India Versus bangladesh T20 world cup cricket match Forecast


Now let us look at the birth dates of the two countries.

INDIA Birth Data
India = 15/august/1947

India = Name Number =12/3 = Jupiter
birth number = 15=1+5=6 = venus
15+8+1947= 6+8+3= 17=8= Saturn.

Bangladesh Birth Data

bangladesh = 26/march/1971
Birth Number = 26/8= Saturn
Destiny Number = 26 +3+1971 = 8+3+9 = 20 = Moon
Bangladesh name Number = 5= mercury

The date of match = 23/March 2016

Day number =23=5=Mercury
Day Complete number = 23+3+2016 =5+3+9 = 17/8= Saturn
Month Number = March

Predictions for The match

That is a match full of surprises and turn around in situations making it dramatic, more for India- but at the same time making it eventful for bangladesh.

The day number of match  =23 =5, is almost equally harmonious to India and Bangladesh.
But The name number of India is less in harmony as compared to bangledesh

This could be day of unexpected matters and surprises for India. India needs to fight very hard to guard its image.
I would put a very optimistic wining chance for India prime facie as 4 out of 10= 4/10.That is 40% today, lesser than what was there with india versus pakistan match.

****But the saving grace here is that for India(birth number = 15/6= Venus), which is more comfortable with date number 23/5= Mercury of the match ,as compared to Bangladesh with birth number = 26/8= Saturn. Also we have Aries, ruling- which is not comfortable with Bangladesh day number though sun sign number is same for Bangladesh .

The only edge Bangladesh has its name number=5= mercury ,same as todays number =23rd =5 mercury.

So there could be slight modification in chances of success for India as 45%, that is 4.5 out of 10. India could win if Bangladesh does not become restless or miscommunication among players of Bangladesh cricket team in haste win the match OR India plays in a well planned disciplined /coordinated manner.

India could have  more surprises, lesser effectiveness(not coming to expectations) in balling and batting  as compared to Bangladesh.But for Bangladesh also it would be an eventful match, but not as much as India. Indian team will work in lot for surprises & unexpected problems cropping up. injuries to the team possible.Only  A well planned & coordinated effort can make india win.

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