
    • Both would love to travel- especially shloka much Who would be hard working with a very strong intuition in place. she still has strong hunches.
    • In short shloka is an innovator, philosopher, sensitive to an extreme and rebel to an extent person.also she may not wants to manage much but stay at the top of matters
    • Whereas Akash Ambani is a fun loving person, how wants fun/change and yes want to achieve a lot. And deliver a lot on life and lead a large set of people.

    Is the couple made for each other karmically- based on past life karma?
    past life reincarnation Akash Ambani & shloka Mehta Love Horoscope

    • YES. YES 🙂
    • The lagan or ascendant for akash is cancer or karkat and is in Pisces sign(meena rashi) and also is his moon sign or rashi.
    • Whereas for shloka Mehta being born in July – has cancer as the western sun sign and also 11th date = moon(Chandra).
    • So moon or chandra dev is a strong connection in both of them

    What kind of wife was predicted in akash ambani’s chart and does shloka fit in?

    • Lord of the 7th bhava(seventh house) is Capricorn(makar rashi) for akash- not shloka has the moon in Capricorn.
    • Also note Saturn(shani) or Capricorn or makar rashi gives a wiry nature or lean philosophical nature. Now akash ambani’s wife is exactly the same!!!
    • Also for shloka the lord of seventh bhava from moon is moon or cancer sign with mercury and ketu there. Please note akash is a cancer or karkat lagna.
    • So we have a wonderful match here!

    How does shloka Mehta help in Luck for akash ambani?

    • The ninth bhava or house from the seventh house or bhava so relationships and love of shloka is strong mars (or Mangal)- suggesting a great luck for her hubby Akash Ambani.
    • That is by action and support the luck would aggressively grow for hubby Akash Ambani.
    • Mukesh Ambani needs to slow down the pace and take better care for heart and blood pressure.

    Is there a past life connection of the couple?

    • The lord of the ninth bhava for shloka is mercury and is in the seventh bhava of lover or partner- so a clear connection with the past life of the present partner.
    • Also other corroborations we have given earlier in this article.
    • Akash has a much stronger past life with a lot of dharma and luck in place with the lord Jupiter in the house of gains and status and wealth. That makes him wealthy as well.

    • Venus(shukra) –Saturn(shani) main period for akash ambani.

    SAT till 22/ 7/19

    • Saturn the lord of seventh bhava of love and marriage for him makes the marriage and love happen for akash.
    • 2018 ending October inwards and 2019 could be a bit emotionally demanding time for him when he needs to take care.
    • We wish the couple all the best in life!!!

    Who is akash ambani

    • Mr Akash Mukesh Ambani the elder son of Indian business magnate Sri Mukesh amabani Ji- who is the chairman and managing director of the Reliance group and is was born on 23 October 1991.
    • He(Akash Ambani) is the chief of the strategy of Jio initiative, a 4G service provider.
    • Akash Ambani is also the co-owner of IPL franchise Mumbai Indians.
    • He is an economics graduate from browns university USA.
    • He loves sports and football especially
    • On in the March month of 2018 he got engaged to Shloka Mehta in Mumbai, who is a daughter of diamond magnate and who is also managing director of Rosy Blue Russell Mehta in Goa.