Sri Arun Jaitley Ji Current Finance Minister of India -2016 Horoscope based on Vedic Astrology


About this article?

  • This article in detail covers about Sri Arun Jaitley ji our previous finance minister, politician & BJP member.
  • The article clearly explains the reasons for his success in life, failures problems.
  • The causes for him having a dual career or lawyer and also in politics.
  • all the unique points of his personality well explained and also special emphasis on his political life and longevity.
  • his political career,ups and down in life, what Yoga’s made him so different from others.
  • Later also it evaluates his health and longevity and root causes of why he left us relatively Young in the 67th year of his life based on Vedic astrology.
  • arun jaitley horoscope kundli
    About Arun Jaitley ji’s Horoscope or Kundli :
    we Know about sri Arun jaitley ji, the Indian politician, and lawyer – finance minister, Corporate Affairs and Minister of Information and Broadcasting. Through the science of Vedic Astrology.
    Name: Arun Jaitley
    Date of Birth: – 28th December, 1952
    Time of Birth:- Not Known
    Place of Birth:- Delhi, India
    What makes Arun Jaitley so distinct and different from others?

  • One can very clearly notice several Raj Yoga’s in sri Arun Jaitley’s horoscope kundali.
  • honor respect arun jaitley horoscope kundli
    Does Arun Jaitley Ji’s Kundli Or Horoscope indicate good honor and respect for him?
    The lagan or ascendant is Jupiter or Guru is in the 5th house that is a trikona bhava.
  • also Jupiter or guru is the karaka for money and finances.
  • also Jupiter itself gives great honor & wealth to the person .
  • Guru /Jupiter also makes a person knowledgeable and wealthy.
  • jupiter guru arun jaitley horoscope kundli
    Does Arun Jaitley Ji’s Kundli Or Horoscope suggest his deeper involvement with a religious philosophy like BJP follow ?

  • Jupiter or guru sitting in the trikona house(Succedent house) gives good success in finances.
  • the Jupiter is also retrograde , but still it is a good Jupiter .
  • and this gives arun jaitley good interest in Dharma for Vedic dharma related activities .
  • That is to do with Bhartiya Janata Party or BJP. BJP ideals are ruled by Jupiter and spices plus Sagittarius( dhanu and Meena rashi).
  • jupiter honor arun jaitley horoscope kundli
    How much does the Jupiter energy help Arun Jaitley Ji’s based on his Kundli Or Horoscope ?

  • he is also born on 28 dec 1952, that makes it 28+december(12) + 1952 = 28(=10=2+8=1+0=1) + 12(=3) + 1952(=17=1+7=8)
  • = 1+3+8 = 12= 1+2= 3= Jupiter!. so strong energy of Jupiter here.
  • Now Jupiter also rules law and arun jaitley ji was He is a Senior Advocate of the Supreme Court of India!!!
  • Virgo + Jupiter + Mercury == Arun Jaitley Ji arun jaitley former finance minister bjp indiaarun jaitley former finance minister bjp india money and wealth

    politics distinguished arun jaitley horoscope kundli
    was Arun Jaitley Ji based on his Kundli Or Horoscope destined to be so distinguished in politics?

  • The 9th house lord Jupiter is in the lagan or ascendant. it has sun or Surya.
  • This gives Arun Jaitley great distinction and it is confirmed that he would get a great status and blessings of the past life.
  • 9th house deals with the same. Also he would be a great success as a politician.
  • sun or surya rules politicians.
    we all know that he is a distinguished politician
  • Does the Numerology of Arun Jaitley Ji’s suggest leadership for him ?

  • based on numerology or anka Jyotish he is born on 28th, that is 2+8= 10=1+0=1 = Number1 of sun. This simply takes him up in the ladder.
  • also he is born on Sunday and Dwadashi
  • legal lawyer arun jaitley horoscope kundli
    What does the Libra sign or Tula rashi play for Arun Jaitley Ji’s Kundli Or Horoscope in his having lawyer as a profession ?

