India Versus Pakistan T20 world cup cricket match Forecast


Now let us look at the birth dates of the two countries.

INDIA Birth Data
India = 15/august/1947

India = Name Number =12/3 = Jupiter
birth number = 15=1+5=6 = venus
15+8+1947= 6+8+3= 17=8= Saturn.

Pakistan Birth Data

Pakistan = 14/August/1947
Birth Number = 14/5= Mercury
Destiny Number = 14+8+1947 = 5+8+3 = 16/7 = Ketu/neptune.
Pakistan name Number = 7= ketu neptune.

The date of match = 19/March 2016

Day number =19=10=1= Sun
Day Complete number = 19+3+2016 = 1+3+9 = 13/4.
Month Number = 3- of Jupiter.

Predictions for The match

That is a match full of surprises and turn around in situations making it dramatic.

Now for Match day number number 19th = sun(1+9= 10= 1) is not harmonious neither with 15th or 8= destiny number of India.
The name number of India is in harmony with the general trends.

This could be day of unexpected matters and surprises for India. India needs to fight hard to guard its image.
I would put a very optimistic wining chance for India as 5 out of 10= 5/10.That is 50%

The first part of the match could have more surprises.Indian team will work in lot of stress,fights and surprises. injuries to the team possible. As the match progresses, matters might start favoring slightly more towards India. India if it is gritty enough could turn the scales. But mark the words gritty.

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