Lucky Baby Names – How to Make your Child’s Name Lucky By Science Of Numerology or Anka jyotish?


Introduction To Baby Name Or Child Name , Naming In India or Hindu Culture

  • In India we have custom of setting the baby or child name as per the Birth Moon Nakshatra of a child. That is first the sign or Rashi is determined where the natal moon is in the child’s horoscope.
  •   and as a next step, the Nakshatra or the division in the 27 constellations (refer table below) is looked for finding out which Alphabet starting would best suit the child.
    Say for example, look at the horoscope- the moon is in Sagittarius sign or rashi (5th house) and is in mula nakshatra (The 19th element).
  •  The sounds that would help this child would be name starting with Ye , Yo , Bha , Be, .
  • So say based on Yo- Yogesh Kumar could be a good name for him.
  •   Or say Bha- could be a name like Bharat Singh.  
  • lucky baby names science numerology astrology lucky baby names science numerology astrology

    Now, why is this Process of Name Selection  based on Numerology or Anka Jyotish Scientific?

  • Now suppose you are a Hindi or English speaking person and you are working in a project  with other group of  people who can only speak Russian. What could happen even if you cannot communicate at all?
  • The project would not work with proper efficiency and hence more chance to fail! Would you like that? Obviously No.  
  • The same thing happens in case of child name or baby name  setting, say in the  given example the child has mula nakshatra- so means he could be going to roots(mula) and also good in research.
  • So it makes more sense to keep a name starting with alphabets starting with the right vibrations to help this child in purpose of his or her life. So he or she becomes naturally lucky! 🙂
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    Now How to become More Lucky  by Numerology or Anka Jyotish?

  • Now is there a way to make the BABY NAME more Lucky? YES, you simply have to see the total value of the alphabets of your name.
  • If it comes to a good vibration , the child will attract more luck and bad luck otherwise.
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    About YOU?
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      TABLE:Nakshatra & related Sounds 

  • No Nakshatra Name Alphabet of different charan or pada
    1 Ashwini Chu , Che , Cho , La
  • 2 Bharani Lee , Lu , Le , Lo
  • 3 Krittika A , E , U , Ea
  • 4 Rohini O , Va , Vi , Vu
  • 5 Mrigashira We , Wo , Ka , Ki
  • 6 Ardra Ku , Gha , Ing, Jha
  • 7 Punarvasu Ke , Ko , Ha , Hi
  • 8 Pushya Hu , He , Ho , Da
  • 9 Ashlesha De , Du , De , Do
  • 10 Magha Ma , Me , Mu , Me
  • 11 Poorva Phalguni Mo , Ta , Ti , Tu
  • 12 Uttaraphalguni Te, To , Pa , Pe
  • 13 Hasta Pu , Sha , Na, Tha
  • 14 Chitra Pe , Po , Ra , Re
  • 15 Swati Ru , Re , Ro , Taa
  • 16 Vishakha Tee , Tue , Te , Too
  • 17 Anuradha Na , Nee , Nu , Ne
  • 18 Jyeshtha No , Ya Yi , Uu
  • 19 Mula Ye , Yo , Bha , Be
  • 20 Purvashada Bu , Dha , Faa, Dhaa (ढा)
  • 21 Uttarashada Bhe , Bho , Ja , Ji
  • 22 Shravana Khi, Khu , Khe, Kho
  • 23 Dhanishtha Ga , Gi , Gu , Ge
  • 24 Shatabhisha Go , Sa , Si , Su
  • 25 Poorvabhadra Se , So , Da , Di
  • 26 Uttarabhadra Du , Tha , Jha , Jna
  • 27 Revati De , Do , Cha , Chi  
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  •  How to make child name  Lucky & Harmonious with your entire Horoscope based on Numerology or anka jyotish ?

  • Professional advice  is needed as doing a name change just by computer could creates other problems as well for the child.
  • it makes sense to perfectly balance Child’s name or Baby name by a Numerologist.
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