Yoga Report 1

SUMMARY of Chandra Yoga’s of The Horoscope Or Kundli Analysis Report

  • This report covers all the ChandraSurya(Sun) & Raja or King Making Yogas πŸ™‚ if Present in your Horocope based on classics of vedic astrology .
  • Out of 60-70 Yogas , the Yogas based on Moon and Raja Yogas as elucidated in the Vedic astrology classics is given to you. So expect maximum 3-5 Yogas in your Horoscope
  • Like for example for say Adhi Yog from Candr. If in your Horoscope benefics occupy the 8th, 6th and 7th, counted from your Chandra lagna,
    we have a Adhi Yog .
  • Now depending on the strength of the participating planets , one could become either liek a king, or say a minister or say consultant in a big company, or an Army chief ro say CEO or COO for any company n the modern parlance.
  • Get a hand-written,more than 10 page report, Highly Personalized & Accurate Report written by an Expert Vedic Astrologer having over 25 years experience in India and USA.
  • The report would be covering all the Yogas( sun, Moon and Raja Yoga) if present in your Horoscope.
  • Also coming 2 years prediction , and also to check if any of the Moon, Sun or Raja Yoga is operating in your Horoscope in coming 2 years.
  • You get over all predictions for the coming 2 Years, also if any Yoga is operating the effects of the same and how best utlize it for money, wealth, family or career and relationships!
  • The expert Vedic Astrologer spends more than 3-4 hours(240 minutes) analyzing your horoscope in-depth- and writing this Accurate & Reliable Complete Horoscope report & predictions for you.
  • SAVE MONEY and EARN MORE MONEY in life and make your life more Happy by making more smart decisions in regard to any matter in life using this report as reference- be it to do with job/career/love/marriage/relationship/children etc .
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  • ( Vedic Astrology Yogas ) PLUS

  • Good Quality & Reliable Astrology Report, Assured by IIT Alumnus(World Class Experts in Vedic Astrology & Numerology)!
  • Your Complete Yogas Sun,Moon and Raja Yogas report as per classics and coming 2 Years predictions!

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    ” …I Β am very happy to take the Yogas reports fro sun, Moon and raja Yoga report report. It tells me clearly my limits and my great possibilities in life based on planetary energies in my natal chart.Referring to it regularly has helped me a lot in making the right decisions..all over πŸ™‚ many thanls