Malaika Arora khan divorce relationship -Arjun Kapoor &Arbaaz khan


  • This article in depth explores based on planets in kundli of Malaika Arora on what makes her such a great success 😉 in Film industry or Bollywood. Also what makes her such a good dancer ;)( “Chaiya chaiya” song was filmed on her) and big success in TV shows.
  • Plus it also explores on what makes her so dazzling and smart. 🙂
  • The article also later looks at the causes for Malaika Arora Khan to get into a relationship with Arjun Kapoor. PLus what could have made them click together 🙂 despite the age gap?
  • It also looks at what made Malaika Arora Khan and Arbaaz Khan part their ways(Divorce) after 17 years of staying together, despite best efforts by Salman khan the Bollywood super-star. As birth time is not confirmed so let us use Vedic Astrology and Numerology both :).
  • malaika arora khan kundli horoscope
    Name: Malaika Arora Khan

  • Date of Birth: Thursday, August 23, 1973
  • Place of Birth: Mumbai
  • Malaika Arora khan numbers and sun sign
  • Birth number =23/5= Mercury
  • Sun sign =Leo & Virgo both, so numbers = 1(sun) and 5(Mercury)
  • Destiny number = 23+8(august) + 2( Total sun of 1973) = 5+8+2=15/6= Venus
  • Name Number = 3= Jupiter
  • what planetary combination in the Kundli or horoscope makes Malaika Arora Khan a great dancer & a popular Indian actress?

  • Malaika Arora Khan’s kundli or horoscope is Ruled by Libra sign or Tula rashi. This sign in turn is ruled by planet Venus which is debilitated in the 12th house but being in 12th two negatives combine to give a positive or neecha bhanga or exaltation kind energy or Venus or shukra for malaika arora khan.;)
  • also note malaika arora khan’s Venus is with might planet Pluto. suggest her great approach and attitude towards dance, films, and arts . as Libra being the mool trikona sign of planet Venus or shukra in any horoscope suggest Malaika would do great in arts and creativity.
  • Venus also deals with the film industry & presentation or good things of life ;). Luxury and comfort.
  • we also note that the malefic and aggressive planet mars is sitting in the 7th house in Kundli and horoscope of Malaika Arora Khan . Now mars in the 7th bhava of Malaika Arora clearly aspects aspects the lagna of malaika Arora khan.
  • mars have to do with physical exertion and dancing we know ad also martial arts. so, mars in this position for malaika Arora khan gives her good action , dancing, and expression ability. it also gives goof aggression and ability to dance extremely well with energy ;).
  • also note that Mars or Mangal is number 9 and Venus is number 6 . both 6( 2×3) and 9(3×3) are artistic numbers so enhance Malaika Arora khans’ artistic abilities and expression. plus being born on 23rd that is 2+3= 5 is equal to Mercury ,that gives malaika Arora khan very good ability and flexibility in dancing
  • success name fame malaika arora khan kundli horoscopbollywood films malaika arora khan kundli horoscop
    what makes Priyanka Arora Khan get TV success and also what gives her so much of gains, name, and fame from film

  • malaika Arora gets good name in TV or films because of Venus in her kundli or horoscope is debilitated but at the same time in the 12th house so creating a Neecha bhanga Yoga.
  • so, Venus or shukra gets strong. also, Saturn or Shani dev the lord of public image and name and fame is in the 9th bhava of fortune and luck.
  • TV dance malaika arora khan kundli horoscop
    so, this give Malaika Arora good public image and name. Moon the planet that connects to films and TV serials rules her 10th bhava for career and sits near 4th house lord Saturn. this happen along with ketu. so, a connection of career(moon) and Saturn(name and fame) in the 9th house of luck and fortune plus ketu the planet of exceptions gives malaika Arora khan great name and fame.
  • This combination also suggests a good parentage for Malaika Arora khan. also note that Moon being a sensitive planet it along with Venus is connected with film industry plus the TV industry.
    so, Saturn, moon, ketu and 9th house play a key role in giving malaika Arora khan a big name in the Film industry or Bollywood.
  • what makes Malaika Arora Khan so gorgeous and beautiful? malaika arora khan image divorce arjun Kapoor 
 Arbaaz khan