  • The libra sign or the tula rashi rules the 11th house of gains and status and friends for arun jaitley ji.
  • It also is in the 2nd house of wealth and status for Arun Jaitley this is a very powerful combination for wealth and gains from friends and finances.
  • One can note that he became the finance minister despite so much of criticism and opposition to him(army pension or note bandi matter).
  • It is a clear indication that is something very strong is horoscope(kundali) that is supporting him .
  • venus shukra arun jaitley horoscope kundli
    What is the role of Venus or shukra for Arun Jaitley Ji’s Kundli Or Horoscope in giving home all gains and comfort of life ?

  • The 2nd house(second house) or Bhava has Venus or shukra the benefic.
  • which reduces the effect of Saturn or Shani who is the lord of 2nd house.
  • we note that the rebellious rahu is also there in second house . so all this could give arun jaitley unexpected gains .
  • and also better ways of dealing with money.
  • so we know that notebandi he was one of the part of it , basically one can see the effects of Rahu on his personality and actions. That is clear that not so popular stands he may take.
  • mars mangal arun jaitley horoscope kundli
    what role does mars or Mangal play for Arun Jaitley Ji’s Kundli Or Horoscope ?

  • arun jaitley ji’s most affected planet is Mars or Mangal in horoscope that is placed in the fifth house(5th house).
  • so that can give him trouble due to his children or having children .
  • This is just an indication as his Jupiter or guru strong so this gets balanced well.
  • arun jaitley former finance minister bjp indiaarun jaitley former finance minister legal matters lawyer bjp india
    what kind of career suits Arun Jaitley the most and why did he was chosen finance Minister?

    money wealth arun jaitley horoscope kundli
    do mercury and Jupiter propel Arun Jaitley Ji into finances based on his Kundli Or Horoscope ?

  • one can very clearly see that for arun jaitley ji Jupiter or guru rules money and also connects to finances as well.
  • so it is one of the supporting elements for his career in Finance ministry .
  • additionally Virgo or kanya rashi is ruled by mercury is very good and rules his Tenth House .
  • yes it is definitely a sign of finances and money matters .
  • very clearly strong . so the core energies of his house of action are mercury or finances – that along with Jupiter energy clearly makes him the Finance Minister. Saturn or shani dev is strong also very good it is in the 12th house from mercury .
  • so the outflows of money he has to handle well.
  • Over all the shani also suggest that arun jaitley would have great discipline in executing is financial responsibilities.
  • scorpio arun jaitley horoscope kundli
    How does the Scorpio sign or vrishchika rashi in Arun Jaitley Ji’s Kundli Or Horoscope suggests a good connection to money maters for him?

  • One also has to note that mercury or budha is sitting on the Scorpio sign(vrishchika rashi) this corresponds to the sign of mars.
  • also on the other mars rashi mesha(Aries) great Jupiter sits . so this means a strong connection of Jupiter and mercury energy in Arun Jaitley ji’s horoscope(kundali).
  • this very clearly suggest a strong background for money .
  • as we shared the Virgo + Jupiter + sun + mercury energy makes him and effective finance minister .
  • sun surya arun jaitley horoscope kundli
    How does surya or sun Arun Jaitley Ji’s Kundli Or Horoscope give him good position ?

  • Sun or surya confers to him some great position . he remained as minister of Finance and Corporate Affairs for a while and despite criticism. he is able to continue . we wish him all the best in life!
  • arun jaitley horoscope kundli
    Natal Chart /Natal Horoscope Analysis and Future Predictions for Arun Jaitley :

  • Does Jupiter or Guru in Arun Jaitley Ji’s Kundli Or Horoscope give hi non conventionality?
  • The ascendant of sri Arun Jaitley India’s current finance minister Ji is zodiac sign Sagittarius is ruled by the master benefic planet Jupiter.
  • This planet gives large heartedness and connection to the past and conventionality.
  • May be his association with BJP a partly which wants to uphold past traditions and cultural values more is an indication of this.
  • what planets give good executive ability to Arun Jaitley Ji based on his Kundli Or Horoscope ?

