Horoscope House sixth or the Ari Bhava: The House of Enmity, Bad Health, Diseases and Obstacles


Horoscope House sixth or the Ari Bhava: The House of Enmity, Bad Health, Diseases   and Obstacles

This house sixth rules malefic or bad matters like diseases, court cases/legal dealings, obstacles or problems.

This house and the lord of this house also have a bearing on people who might become your enemies. Presence of malefic like rahu/Saturn(shani) or mars(mangal) in this house could make the house host more malefic energies.

Description of Various Yogas or Combinations to Do With House Sixth and its Lord:

  • If the lord of the house of sixth or ari bhava is in 6th house itself- the malefic energies increase and there could be ulcers or problems/hurts on the body. The rashi or the sign that is in the ari bhava or sixth house gives the body part to the limb that could be affected.
  • If the karaka of the relative or signifcator of relative like moon stands for mother is in conjunction with sixth lord to it is in sixth or eighth house- it is an indication as hurt or troubles to the relative. Like if moon is in 6th house- means trouble or hurts /bruises to mother.
  • So if say sun or surya has such lordship – it is in such houses(6/8), it suggest head could be affected, moon represents the face, mars represents the neck and planet mercury/budha the navel region, Jupiter is the nose(guru), planet venues or shukra is for eyes, Saturn is the feet and rahu-ketu the dragon’s head and tail are the abdomen.
  • If the lord of the ascendant is in rashi or sign ruled by malefic mars(like Aries or Scorpio) or mercury and has an aspect or drishti by planet mercury/budha- there could be diseases in the face.As face is represented by lagna, and mars is a malefic and mercury rules skin.
  • If mars or planet mercury( mangal and budha) are ascendants and they are conjunct with moon, rahu and Saturn(shani)- this could cause leprosy.Leprosy is a skin problem and is due to pitta or heat in body as per ayurveda. Also Rahu and Saturn fuel the diseases.
  • If the ascendant or lagna has lord of sixth house and eighth house(ari and randhir bhava) along with sun(representing vitality and your body)- the person could be afflicted by fevers and tumors.
  • If in the above combination a mar is there instead of sun or surya, there could be swelling of blood vessels, they could harden and mars could cause wounds by weapons.If instead of mars mercury is there(budha)- will make a person bilious. But if the benefic Jupiter or guru is there- all these problems would go away.
  • A venus or shukra present in the above situation could mean disease due to women. Saturn could cause wind related problems. Rahu would mean danger or trouble to self through low caste people.If ketu present- trouble to navel.
  • If the moon in the horoscope is in conjunction with lord of 6th or ari bhava and the 8th house (eighth house) randhir bhava – there could be danger from water and also phlegm related problems(like cough and cold).The same this applies to other people like say sun the karaka for father is sitting there.
  • A person  could have disease all over life- if Saturn or shani is the rahu or dragons head and also the lord of 6th and 8th house are in conjunction with a malefic.As there is excess of malefic generated by Saturn rahu conjunction and also 6th and 8th house getting malefic energy.
  • If the lord of sixth house or ari bhava is in eighth house or randhr bhava and mars is in 6th house- the person could have sever fever at the age of 6 and 12.
  • If the moon or Chandra is in Sagittarius/Pisces (dhanu/meena rashi) and also Jupiter/Guru is in ascendant – one could suffer from leprosy at the age of 19 and 22.It seems excess of Jupiter energies on the self or body could cause leprosy type problem.
  • If lord of ascendant or lagna is in randhr bhava or eighth house and mandi is in angles(1/5/9) and planet rahu is in 6th– there could be trouble to person at the age of 26.
  • If planet Saturn or shani and moon(Chandra) are in conjunction in sixth house or ari bhava- the person could get leprosy in 45th house.
  • If planet Saturn or shani is with a planet of opposition and the lord of ascendant or lagna is its own house, as Saturn is afflicted- so wind or vata disorders like rheumatism could trouble the person at age of 59.
  • If the planet moon or Chandra is in conjunction with eighth house lord or ari lord and the lord of vyaya bhava 12th is in lagna – the person could be affected or troubled by animals at the  age of eighth.
  • If the planet rahu is in sixth house (ari bhava) and planet Saturn  or shani is in 8th from  rahu- the person could have trouble from fire at the age of 1 and 2.Also if Saturn is in third house or shaja bhava from rahu- the birds could be harmful to the person.
  • There could be risk from water and related diseases if planet sun is in sixth house(ari bhava) or eight house(randhir bhava) and the moon is in twelfth bhava(12th) from sun or surya, .Also Saturn is in eighth house and mars are in seventh house (Yuvati bhava)- this could cause small pox in the 30th year.
  • If the lord of randhir bhava or eighth house is conjunct with malefic rahu in an angle or trine(1/5/9) and also is in 8th in navamsa- the person could be troubled by swelling of blood vessels, urinary problems – in the 18th and 22nd year of life.
  • If the lord of 11th and 6th house exchanges their sign or rashi- then there could be loss through enemies.
  • The person’s son will become his or her enemy if lord of 5th house or putra bhava is in 6th house (ari bhava) and lord of 6th house or ari bhava is with Jupiter(Guru).
  • The person could have fear from dogs in his or her 10/19 year if the ascendant =lagan lord and the lord of ari bhava(6th) are in exchange.

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