  • now as we do not have the lagna kundali of Malaika Arora Khan we use her Chandra kundali for making predictions. She has Saturn sitting in the lagna and the Lagna (ascendant) is chirpy Gemini sign. Now Gemini is ruled by mercury and mercury is number 5. Giving flamboyance and beauty and smartness to the person. also note she is born on 23rd, that again is 2+3= 5= mercury of budha. Giving her youthful looks and chirpiness still in her mid-forties!
  • Also, note that her Saturn(Shani) that is with the moon gives her great discipline for her to be a success. also, the moon gives fair complexion plus Saturn(Shani) give some darkness to the face. One can see that she is whitish with some tanning on the face. Saturn or Shani ruled the ninth (9th) and 8th house of the blessings of the past life Karma. so, all this comes to Malaika’s rescue and she has made it well in the modelling and the film industry.
  • so, this placement of 9th lord ins the 1st bhava gives expansion and growth. also, the moon is ruling the second house of status and rules beauty and sensitivity. so, sitting in Lagna(ascendant) naturally gives Malaika Arora Khan beauty and sensitivity to the face. so overall this gives a beautiful face yes with a slightly dark complexion. 🙂
  • Also, one may note that a strong Mars(Mangal) and also The Lord of 11th Bhava(house) suggest of gains to her through sports and modelling kind of work is 100% true for Malaika Arora Khan.
  • arjun Kapoor malaika Arora khan marriagemalaika arora khan kundli horoscop
    what could have caused twice its first with Arbaaz Khan and now she might be planning to marry(dating) Arjun Kapoor?

  • Now the planet Jupiter or Guru is ruling the 7th house of Malaika Arora Khan. It also rules the 10th House of career and action for Malaika Arora Khan. yes, it is weakened and debilitated in the 8th house in Capricorn sign or Makar Rashi. It indicates a possible break or strong issues in marital relationships.
  • but also, as Jupiter(guru) being there the lord of 7th bhava and is a planet for expansion and sitting in the 8th house. also, Rahu sitting there suggest out of marriage connections or possible relationships or overall new relationship apart from the marriage. so that is why one can clearly see why Arjun Kapoor comes into the picture! secondly, because Jupiter is weak in Capricorn(Makar Rashi) it suggests that her partnership one relationship is prone to break. so, she broke off with Arbaaz Khan.
  • Rahu being a foreign planet suggest connection or relationships with foreign or people out of the community. she married a Muslim Mr. Arbaaz Khan. Now let us look at her love life.
  • The house of love is the 5th house, Venus rules the same. Now Venus also rules love matter. also, the Planet of love, Venus(Shukra) ruling it giving her great beauty. Plus being in the 4th house from the moon and being in Kendra(angular houses) it is blessed. plus, this Venus also aspects the 10th House of Malaika Arora’s career. so clearly suggest that she will connect to someone who is in the film career or Bollywood. so, both Arjun Kapoor and Arbaaz Khan are from Bollywood.
    Plus, Venus the lord of love ruling the house of love, suggest that high chance of one falling into love and sustaining it.
  • Arbaaz khan malaika divorcemalaika arora khan kundli horoscop

    Name: Arbaaz Khan

  • 4 August 1967 (age 48)
  • Pune, Maharashtra, India
  • Arbaaz khan numbers and sun sign
  • Birth number =4 (rahu),
  • Sun sign = Leo= ruled by planet Sun = Number 1
  • Destiny number = 4+8(august) +
  • Name Number=9= Mars
  • Compatibility Analysis for malaika Arora khan and Arbaaz khan :

  • Now let us first analyse the base birth numbers of Arbaaz khan (4=Rahu) and Malaika is 5=mercury. Now Rahu(dragon’s head) and Mercury go on well, but with a difference in approach towards life. That is Rahu, number 4 is more reserved and disciplined, fixed and could be unconventional/rebellious, but mostly stable- but mercury at the other end could be restless, outgoing, fun loving and talkative number to have. So, there is harmony in 4 and 5, but at the same time suggests difference in opinion due to the same.
  • The sun sign number of Arbaaz khan is Leo, is number 1, so he could be very un-conventional and may sudden at times in his behaviour. May be insistent on his views. For Malaika Arora khan, it is a mix of Leo and Virgo, so number 1 and 5. Many 5’s in her core numbers makes her restless more than usual, independent , outgoing and may be more outspoken. So though number 1(Arbaaz) and 5(Malaika) go on well
  • Apart from the two basic conflicting qualities of Malaika being may be too outspoken and outgoing/flighty and Arbaaz being icons is not at comfort with number 9 of 2016. It makes her more restless, impulse and may be outspoken. It could be a depressing phase for her, she would be out of this by year 2016 ending. With a more harmonious phase starting for her. She should go in a well-planned manner and avoid sudden behaviour.
  • You can clearly see how numbers and planets affect our behaviours and present and future events. Taking preventive steps can always help us to come out of the matter.
  • We at wish both malaika Arora khan and Arbaaz khan the best in life.