Planet Mars, The Warrior & General of the Solar System


About this article ?

  • this is a very interesting and detailed article about Mars or Mangal , the action oriented and aggressive planet of the cosmos. 🙂 It looks in detail looks at effects of mars or Mangal on behaviour of people. it also talks about the sacred mantras of mars, lucky mantras and colour for Mars or Mangal.
  • To get a better understanding of mars in any horoscope(Kundli) it also analyses top 2 celebrity’s horoscope. especially the first celebrity has a strong man gal dosha in her kundli causing separation and bad married life and death of her husband by suicide.
  • What is the Role of Mars in Vedic astrology?

  • What does planet Mars or Mangal represent in your Horoscope or Kundli?
    The planet mars is called Mangal in Vedic astrology parlance -represents courage, actions,manliness,will-power . It also stands for number 9 and compassion, completion in positive sense.
  • What could be the negative impact of mars on any Kundli or Horoscope?
    In negative sense mars represents in action, aggression, lassitude, delays and fights/quarrels.
  • What are like to be a Mars or Mangal dominated person? 🙂
    Mars is a hot planet- and people governed by this are generally action oriented, leaders and more tuned towards action. Also people from fire arms manufacturers, police and army etc are ruled by mars.
  • People with mars dominant in their birth charts/horoscopes are generally aggressive, impulsive and need to take care of the words they sue. They are prone to have a strong body . They also severely resent any kind of criticism.
  • what are the Mundane representations Mars or Mangal has?
    Muscles and heat in body is represented by planet mars.
    A combination of mars and Saturn could cause deadly wars, fires or other catastrophes.

  • Aspects of Mars:

  • Mars aspects which are significant are- 4th,7th and 8th.
    Any aspect of mars on the lord of 7th(The house of marriage) or lord to the house of 7th is called Mangal dosha.
  • Mangal doshas could be of different degrees and magnitude- if very intense, it harms or hurts the life porter and or the marriage.
    In India it is compulsory to get a kundli or horoscope evaluated for Mangal dosha.

  • Are you Ruled by Mars? :):

  • Your ascendant or moon sign is Aries or Scorpio, mars is the strongest planet in your birth chart or horoscope, you are born on Tuesdays or 9th,18th or 27th of nay month.

  • How to Check How Strong is Ketu or Neptune or Dragon’s tail in Your Horoscope :

  • If you are strong willed, courageous and action oriented then be assured your mars is strong.
  • But if you are aggressive on a trifle, outspoken and fighting mostly- your mars could be afflicted. One could know their exact status by studying your complete birth chart.

  • Your Lucky Colour :
    crimson or red
    Your Lucky Stone :
    Coral or blood stone. Stone should be worn only after proper evaluation of your horoscope.
    Mars Mantra(Sacred Incantations):
    Om kum kujaye 108 times.
    Your Mars Yantra(Amulet):
    mars mangal horoscope dosha
    Analysis of the celebrity with mars defect or Mangal dosha?

  • The ascendant or lagna for this lady is Sagittarius sign or Dhanu rashis. this lady ha rahu(dragon’s head) and mars or Mangal in the lagna(ascendant). so very highly negative energy of mars and rahu is there. also mars rule the 12th house of her horoscope as well .
  • so we have rahu + mars energy here, with a highly malefic mars ruling the 12th bhava and also aspecting the 7th house of love and marriage.
    it’s a very bad Mangal Dosha for this lady . as we see it aspects the 7th house of husband .so apart from divorce her husband committed suicide as well. her marriage did not work .
  • Note also that mars rules the fifth house of long term thinking for this lady. Mars or Mangal here means very deep and action oriented thinking . yes in fact that the reason this lady was celebrity and also was great in dancing and also very passionate in acting . Infact she also learns Yoga( action) and was one of the best Yoga instructor.
  • we also note the 4th aspect of mars on the Pisces sign ruling the 4th house. or so that means a family life is badly affected :(. as March brings in energy of Rahu & the twelfth house so a very negative energy is there for her husband and married life. and as 4th house is family = so family life spoilt. mars are a natural malefic.
  • also note that mars or Mangal in lagna and with Rahu gives good aggression and Rash behaviour to her.
  • Her Jupiter is exalted 🙂 and is in the 8th bhava of occult and secret things. we know that she is great in yoga in action. so we see that mars or Mangal played a significant role for this lady in terms of learning yoga and also learning to dance= to action done by mars .
  • her loss of husband and having issues in a family life as mars has a 4th and seventh aspect as well .
  • This lady due to strong Jupiter and positive par energy is doing great otherwise.
  • Interesting Facts in connection to planet mars or Mangal:

  • Mr. Akshay Kumar, a well known hero in bollywood is a true expression of positive aspect of mars. He is born on September 9, 1967.
    He is an action oriented person, and a martial artists-a skill that primarily brought him to the film industry. His action and perseverance(positive mars) lead him to success.
  • Whats classics in Vedic astrology say about mars

  • Mars is known as Mangal in Indian astrology. Mars is considered to be a malefic graham/planet due to its aggressive nature.
  • The planet mars rules the strength and muscles. A strong mars means a person is strong and may be aggressive if ruler ship is of malefic houses. Mars is the army chief. Mars dominated people are not very tall, the color is blood red. Fire is ruled by mars.
    Mars or Mangal is a tamasic graham/planet.
  • About mars . Mars or Mangal has blood-red eyes, it is also fickle-minded, liberal, bilious, mostly anger and has got thin waist and a slim physique. Places of fire ruled by mars. Mars has a bitter taste so say if mars is in 2nd house, the person prefers bitter things more. Mars is strong in south. Strong in birth half of the moon.
    Mars rules bitter tress like the lemon tree.
  • The sun , moon , mars, mercury, Jupiter, venues and Saturn in sequence govern red silken(sun), white silken(moon), red(mars), black silken(mercury), saffron(Jupiter), silken and multi-coloured robes for saturn.Mars rules the summer, the greeshma ritu or season.
  • Mars is a dhatu planet/graham. Mars is strong in Capricorn.