Taurus Sun Sign Vrishabha Rashi life & 2018-19 predictions


Taurus sun sign vrishabha rashi life &  2018-19 predictions

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Your characteristics and life destiny –for Taurus sun sign or vrishabha rashi – based on combined power  vedic astrology and numerology

  • You are born in the second sign of Taurus or vrishabha rashi, this sign is ruled by planet Venus(shukra the demoniac planet) and is the 2nd sign or rashi of zodiac.
  • You may knowingly or unknowingly dominate others- though you may not be aware of the same due to Taurus the sign which stands for a bit of obstinacy and yes somewhat stubbornness.:)
  • You have fair enough will power due to your sign Taurus or vrishabha the bull ,and may not yield so easily to others. You are able to take up great amount of stress and fatigue in life.
  • You may have a relatively good memory and also being rules by Venus may love the society and comfort. You want to look good generally. You love pleasure and may be good host or hostess due to Venus or shukra quality of
  • You in general would manage your house  or home well as Venus means your home or family and yes a synonym of harmony the number 6. You are controlled by sensations ,but passion  has less hold on you as Venus generally gives pure love
  • You may hate people who are tricky or do deceitful second hand dealing and also would surrender anything or do anything the person whom they love due to Venus. You being more sensitive ,m you should avoid getting married too early in life as decision s may not be right
  • Due to moon( Chandra) and Venus(shukra) influence on the sign of Taurus or vrishibha you may be too easily be mis lead by feeling and emotions  of others- that what you should be careful about. You could hate for extreme or ever and also may be show sudden demonstration of your anger tantrums.
  • You would also have an element of forgiveness in your personality on the drop of the hat due to both feminine planets moon and Venus.
  • You as a leader could inspire love and emotion as you have that capability within you.
  • You also have a hidden sense of harmony and rhythm cause by number 6 and number 2, note 6 = 2x 3

Your health  -for taurus sun sign or vrishabha rashi

  • As Taurus sun sign or vrishabha rashi is the 2nd sign so in the kala purusha it rules the throat, this is that needs more attention and care. especially if Venus was weak in your natal horoscope or kundli or is weak in transit.<br>

Your Job or Career   – for taurus sun sign or vrishabha rashi

  • You have the perseverance and yes the capability to harmonize any environment and very good at details in general. Unless born on 5/14 or 23rds f this month.
  • you also bring in beauty wherever you go or work and act like a “caretaker”. which creates a homely environment.
  • You have to simply avoid obstinacy and instead use your will power to grow to be the best in the world.
  • Also excess love/trust on people or surrender or even hatred if controlled in profession al environment would help you direct your energies to your success in life.
  • Yes your plus points are harmony/good at details/team player and yes your perseverance of the bull J

Your Money or Wealth – for Taurus sun sign or vrishabha rashi

  • You will make good wealth in life Venus tales care of the same- assets/.home and cars, especially if born on 6/15/24 or 3/12/21/30 and also 9/18/27. people born in 9 series have to be careful of their haste and expenditure on luxury in haste. rest is OK.
  • Also the strength of your natal Venus and good aspects on the same on your horoscope or kundli is very important
  • people born on 1/10/19/28 and 8/17/26 and also in some cases 5/14/23 need proper care in the family life.

Your Libra(Tula rashi) 2018-2019( general predictions based on sun sign Taurus vrishabha)

  • The year 2018 would go well for you. Also luck would in general favour you. May and October would be good times for you to grow in love/career/family.
  • You have to be a bit careful on fights and tiffs in the month of august. Also July 2018 may create  sensitive situations at home or office or some instability.
  • but for people born on 9/18/27 years 2018 needs care from fights and yes accidents so drive with care. the past month April was a bit red for such issues like fights and other problems.
  • December would be good or great for you in terms of family/love and office

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