  • It is a fire sign, so could give sri Arun Jaitley Ji a basic fire in him to do and execute things.
  • This sign lives on land and stays in east, as east is the repository of spirituality & dharma.
  • So for sri Arun Jaitley Ji, staying or working on eastern region or eastern culture would always help. By the way religions of the world all belong to east .
  • Is it Jupiter that gives mastery to Arun Jaitley Ji based on his Kundli Or Horoscope ?
  • Also Jupiter deals with law(called the law master) and finances both, sri Arun jaitley Ji has brush with both.
  • he is a current finance ministers and a He is a Senior Advocate of the Delhi High Court.
  • What does the 5th house of Arun Jaitley Ji’s suggest about his children based on his Kundli Or Horoscope ?
  • The lord of sri Arun Jaitley Ji ‘s ascendant is in 5th house of children and thinking.
  • This suggests average happiness from kids( this is as per the classics, just an indication and needs to be corroborated with other facts to assert the same).
  • what situations suggest that Arun Jaitley Ji would be closer to higher ups based Kundli Or Horoscope ?

  • based on position of sun or surya. The person would be close to the higher authorities & people in power.
  • This is very true for sri Arun Jaitley Ji, we know he is in power and close to sri narendra modi ji, the honourable prime minister of India. It says Also one need to take good care of anger.
  • So keeping cool even in tough situations would help sri Arun Jaitley Ji in general.
  • arun jaitley horoscope predictions

    What are the Predicted Health issues and Longevity or Life span for Sri Arun Jaitley ji ?

  • Now let us evaluate the health and longevity of Sri Arun Jaitley ji based on his Surya Kundli as his exact birth time is not available .
  • we will cross check the results based on surya kundli with the Chandra Kundli as well.
  • so looking at the longevity and possible health problems to Sri Arun Jaitley ji the lagan for Arun Jaitley ji( surya Lagna or ascendant) is Sagittarius or Dhanu rashi.
  • This is ruled by Jupiter(or Guru) who is relatively well placed in the 5th house of the horoscope of Arun Jaitley ji. The Jupiter or guru of sri Arun Jaitley ji is at 17 degree 52 minutes and is retrograde .
  • But still Jupiter or Guru is well places.
  • this so over all the surya lagan gives good longevity for Arun Jaitley ji.
  • but the question remains that why did sri Arun Jaitley ji die relatively young at the age of 66+ or 67th year? if the surya lagan is strong and so is the 8th house longevity lord of sri Arun Jaitley ji strong in surya kundli?

  • The 8th House Lord of surya Kundli for sri Arun Jaitley ji is moon.
  • It is it is what’s strong and exalted for Arun Jaitley ji but in 6th bhava. the 8th house has Ketu(dragon’s tail) in the horoscope of sri Arun Jaitley ji and very close to the bhava Madhya .
  • This is good and strong for Arun Jaitley ji and gives longevity and raja yoga to sri Arun Jaitley ji.
  • barring possible health issues as it is in the 6th house of opposition.
  • moon arun jaitley horoscope kundli
    what does the Moon chart or horoscope of sri Arun Jaitley ji say about his longevity or life span?

    health diseases arun jaitley horoscope kundli
    Is sugar problem diabetes or kidneys getting affected for Arun Jaitley ji’s coming out of his Horoscope or Kundli?

  • Now let us look at the moon chart what does the moon chart say for Arun Jaitley ji.
  • Moon or Chandra dev is sitting in the Taurus sign(vrishabha sign) for Arun Jaitley ji ,that vrishabha Rashi stands for perseverance and persistence in life and is ruled by Venus or shukra.
  • Venus in the moon chart or horoscope is in the 9th house. so now we get the clue here because Venus for Arun Jaitley afflicted by malefic Rahu(dragon’s head) he was having diabetes or sugar connected to Venus.
  • also diabetes leads to kidney problems we know.
  • what is the role of planet Venus or shukra in causing kidney infection for Arun Jaitley ji based on his Horoscope or Kundli?

