Atal bihari vajpayee- Life Horoscope

Ab_vajpayee atal bihari vajpayee life horoscope

Atal bihari vajpayee- Life Horoscope

  • Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji was born on 25th of December 1924 in gwalior.He left for his heavenly abode on – 16 August 2018).
  • He or atal bihari ji was a world renowned Indian politician who was prime minister of India for three terms.
  • Incidentally Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji’s first term as  prime minister was only of 13 days in the year 1996, then the second term was followed  for a period of 13 months from 1998 to 1999, and finally he became the prime minister, for a full term from 1999 to 2004.
  • sri atal bihari ji has also been a member of the Indian Parliament for over four decades or 40 years, he has been elected for rajya sabha twice.
  • He was the Member of Parliament for Luck now district,in the state of Uttar Pradesh until the year 2009 when he retired from active politics due to health issues .
  • sri atal bihari ji was the pillar for Bharatiya Jana Sangh which he also headed from the year 1968 to 1972.atal bihari ji was also the Minister of External Affairs in the cabinet of Prime Minister sri Morarji Desai.
  • sri atal bihari ji re formed janasangh into Bharatiya janta party in the year 1980.
  • He also has been the first Indian prime minister who was not a member of the Indian National Congress party to have served a full five-year term in office as a prime minister of India.
  • sri atal bihari ji has been conferred India’s highest civilian honour- that is the bharat ratan from the president of India.

Birth details of sri atal bihari Vajpayee ji?

Name: Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Date of Birth: Thursday, December 25, 1924

Time of Birth: 05:45:00

Place of Birth: Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh)

Longitude: 78 E 9

Latitude: 26 N 12

Time Zone: 5.5

atal-d1 atal bihari vajpayee life horoscope

what are some interesting facts about sri atal bihari Vajpayee ji? What made sri atal bihari ji so special as a prime minister?

  • sri atal bihari ji was a great poet, and had a warm and friendly child like nature. now note his lagan or ascendant is in the 5th bhava of children giving him a child like and funny nature nature as well.
  • also Jupiter the sweet planet is the lord of his 2nd bhava or house.Giving him distinction to speak and comment or be as an orator as Jupiter combust but in own sign so strong along with sun that could give sri atal bihari ji distinction in life. also note the 2nd bhava or house is also a house fo distinction.
  • The Lord of 10th house sri atal bihari ji’s horoscope is  in 2nd house gives him good status in general with the dint of his effort(due to the tenth house of action or karma). It gives wealth and status for  sure in life. hats what sri atal bihari ji Got a life time honour of bharat rant.

What planetary combinations made sri atal bijari ji a leader and also not imposing himself to others and well liked by opposition parties as well?

  • In sri atal bihari ji’s horoscope, we have a raja Yoga of sun the lord of action and position in the second bhava ro house, this could have made him a fairly dominating leader- but this did not happen- why?
  • This sun is mellowed down in sri atal bihari ji’s horoscope by the soft and ethical energy of Jupiter(guru) in the own house and strong and also the lord of gains and friends mercury sitting in the second bhava giving him grace and help from friends and people around.

what made sri atal bihari ji’s life the most eligible bachelor of life Not to marry?

  • Venus is the lord of the 7th house in horoscope of marriage or bhava and sits on the aggressive sign of Scorpio or vrishchika rashi.
  • but still does promise marriage as in Kendra and aspects the seventh house or bhava of sri atal bihari ji’s life.
  • Moon carries the energy of malefic rahu and sends it on the seventh house lord Venus.
  • Mars the dispositer in itself is lord of sixth house so malefic and obstacles creating.
  • Saturn or shani dev the lord of family in the horoscope  is in the twelfth house of vyaya or being not stable/expenditure. so this person stays either in foreign lands or does not marry at all! As is the case for sri atal bihari ji’s life.
  • So over all a lot of planetary combinations opposing a married or family life for sri atal bihari ji .

what made  sri atal bihari Vajpayee ji so different from others?

  • One can clearly see in the horoscope the planet Jupiter or guru giving sri atal bihari ji commands over his words and also sun giving him a distinct speech.
  • The child like nature and creative element in sri atal bihari ji horoscope could be explained by lagna being in the fifth bhava or house and also the dispositer being Jupiter(guru), the planet of speech itself and the planet of expansion and growth/magnanimity.
  • Moon in lagna of the horoscope and aspect to seventh house or bhava of the horoscope of sri atal bihari ji , and lagna  being scorpio sign makes him intense and at times a bit angry about matters. Also rahu in the ninth house in sri atal bihari ji horoscope and sending energy to moon makes him non conventional in terms of religion or dharma, and this helped him to form jansangha.
  • That is for sri atal bihari ji the strong influence of rahu, mars and the ninth house or bhava made him start take a rebel stand against the existing congress party and yes form and start jansangh- something that is intense and to do with dharma or religion.

what made sri atal bihari Vajpayee ji Join politics as a career?

