Divisional Horoscopes Or Harmonics

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List of Divisional Horoscopes

In vedic astrology each rashi or sign is further divided into 16 parts for further clarity and delineation of the hart. The divisional or the harmonics for sign is given below. But to get full benefit of this breakup of signs into divisions, one needs a very accurate birth time.The various divisions are used for various interpretations of the chart like navamsa is the most important( that’s the 9th harmonic)
The 16 divisions of a sign Or are given below:

• Rasi – The first hramonic
• Hora- The second harmonic
• Drekkana- 3rd Harmonic
• Chaturamsa – 4th harmonic
• Saptamsa – 7th harmonic
• Navamsa- 9th Harmonic
• Dashamsa- 10th harmonic
• Dvadashamnsa -12 th harmonic
• Shodashamsa- 16th harmonic
• Vimshasma- 20th Harmonic
• Chatvarimsamsa -24thth harmonic
• Saptavimshamsa Or Nakshatramsa- 27th Harmonic
• Trimshamsa- 30 th harmonic
• Khavedanmsa-40th harmonic
• Akshavedamsa- 45th Harmonic
• Shashtiamsa-60th harmonic

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