Azim Prem ji, Wipro chairman 2016 Predictions, Horoscope based on Vedic astrology



Azim Prem ji,wipro chairman- what makes him so different and successful and 2016 predictions and analysis.Wipro future also is tied to his success. Which is a clear go for him this year..for success.

Name: Azim Premji

Date of Birth: Tuesday, July 24, 1945

Time of Birth: Not known( so we use the solar horoscope/kundli)

Place of Birth: Bombay

Longitude: 72 E 50

Latitude: 18 N 58

Time Zone: 5.5

Wipro  kundali  azim

Natal Horoscope Analysis and Predictions for Azim Prem Ji (wipro chairman):

  • Azim prem ji has Sagittarius as ascendant , this sign  is ruled by the benefic planet Jupiter. The sign is sattvik (pure) in nature and has a tawny color. Sattva hints towards being more spiritual and humanitarian. These are some of the qualities of the wipro chairman we know. He is a great philanthropist as well.
  • The sign is strong in night and is a fire sign. Now internet or software is ruled by fire and air both, we know how successful azim prem ji is in it. The sign is strong in night, now most of the business comes from USA or Europe, which has night when in India there is light. So call centers and 24×7 services would help wipro and wipro chairman more.
  • Due to its regal nature is it said to be a royal sign. It lives on land and stays in east, as east ( India is said to be repository of eastern culture and azim prem ji stays here, that gives him strength)is the repository of spirituality & dharma.
  • If ascendant Lord is in XIth house of gain, the person  will generally get  with gains and have admirable   Yes he does have great qualities and manages 2 billion worth personal portfolio.
  • He would have  fame  of international repute ( we know this  is true for him)and also proper  gains from  wife or spouse.

2016 horoscope predictions for Azim Prem Ji(wipro Chairman)

  • Transits of Jupiter in 9th could be great as this could give windfalls and good fortune. Success in all endeavors for the wipro chairman azim prem ji, more inclination to dharma/religion and doing well. Good for male seniors at family. Blessings from teachers/mentors . He could be good in doing good deeds and might go for pilgrimages.All this are good indicators for wipro future.

He  could get honors from good people( includes the government of India), also he  might be surrounded by well meaning people. Good for his  kids and people working for his company.This is a good sign for future of employees in his company.Might mean great pay hikes.

  • Rahu transit could give him some hiccups(employee issues etc), but mostly it would be a smooth ride for him.


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