  • we also note that Venus is ruling the seventh sign Libra(Tula rashi) and is the seventh sign kaal Purusha seventh sign .
  • This is the sign basically representing the Kidneys of Arun Jaitley ji .
  • so as it is not great with rahu, so that is basically refers to diabetes(sugar) and kidney infection.
  • we know that sri Arun Jaitley ji also had a kidney transplant last year so all this because of Venus(shukra) is afflicted by Rahu
  • jupiter guru arun jaitley horoscope kundli
    what role does Jupiter or guru play in liver affliction for Arun Jaitley ji looking at his Horoscope or Kundli?

  • From the moon sign or Chandra lagan the 8th Lord for Sri Arun Jaitley ji Jupiter is weakened being in the 12th house .
  • 12th house is the house of vayay or expenditure so spends Jupiter or guru energy here.
  • this position of guru in horoscope of Arun Jaitley ji very clearly indicates that Arun Jaitley ji could suffer from weakness of liver related problems that is diabetes .
  • Jupiter rules the liver and spleen indirectly impacting the sugar mechanisms and diabetes.
  • in the moon chart mars or Mangal is afflicted .
  • rahu dragon's head arun jaitley horoscope kundli
    What planetary configurations or Yoga’s cause his unexpected demise of Sri Arun Jaitley ji in 67th year of Life?

  • Now in the horoscope(surya lagan or horoscope) shani dev or Saturn has come to the lagan(ascendant) of Sri Arun Jaitley ji and Saturn is a markesh for Arun Jaitley ji .
  • ketu dragon's tail arun jaitley horoscope kundli
    what is the role of malefic Ketu for Arun Jaitley ji’s Horoscope or Kundli in impacting his longevity?

  • Ketu or dragon’s tail that impacts the longevity of Sri Arun Jaitley ji is there in the 8th house of Sri Arun Jaitley ji.
  • this brings in malefic energy to his longevity – but in transit now in 2019 it is in the lagan. so strongly impacts his body or self.
  • Does mars or Saturn act like a markesh for Arun Jaitley ji’s Horoscope or Kundli in regard to longevity?

  • The planets mars is the 7th house lord rules Kidneys as mars is agitated in the Saturn ruled Aquarius sign(kumbha rashi) and is in the secondary markesh bhava of 3rd house.
  • Moon chart or horoscope mars is markesh for Sri Arun Jaitley ji and in transit it is in Leo sign at the time of his departure aspecting his 7th bhava the markesh bhava ruled by mars.
  • we wish his soul rests in peace!
  • arun jaitley horoscope kundli
    2 horoscope predictions for Arun Jaitley

  • The current transit of Jupiter in 9th also aspects his sun the lord of 9th for sri Arun Jaitley Ji, this could be really great for windfalls and gains.
  • There could be Success in almost all endeavours, he could develop more inclination to dharma/religion.
  • Good for his male seniors at family. sri Arun Jaitley Ji would have Blessings from his teachers and preceptors.
  • sri Arun Jaitley Ji could be good more good deeds and might go for pilgrimages based on his inclinations.
  • He also would be surrounded by well meaning people.(Infact rahu transit opposes this, given below so there could be mix of both good and bad influences)

    • sri Arun Jaitley Ji rahu transits his 9th house of dharma and luck – so it could keep him more focused on his work.
    • But as 9th is ruled by sun and sun sits on 1st house, so there is a chance of image getting affected, this is what happened in the DDCA controversy.
    • By the way DDCA has 2 D’s, the value of D=4(4th alphabet) = Number of Rahu. Also DDCA = D+D+C+A = 4+4+3+1 = 4+4+4= 3 x 4’s. That is 3 Rahu’s together Numerological.
    • So these kinds of names could be a Red for him, especially when rahu is weak.
    • He got involved in December time frame when rahu was weakened and transiting into Leo, things have improved as Rahu gets more strength from planet Jupiter.
    • Rahu transit suggests sri Arun Jaitley Ji that he should try to keep connection with good people.
    • Avoid any rash or un conventional effort.
    • Over all surprises are there is there. If he stays cool with his suave nature all would go well for him.
    • April 2016 could be a bit tough on him.
    • Doing his prayers and yoga daily would help a lot.
    • We wish him all the best in life.
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