Your Learning & Deep Thinking(innovation) Capability? Check it with Albert Einstein-Vedic Astrology or Jyotish

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About this article?

  • This article in depth discusses the astrological factors Like House, Planets, aspects and conjunction that contribute to Deep thinking
  • It talks at length on how our 5th house, Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) , Jupiter(Guru), Saturn(Shani) and Rahu(dragon’s head) affect our way of thinking and also depth of learning ability and thought.
  • The article as a PRACTICAL Example goes further and checks how the great genius Einstein could solve puzzles of relativity etc. so easily- based on his Horoscope or Kundli and Yoga’s in the Horoscope or Kundli.
  • IN the latter part of the article(Appendix) from a scientific perspective it discusses how learning & deep thinking & learning ability comes to us and so does how education or real life comes based on our horoscopes and also applied to Einstein’s horoscope.
  • It tells about different types of learning’s, how to hasten it and many other facets to the same.
  • In a similar manner it tells about deep thinking and how it could be reinforced.
  • scientific ways or tools to reinforce deep thinking.
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    How is Learning ability & Deep thinking reflected in any Horoscope ?

  • In order to survive in life- we all have to think and then act on matters of life. Some of us are quick, some slow, some very slow etc.
  • So, the deep thinking and learning ability is controlled by the 5th house of any horoscope or Kundli form the ascendant and also from the Moon sign .
  • So, a strong 5th house lord and without affliction promises good and deep thinking.
  • The fifth house in Vedic astrology provides us with an insight into any one’s way for thinking,learning and capability to think deeply :).
  • so is the planet moon to be strong to support this deep thinking. yes, there is a strong role of planets like Jupiter to help one sustain good deep thinking & learning.
  • we also know that Saturn(Shani) also contributes to philosophical and deep thinking and learning hard lesson form life.
  • :(. so does ketu(dragon’s tail) contribute towards spirituality & Meditation. This naturally leads to one think deeper and learn spiritual lessons in life.
  • Hence a strong and un afflicted Jupiter(Guru), Saturn(Shani) or ketu(dragon’s tail) aspecting the 4th or 5th house of the Horoscope or the Moon(or Chandra) could give a deep thinking & learning abilityto a person.
  • As discussed above the problems in life die to Saturn(Shani), rahu(dragon’s Head) Or ketu(dragon’s tail) naturally induce proper learning’s in the person to prepare him for a deeper thinking and look at life.
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    What is one’s Learning & Deep Thinking(innovation) Capability based on vedic astrology Kundli or Horoscope?

  • A strong lord of fifth house or putra bhava gives generally an un wavered mind good for learning and thinking.
  • Ability to think deeply- unless the lord of 5th house is in Ari bhava (6th), randhr bhava (8th) or vayaya bhava(12th)
  • Jupiter or Guru is also a karaka for deep thinking, a strong Jupiter endows a person with good ability to think & learn.
  • Mercury or Budha though a restless planet helps to think & learn at least, and reason out matters.
  • Moon mercury chandra budha mind thinking deep horoscope kundli einstein astrology
    How does Moon or Mercury contribute or work against deep thinking & learning ability?
    moon chandra mind thinking deep horoscope kundli einstein astrology
    What is Moon Impact on deep thinking ?

  • A strong moon means a stable enough mind. so if there is an aspect of Jupiter , Saturn or Ketu one could have well enough deep thinking & learning ability for sure. 🙂
  • On the other side if Moon is weak or afflicted , it impacts the ability to concentrate or deep thinking.
  • If there is an aspect of rahu or ketu on such a weak moon- it may even cause mental problems and a different kind of thought process.
  • If 4th lord or moon is in the 12th bhava, so in that case one may develop deep thinking for spirituality.
  • mercury mind thinking deep horoscope kundli einstein astrology
    What is Mercury or Budha Impact on deep thinking & learning ability?

  • Also a weak mercury causes issues in discrimination and hence a restless thought process.
  • so deep thinking & learning ability may be missing then.
  • but a strong mercury could help in discriminative ability and analysis as such.
  • especially if a positive rahu or Ketu influence there there.
  • As rahu or dragon’s head gives logic and ketu gives analysis.
  • Einstein_1921_by_F_Schmutzer_-_restoration
    Do you want to Check On Albert Einstein’s Thinking and learning ability? How he was a genius of this order- Based on Vedic Astrology or Jyotish?

