Twelfth House & Mehbooba Mufti(PDP) Horoscope Predictions!

mehbooba mufti chief minister kashmirmehbooba mufti kashmir prediction comes true
What does this article cover?
It covers the impact of twelfth house in any horoscope and then This article in depth covers what makes mehbooba mufti so successful figure in kashmir and why did she choose the career of politics and service to Kashmir people .
The article also covers the nakshatra based reasons for distinct personality of mehbooba mufti
It also covers her loss in 2016-17- the astrological causes.

The Predictions about timing of kashmir problem coming in control and mehbooba came 100% true marked in red below

Impacts of twelfth House lord or  Vyaya’s Lord in Various Houses or Bhavas  based on vedic astrology or Jyotish

  • If In case that the lord of twelfth house or Vyaya’s Lord is in Tanu Bhava or the  First house of your Kundli or horoscope, the person  will be a high-roller, be weak  in constitution, will experience the ill effects of apathetic issue and be without riches and learning( the reason is the twelfth house is a house of sickness and it takes away all the good things from the ascendant).
  • If In case that the lord of twelfth house or Vyaya’s Lord is in Dhan Bhava or the  Second  house of your wealth in your  Kundli or horoscope, the person  will dependably spend on unfavourable deeds( as there is a connection between the house of expenditure and also the house of wealth flows), be religious(The twelfth house deals with religion as well, and twelfth lord being in the third house  from twelfth  the second house gives action related to religion), will talk sweetly and will be supplied with ethics and satisfaction.
  • If In case that the lord of twelfth house or that Vyaya’s Lord is in Sahaj Bhava or the  Third  house of your Kundli or horoscope, the person  will be without congenial joy(The reason is that the twelfth  house connects to wastage and decay and third house environment of the person), will despise others and will advance self-support.
  • If the lord of twelfth house or that Vyaya’s Lord is in Bandhu Bhava or the  Fourth  house of your Kundli or horoscope, the person will be without maternal bliss(as  the lord of house of losses gets into the house of mother and family)the  and will step by step accumulate misfortunes as for grounds, transports and houses( once again the twelfth house malefic energy comes in the home or family).
  • If that the lord of twelfth house or that Vyaya’s Lord is in Putr Bhava or the  fifth   house of your Kundli or horoscope, the person  will be deprived of children and learning( as twelfth house deals with losses or wastage and its lord presence in the house of learning and children could cause this). He will spend, and visit holy places keeping in mind the end goal to bring forth a child( the twelfth house is also the house of nirvana or liberation so the energy of the same coming to the house of thinking could make a person do so).
  • If In case that the lord of twelfth house or that Vyaya’s Lord is in Ari Bhava or the  sixth  house of your Kundli or horoscope, the person  will acquire hostility with his own men(tow negative house the sixth and the twelfth combine here), be given to outrage, be wicked, hopeless and will go to others’ spouses( house of sex is the twelfth house and the sixth house is house of others, so sex with other spouses).
  • If In case that the lord of twelfth house or is in Yuvati Bhava or the  seventh  house of your Kundli or horoscope, the person  will cause consumption by virtue of his significant other, won’t appreciate matrimonial joy( as the lord of stress gets in energy top the house of conjugal bliss the seventh house) and will be deprived of learning and quality.
  • If the lord of twelfth house or Vyaya’s Lord is in Randhr Bhava or the  Eighth house of your Kundli or horoscope, the person  will dependably pick up, will talk approachable, will have  a medium range of life and be supplied with all great qualities( One has to note that eighth house is ninth house form the twelfth house).
  • If In case that the lord of twelfth house or Vyaya’s Lord is in Dharma Bhava or the  Ninth  house of your Kundli or horoscope, the person  will shame his senior citizens( the ninth house denotes father or senior or gurus, so the malefic energy of twelfth house would affect the senior people of the person), be hostile even to his companions and be constantly purpose on accomplishing his own matters.
  • If In case that the lord of twelfth house or Vyaya’s Lord is in Karma Bhava or the Tenth house of your Kundli or horoscope, the person will spend on real people and will appreciate just average fatherly delight. As the tenth house is for the king or regal people and the twelfth house is for expenditures- so spending on regal people is there. As the tenth house is for father as well and the malefic energy comes here – so average for father.
  • If In case that the lord of twelfth house or Vyaya Lord is in Labh Bhava or the  eleventh  house of your Kundli or horoscope, the person  will cause misfortunes( as the house of gains afflicted by the house of losses the twelfth), be raised by others and will now and then increase through others.
  • If the lord of twelfth house or Vyaya’s Lord is in Vyaya Bhava or the twelfth house, the person will just face overwhelming wastage, won’t have physical strength, be bad-tempered and resentful. There is a high concentration of negative energy by the twelfth house in twelfth.
  • Those are the impacts of Bhava Lords, which are to be reasoned, considering their qualities and shortcomings. On account of a Grah, owning two Bhavas, the outcomes are to be deducted in light of its two lordships. That is for say Aries ascendant Aries, the planet rules 1 and 8t house- so results of all above would be a combination of the above two.
  • On the off chance that opposite results are along these lines demonstrated, the outcomes will be invalidated, while after effects of shifted nature will happen. So there are balancing effects here. Say one lordship say as X and the other says Y, the combination is X +Y.
  • The Grah or planet will yield full, half, or a fourth of the impacts as indicated by its quality being full, medium and unimportant, based on the strength of the graha or planet.

