Kundli & Horoscope of India Loss of wealth money demonetization slow economic growth 2017?

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Kundli & Horoscope of India Loss of wealth money demonetization slow economic growth 2017?


  • The basic question is how can one 1) earn wealth and then 2) how could anyone assimilate wealth and not lose it.
  • Also what or which combinations could cause anyone loose wealth? The simple logic is that if the malefic like Saturn/mars or rahu-ketu occupy the benefic houses like fifth, ninth or eleventh house. He or she is bound to lose wealth or suffer losses.
  • Also if the benefics like Jupiter/Venus or mercury sit in bad or malefic houses- like sixth, eighth or twelfth- all the goodness is lost and one could lose money in this case.
  • There was a phase of demonetization in India from October 2016 to December 2016. Which has an impact on the economy of Indian the year 2017. We see slump in growth rate now in 2017, cause of loss of wealth. We analyze the same here in the end.

Causes & Combinations of Loss of wealth:

  • Malefic Houses and Good planets connect: In any kundli or horoscope, the event that foreboding Bhavas or the bad houses (That are sixth/eighth and twelfth) are involved by benefics (Like Jupiter/Venus/mercury moon etc), while favorable Bhavas (The fifth/ninth and fourth and first) are possessed by malefic (Like Saturn/mars/rahu or ketu), the local will be penniless and will be troubled even in the matter of sustenance.
  • Explanation : As here the good planets ruling various houses lose their power staying in bad houses , this happens day by day and also the possible good effects are nullified by malefic sitting in the good house- so blocking all the good things that could happen.
  • Planet in The malefic Houses and lack of Benefic aspect: In any kundli or horoscope, A Graha or planet, related  or connected with one of the Lords of Ari(sixth house), Randhr(eighth house) and Vyaya Bhava(twelfth house), being dispossessed  or not having of a Drishti or aspect   from the Lord of a Kona or angular(The fifth house or first house or the ninth house), will in its Dasha periods make hurt the local’s monetary angles.
  • Explanation : As there is and admixture of malefic energy going to the graha or planet from the sixth/eighth or twelfth house- and there is no compensatory energy going there by benefic houses of fifth and ninth or even first house- the gradual loss of money or other issues are bound to happen.
  • The atma karaka and malefic Houses and penury: In any kundli or horoscope ,In the event that the eighth/twelfth from Atma Karaka(The planet with highest degrees in the horoscope or kundli), or Randhr/Vyaya Bhava get a Drishti or aspect from the Atma Karak’s Navamsa Or Varga Chart Lord and the Lord of Janma Lagna, the local will be dispossessed of wealth(money).
  • Explanation : Here atma karaka has a lot of energy of self and represents you and it getting malefic energy from the eighth and twelfth house of the d9 kundli or navamsa kundli could cause sudden and excess loss of wealth.
  • The loss of money and wealth and twelfth house from atma karaka`: The person will be a squanderer or lose money, if In any kundli or horoscope if the twelfth from Atma Karaka(the  planets having maximum degrees) gets a Drishti  or aspect from the dispositor of Atma Karaka(The planet ruling the sign or rashi on which the atmakaraka is sitting), or, if Vyaya Bhava gets a Drishti from the Lord of Lagna or ascendant.
  • Explanation: Here the dipositor of atma karaka or lagna represents the self or the person , any aspect of the self on the twelfth house lord means that the self would propel one to do such acts.
  • few Yogas for destitution or total loss of wealth : alongside states of their invalidations. Ought to Mangal and Saturn  be as one in Dhan Bhava, the local’s wealth(money) will be annihilated.
  • Explanation: As malefic like mars and Saturn sit in the second house the wealth and status is ruled by the second house, which will go for walk in this conditions
  • Combinations for wealth: For any kundli or horoscope Ought to Budh(mercury) give a Drishti to Mangal(mars) and shani or Saturn  in Dhan Bhava, there will be incredible wealth(money).
  • Explanation : As mercury rules wealth flows and money and also if it gives aspect to the planets like Saturn and mars in the second house of wealth- there is multiplication of money aspect here- so one could have excess of money. As mercury the lord of intelligence for money is here.
  • Role of sun and Saturn in loss of wealth and also gains: There is doubtlessly in it. Give, any kundli or horoscope Surya or sun  in Dhan Bhava, getting a Drishti from shani or  Saturn, will bring about penury or loss of money, while, if surya  is in Dhan Bhava and does not get a Drishti from shani , wealth and notoriety will be acquired.
  • Explanation : As sun the lord of status is in the house of status the second house, so two factors of status are there and if both of them get an aspect from Saturn or shani- one is bound to lose money or status. but if the malefic aspect of Saturn and mars is not there it is clear than one could get a good status and money as sun rules status  as well.
  • Similar impacts (neediness or loss of money and status ) will be proclaimed, if shani or Saturn is in Dhan Bhava, accepting a Drishti or aspect  from sun.
  • As Saturn will destroy the good wealth in the second house and also sun is also a malefic and aspect to the same means one would be in great need always.

IndiasNationalHoroscope02_29112008  kundli horoscope india loss wealth money demonetization slow economic growtWhat has caused loss of wealth or slowing of economy in India- and connection to demonetization- now in 2017 predictions?

  • There has been a slowing down of wealth in the first quarter of 2017 due to demonetization in the year end of 2016. We explore the astrological causes of the same.
  • As India is Taurus ascendant and the planet Saturn is a functional benefic for the same ruling ninth house of fortune and past life karma and also the lord of tenth house of career. Sitting in the house of initiative in sign of cancer or karkat. Not very strong there.
  • In any kundli or horoscope ,As Saturn has gone into sign of Sagittarius and now weak in retrogression till July/august 2017 atleast- one could expect lack of fortune and work or actions of India going hay wire. Aspect of Saturn or shani in transit in the tenth house of career.
  • Also aspect on the second house of wealth and status is there. Plus an aspect on the house of sudden gains the fifth house is there. So over all the wealth flwos and status would be impacted for India as such.
  • Money and economy would not be great atleast till September 2017, when Jupiter or the benfic guru goes into the sixth house and strengthens the planet Jupiter the karaka for wealth.
  • We wish India all the best.

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