  • Name: Albert Einstein
  • Date of Birth: Friday, March 14, 1879
  • Time of Birth: 11:30:00
  • Place of Birth: Ulm
  • Longitude: 10 E 0
  • Latitude: 48 N 23
  • Time Zone: 1.0
  • Einstein lagna ascendant

  • The lord of the 5th house of Horoscope is Venus in 10th.the lord Venus, the planet of imagination, beauty and harmony is in karma house and is exalted in Pisces and sits in Kendra.
  • His theory of relatively as you might have guessed needs mental harmony, deep thinking, learning ability and yes strength of mind- all is indicated here.
  • Sun or Surya dev the lord of initiatives(all his research projects are represented by sun) and karaka or initiatives sits here. Giving enough fuel to his action and initiates to get things done.
  • The planet mercury again rules Kendra and trikona house and rules Albert Einstein’s mind & learning and thinking. (The fourth house lord).
  • Mercury ruling Kendra, sharing energy with sun/Venus- gives him the ability to do analyze and good mathematics- so helps his learning & Thinking deeply.
  • Saturn or shani dev rules the hidden things house (eighth) and also the house of fortune(he gets fame for his actions), in 10th Gives him success for his hard work.
  • Moon is a bit weak in Scorpio in 6th– so gives him a mind that wants to dig.
  • Jupiter gets energy from 9th house of dharma and also Aquarius sign(Kumbha rashi) gives him the ability to think deeply, learn well and speaks about his inspiration levels.
  • So overall we can see how fifth house promises Albert Einstein a good ability to think & go deep into matters.
  • Also, all this connects to his success we can clearly see.

    learning deep thinking
    What is learning?
    learning deep thinking
    Learning is done why whom?

  • Now as we know Learning is a process and that also a lifelong process:). This process is followed by all Human beings and also animals & birds.
  • so we can say all Sentinel beings Of the universe follow the process of thinking.
  • It is only through the learning process that human’s attain better knowledge, maturity & understanding of things.
  • so over all adds a lot of value to the life of humans.
  • learning deep thinking
    what does learning entail?

  • Learning at times entailing Re-constructing what we have read or observed from the real world.
  • But at times but at times Learning may take a lot of time- say doing Ph.D. or doctorate takes 4-6 years.
  • but sometimes this learning process could be very fast Like someone gets the hurt or burnt .
  • so he or she may immediately learn something from that experience as intense emotions are involved there :(.
  • But otherwise it would be a long or medium time needed depending on the kind of learning one wants to do.
  • like learning a language may be a long process :).
  • length learning deep thinking
    How long does learning take?

  • For certain learning even the full life span may be less :).
  • Interestingly Modern science has categorized and try to grapple with learning process in various ways.
  • So area if science like psychology & educational psychology.
  • Also human behavior modeling are some of the departments of science in a bid to understand what learning all is about.
  • how does our subconscious mid help in learning?

  • we know A lot of learning happens without a person being even aware of the same.
  • this is due to the subconscious mind we have which keep registering information and processing the same at the back end!
  • There should be freedom to learning and way one wants to learn.
  • so even without say our knowing example sitting in a train and it is moving, we watch things and learn a lot.
  • But all this is subconscious learning, and we may not at all be aware of the same.
  • children learning deep thinking
    How do children learn better?

  • Also in case of children It has been found that playing in educational games is very important for their learning.
  • And also playful learning is important say in learning new language and communication.
  • Slowly this process one gets more clarity in learning of rules and symbols is there.
  • what is learning deep thinking
    What is deep thinking ?
    Overview of deep thinking?

  • yes deep thinking is a process when we get deeper into a topic and look at various facets of the same.
  • It helps us grow in general and especially for that topic.
  • Practicing this method helps us To get deep into any matter and also Make logical associations for that matter in that domain.
  • So if one develops proper and conditioned deep thinking, one can easily understand the inter-connections or logic.
  • That is in any situation better than not having a deeper thinking.
  • How does deep thinking happen?

  • Our thinking or say deep thinking is a detailed process and depending on our Interactions with physical bodies(Like humans or say cars or buildings).
  • and also understanding the books we have in hand and or any intuitive way we get more information.
  • so To get into the habit go deep thinking it depends on your discipline level.
  • yes to get deeper into subjects or develop better deeper thinking scientists have developed areas like linguistics , languages, psychology & neural sciences.
  • Also other sciences to better handle for brain and deeper thinking.
  • Also computer artificial intelligence is used to understand things on how they confirm to pattern.
  • Also the use of existing philosophy is used to get deeper into matters of society or sciences.
  • What are the tools of deep thinking to get deeper into subjects?

  • so do the sciences like biology, sociology and other cognitive senses help us in get deeper insights into matter and encouraging deep thinking .
  • Deep thinking helps us to connect with matters and understand them better .
  • And also helps us to predict or project on what could happen in the future.
  • This is what you call the prognostics.
  • So deep thinking helps you to achieve your goals and desires. And also make proper plans for future :).