mehbooba mufti chief minister kashmir

The Twelfth House Analysis and general predictions of Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir ms. Mehboob Mufti Sayeed–PDP  Party Supremo Predictions – Based on Vedic Astrology Or Jyotish

Personal details of mehbooba Mufti sayeed

Born      22 May 1959 (age 57)

Bijbehara, Jammu and Kashmir, India

Political party    Jammu and Kashmir People’s Democratic Party

As time Of Birth Not available so Solar Chart of Mehbooba Mufti- chief minister of kashmir and jammu region is created
||  Planetary Position  ||

Planets   C     R     Rashi     Longitude      Nakshatra     Pada       Relation

Asc               Taurus   16-29-43       Rohini    2

Sun        D     Taurus   06-54-42       Krittika   4     Enemy

Moon            D     Libra      29-31-60       Vishakha       3       Neutral

Mars             D     Cancer   00-43-50       Punarvasu     4       Debilitated

Merc      C     D     Aries      23-03-28       Bharani  3     Neutral

Jupt       R     Scorpion 03-26-23       Anuradha      1     Friendly

Venu             D     Gemini   19-29-43       Ardra     4     Friendly

Satn              R     Sagittarius    12-48-05       Mula       4       Neutral

Rahu             R     Virgo      17-17-39       Hasta     3

Ketu              R     Pisces    17-17-39       Revati    1

Uran             D     Cancer   19-19-24       Ashlesha 1

Nept             R     Libra      11-37-52       Swati     2

Plut        D     Leo 08-21-50       Magha    3

  • Analysis Mehbooba Mufti correct chief minister of Kashmir- Kundli or Horoscope- based on Vedic astrology and Jyotish:
  • Now a quick look at numbers, she is born on 22= 2+2=4, so ruled by Rahu – makes a person non-conventional or rebel in the sense she being a Muslim woman in Kashmir has come out to be the first women chief minister of Kashmir.
  • Rahu gives her a disciplined approach. Also being born on 22nd gives her the capability to do and build large work- now you see she is the honorable chief minister of Kashmir
  • Her destiny number is 6= Venus, so she is born to serve the society or motherland. She born to rebuild Kashmir (Rahu and Venus  together)
  • Her twelfth lord is in the third house of initiatives and environment.So she came to rule or lead in a troubled environment of Kashmir to be the chief minister. That is all her actions have to work out within the troubled environment of Kashmir, which is there since the 1990s.
  • Mars is weak in cancer- so it suggests as very angry crowd she would have to deal with.
  • Mars is a planet of action ruling police and military- and it sits in the house o action the third house- clearly indicates she has to use the police and military in her life to ensure the troubled Kashmir is taken care of.
  • Mercury the ruler of the fifth house of children and karaka for children and discrimination is in the twelfth house- clearly suggest she would have to deal with anger( Mars) of young kids or youth in her environment.

What makes Mehbooba site so different from others ?