  • In sri atal bihari ji’s horoscope or kundali, the tenth house lord or the action karma lord is in the second bhava of status, this indicates a possibility to join some job that entails action and status.
  • Rahu influencing sri atal bihari ji’s mind or moon in the horoscope gives him the thought to be non conventional in the society.
  • The seventh sign from Saturn or shani in the horoscope of sri atal bihari ji is Aries ruled by mars or the planet for politics and raj kaaj and also the tenth house has moon and rahu there- with a strong indication of working for politics.
  • The house of public image in the horoscope of sri atal bihari ji the fourth one, is ruled by Saturn by the sign Aquarius and is in the twelfth bhava , giving him good image in foreign lands as well and yes politics as sun the karaka for power is in the house of status the send bhava and gets good energy form the karma lord that is the Leo sign.
  • Leo sign the lord of tenth house in horoscope of sri atal bihari ji   in itself make person lead or do some original action, so this also indicates to be a possibility to work in politics strongly for sri atal bihari ji based on his horoscope.

what made  sri atal bihari Vajpayee ji  prime minister of India and initially for only 13 days?

  • sri atal bihari ji’s horoscope has several strong raja Yoga’s in his chart.
  • the tenth lord being in the second house or bhava  in the horoscope of sri atal bihari ji
  • also the second lord of status being in the second house of bhava in the horoscope, this being Jupiter the karaka for speech and yes expansions.
  • sun is the karaka for status is in the second bhava or house.
  • The lord of the ninth bhava moon is in the first bhava along with rahu energy , making sri atal bihari ji work for the cause of dharma and ethics and takes a different stand from others.
  • ketu in the third house of horoscope gives him (sri atal bihari ji  ) exceptional courage and exceptional action to do things that is needed in political life. There is an exact  aspect of ketu energy on the bhava Madhya making him exceptionally courageous and rahu in ninth making him study about religion and knowing about other religions as well
  • the sarkar or the government was for 13 days or 13 months as sun makes the mercury the lord of gains and friendship and trust combust for sri atal bihari ji in his horoscope, though being in the house fo wealth and status and also Jupiter the lord of wealth and status combust.
  • This gives him possible instability in political career or holding position for sri atal bihari ji  based on his horoscope.
  • when sri atal bihari ji made 13 days government as a prime minister in 1996, he ran Venus that rules the 12th house in horoscope of  stress and breakups for sri atal bihari ji  .
  • when sri atal bihari ji made 13 months government in 1999, he ran moon with rahu energy here. Rahu in transit is in karkat rashi or cancer sign, cause severe issues for him to maintain his position.

some interesting numerology or anka Jyotish for sri atal bihari ji?

  • sri atal bihari ji was born on 25 December, now 25 =2+5= ketu, so ketu should have strong influence on him.
  • note he or sri atal bihari ji left for the heavenly abode on 16th august 2018= , 1+6=7=ketu
  • he was prime minister for 13 days and 13 months, 1+3=rahu, now rahu and ketu work in pairs so numbers 4-7(we call it the rahu-ketu axis) are similar the dragons head and tails, one can see the influence of the same.
  • sri atal bihari ji was born in year 1924 born so 1924 + 94 years  = 2018( he was in 94th years in 2018),till  December 2018, so he left for his heavenly abode on 94th year = 9+4= 13= 1+3=4= rahu
  • He got is stable prime minister ship in 1999, when he was in 75th years, 7+5=12, he has Jupiter also strong in horoscope  and lots of 9’s in 1999. 9= mars and is same as ketu as the saying “kujvat ketu” like ketu is kuja or mars
  • one could see remarkable numerology in sri atal bihari ji’s life


  • sri atal bihari ji left for the heavenly abode on 16, 1+6=7= ketu a spiritual sign and also on Thursday, so this suggests his soul GOT a great time to go to heavens.
  • The nakshatra is chitra and tithi is shashthi, gives him peace in heaven.
  • One can clearly see how Vedic astrology clearly gives the entire sketch of life of sri atal bihari ji.
  • Infact when in 1980 sri atal bihari ji formed jansangh- he ran mercury period the lord 8th and 11th and in the 2nd bhava of family, now 8th is a rebel bhava or a non conventional bhava, so he formed a family or organization as an alternative/non conventional to co convert jansangha into Bharatiya junta party in the year 1980.
  • We wish his soul rests in peace and gets reborn ot mother India to further reform and re new the society.


  • The article is written purely for research and education. Any other use of this article or interpretation or In appropriate use of the article would be the individual’s responsibility
  • We are assuming the birth data is accurate

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