Vishal Sikka CEO and MD of Infosys -2016 Horoscope Predictions Future based on Vedic Astrology



What makes Vishal sikka CEO & MD Infosys so different from others? What awaits  him and indirectly Infosys in year 2016. Using Divine science of  Vedic Astrology

Vishal Sikka:  CEO of INFOSYS

Date of Birth :-   01st June, 1967

Time of Birth :-  Not Known

Place of Birth :- Shajapur, Madhya Pradesh ,India


Natal Chart /Natal Horoscope Analysis and Future Predictions for Vishal Sikka :

  • Vishal Sikka(CEO and MD infosys) has  Taurus as ascendant as per his solar horoscope. He  is ruled by planet Venus, the planet of beauty and comfort and yes sensitivity. Software  also , like hospitality or call center software comes under the ruler ship of planet Venus. Venus though not very strong absorbs energy of benefic Jupiter in house 3rd.
  • All the above gives he the innovative streak – that makes him stands apart from others in the area of information technology. He has been leading the SAP products and innovation globally.
  • The sign Taurus rules the south direction and also rules night. So he would do well in south direction, that is India is south to US so he would succeed here ort countries like Mexico or South American countries.
  • Taurus has an influence on villages and yes being a sign of Venus has command over business. That means – Vishal Sikka would do well –in creating products for Indian villages. That where he could win.
  • Vishal Sikka ‘s lord of ascendant is in 3rd house of initiatives, it gives a great degree of initiative to the  This is no news for us, he is a person with great initiative. His initiative would  give money and wealth, good intelligence and happiness. Vishal Sikka  would like to do something of his  own and be  courageous like a lion.

2016 horoscope predictions for Vishal Sikka

  • This transit helps the mother of the Vishal Sikka. It helps improvements and changes at Infosys and his extended family that is Infosys. This could mean extensions and good growth to his  family additions or constructions at home front. It might also mean buying of new vehicles for Infosys campus or extending his capability in automotive industry.

Vishal Sikka  has an aspect on 10th house of career it might mean gains and recognition  in career. Career expansion  in terms of Infosys’s expansion in business and fun in career. Fun filled actions.

There is also an aspect to the 8th house, so means Vishal Sikka ‘s interest in occult, astrology and ancient sciences could increase apart from his work at Infosys.

  • Rahu transit in 4th house aspects 10th house and 8th house and also 11th. So it might have impact the image of Vishal Sikka CEO at Infosys. It could affect his mother and over all –image, especially after July 2016.
  • Rahu could caret situation of Unexpected & unique kind of innovative work for Infosys . Vishal Sikka may have to work or issues at work front could crop up. People who are low minded  within Infosys’s or otherwise could gang up against you.

Un expected issues could be there for Vishal Sikka CEO Infosys.


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