  • The Lagna or ascendant of mehbooba is sitting in the second bhava of wealth and status so this naturally gives her good wealth and status. also, this combination gives her command over speech and she can get deliver effective speeches. As second Bhava or house is for speech as well . also one has to note that sun or Surya is in the Lagna of mehbooba mufti ji. This gives her distinction as a person and suns the number 1 transmits a distinct personality to her. also, note that Sun is the lord of the fourth bhava of public image and yes her home or motherland= Kashmir.
    mehbooba kashmikr motherland politcis
  • so this clearly suggests that she would become great with good honor and dignity. The value to het come from her homeland that is Kashmir(fourth bhava). This is obvious from horoscope. Also, note that she is born on 22nd date 2 + 2 is 4. that is Rahu so this makes her a highly sensitive and also a highly capable person to execute large projects( handling Kashmir as a chief minister indeed is a large project :)). she was able to inherit her father Sri mufti Sayeed’s legacy of politics well. we also note that the eighth House Lord Jupiter and ruling obstacles plus terrorism aspects the lagan of hers. All this gives her very good dignified work. So Jupiter aspecting Lagna, sun in the lagna, lagan in the second bhava and fourth bhava lord in the lagan make her the queen of Kashmir.
  • SUNsun kashmir mehbooba politics + JUPITERjupiter kashmir mehbooba politics+ VENUS venus kashmir mehbooba politics == Mehbooba Mufti mehbooba mufti chief minister kashmir

  • Mehbooba Mufti Sayeed also became the chief minister of Kashmir as the fourth Bhava Lord sun is sitting in her lagna .so that also makes her extremely popular in the land of Kashmir. so has been able to do this magic a few times. but at the same time because Jupiter rules the 8th house and the eighth house rules the negative people so she has to be careful about the terror and terrorist attacks . in fact she was kidnapped when she was very young studying in the medical college long back in Kashmir. This happened several decades back .so this clearly indicates Jupiter gives her dignity and gains and also gives the effects of benefic Jupiter. we note that Ketu or the cutter sits in the Pisces sign of hers, so as Ketu energy goes to her lagna as well it gives her good insights into matters of Kashmir.
  • mehbooba mufti kashmir nakshatra lagna
    what is the influence of Rohini Nakshatra or Mehbooba Mufti Sayeed’s personality?

  • Now for Mehbooba Mufti the lagan or ascendant star is Rohini and Rohini happens to be the fourth/4th nakshatra of the zodiac. so it may have effects of Rahu and Uranus as well. It is ruled by the moon(Chandra) and being in the Taurus sign(vrishabha sign) is ruled by Venus(Shukra).
  • The Rohini nakshatra depicts Lord Brahma so it is a very good Nakshatra for creativity and starting new things or movements. It does significantly add to a great degree of creativity in the expression of the person. so for mehbooba Ji, it has given her creativity in relation to Kashmir and rebuilding Kashmir. Plus also doing new things for Kashmir. It could give her very good taste for fine arts because of Moon and Venus energies here. along with a very good exceptional creativity so this could help Mehbooba as said earlier to revamp the industry of silk and other local handicrafts industry of Kashmir.
  • The only downside is that the person who is having this Nakshatra as the main energy or the backbone of the horoscope should not get luxury prone or dependent on luxury or any kind of indulgence. The good things about Taurus sign or vrishabha Rashi is that it can give a stubborn personality so which helps them to handle large and stubborn problems like Kashmir.
  • How does Purva Phalguni nakshatra influence Mehbooba Mufti Sayeed ?

  • The Purva phalguni nakshatra is ruled by the deity of Bhaga and this nakshatra of Purva phalguni this sits in the Leo sign or Simha Rashi. the Nakshatra lordship is of Venus(Shukra) and Bhaga Being related to Lord Shiva brings in great prosperity, luck, and Fortune to the person.
  • Plus this nakshatra also helps in strongly in the inheritance of family related things. so that is where Mehbooba Mufti Sayeed inherited the political inheritance of her father Sri Mufti Sayeed ji.Purva phalguni also gives marital happiness but she does have a problem is not that happy with marriage( she is divorced it seems). The planet Venus(Shukra) gives carefree nature to the person and also a very distinct luxury prone nature in some cases. Venus or Shukra here could make one has a love for pleasure. venus or Shukra Gives overall grace to mehbooba ji. Due to Leo or Simha and Venus influence, she is able to deal with people of Kashmir sweetly. She has a giving and serving nature but in any case, people with this nakshatra should avoid any kind of vanity or indulgence. Yes, Mehbooba ji is very well controlled and she lives a disciplined life to help people of Kashmir to come up much better.
  • mehbooba mufti career horoscope
    What made Mehbooba mufti choose politics as a career and was successful?

  • Now, most of the points have already been covered above. That is basically a combination of the planets Sun(Surya), Jupiter(guru), Venus(Shukra) fourth house lord in lagna is making her Raja Yoga.
    now looking at her 10th House and also note that she is born on 22nd and Rahu sitting in the fifth house of thinking plus it aspects the Lagna as well. so the rebel nature in her as well which is affecting her way of working gets obvious based on numbers and astrology. Rahu could also make her good at politics and shrewd. she would be a person who would care and also rebel as well. she is a dignified lady because of Jupiter.
  • the Aquarius sign or Kumbha Rashi is ruling the tenth house of bhava for her of career. also, Aquarius makes the person get some distinction or uniqueness work. they may be picky and want to do things in a different fashion. The very fixed about the way of their thinking. this is the same with Sri Arvind Kejriwal . also Saturn as in the eighth house so that suggests that person may have rise and fall in career for mehbooba mufti. Now we know this is true almost with any politician and especially true Mufti Sayeed. she would do work of a different kind and Saturn is ruling for
  • So all this suggests that she may work for the masses or work with the masses of Kashmir. Saturn is on the Jupiter sign so she may take a dip in religion as well in her process to work with the poor people of Kashmir. There is an aspect of Venus of the lagna as well and on the Saturn the lord of career or action karma. so she would be creating more harmony and peace in Kashmir and working as a healing balm for the people in the valley. which is true, she is born to serve people of Kashmir and make them feel comfortable and help them in rediscovering the living in harmony in the valley. we wish her all the best in work.
  • mehbooba nakshatra career predictions
    What role does the Moola(Mula) Nakshatra play for career or action house of Mehbooba Mufti Sayeed?

  • For the action or karma house (tenth house) of mehbooba mufti Sayeed the nakshatra lord of Aquarius sign(Kumbha Rashi) that is Mula or moola star and ruled by Ketu planet. the mula nakshatra is in the Sagittarius sign that is a Dhanu Rashi- so ruled by Jupiter as well. It is represented by the tail of the lion or goddess Kali this is a demon for Rakshasi nakshatra. Due to Ketu, it has a cutting influence the person. so she would go very deep into the subject like the society of Kashmir or politics of Kashmir etc.she will look at root causes for the same.
  • She may get into the root causes of the problem of terrorism of Kashmir and try to solve it with compassion.All this compassion and love is reflected in her Lagna Taurus or vrishabha Rashi. Ketu here means she may also have to solve it or terror problem by aggression or assertiveness as well. ketu is same as mars or Mangal and makes people take fairly aggressive military action as well. Plus as shared the Moola Nakshatra take the person very deep into the subject. so here for Mehbooba Mufti, the subject is Kashmir society politics. She will do her best for the people due to Sagittarius sign or Dhanu Rashi that is Jupiter energies of benevolence. also at the same time, she could use the stick of engaging the Army or the state police due to Ketu effects.
  • 2016  ending and 2017 Predictions  for mehbooba Mufti chief mister of Kashmir

    • Jupiter ruling the eighth house of trouble was earlier before August in the house of image and public- but now it gets into the fifth house. So though the young kids would remain a bit angry some slight pacification would be there and her public image would slowly improve.
    • September 2016 would be a bit hard, but in October 2016 onwards slow regain of peace and comfort would come up. But it would mean a lot of proving and she has to avoid ego hassles at any cost as she would be very determined to solve problems.
    • By the year-end and starting 2017 as Saturn gets into her 8th house , she will be a bit relieved and as it gets conjunct with her natal Saturn at 12 degrees- that is say about 5 degrees in Sagittarius, she will regain what she has lost by Feb. mars time frame 2017 and slowly and steadily grow.
    • She has a slight chance to face victimization or blame and stress by January 2017 for a few months. But mostly over all would be stable.