Second house of Wealth,Status,Family & Money Earnings from Karakamsa Horoscope or Kundli

narendra-modi second house wealth money status family india prime minister

  • Impacts of the second house of wealth,status,family and money earnings from Karakamsa.
  • In the horoscope Or Kundli(Birth Chart)-   On the off chance that the second from Karakamsa falls in the divisions of shukra or venus, or Mangal or  Mars, one will be involved  on others’ spouses( as passion and family related planets fall in the second house)
  • and, if venus or shukra, Mars or Mangal give a Drishti aspect to the second from Karakamsa, the tendency will last till death.
  • In the  horoscope Or Kundli(Birth Chart)-    In the event that Ketu is the second from Karakamsa in a division of shukra(venus), or Mangal(mars), dependence on other’s spouses won’t be there- as ketu acts like a spiritual balm or cutting actions,
  • In the horoscope Or Kundli(Birth Chart)-    while the position of Guru will bring about such a malice . The reason being guru or Jupiter is a planet of dharma/religion or ethics- it being affected by venus and mars wild passions.
  • In the horoscope Or Kundli(Birth Chart)-    Rahu in the second from Karakamsa will reduce  riches.

What is sri Narendra Modi Ji wealth, status earnings and family House indications  By Karakamsa or Jaimini Jyotish

Planets  C    R    Rashi     Longitude     Nakshatra      Pada      Relation

Asc             Scorpion 01-09-24     Vishakha      4

Sun       D    Virgo     00-35-47     Uttaraphal    2      Neutral

Moon           D    Scorpion 08-48-22     Anuradha     2      Debilitated

Mars            D    Scorpion 00-56-47     Vishakha      4      Own

Merc      C    R    Virgo     00-46-46     Uttaraphal    2      Exalted

Jupt      R    Aquarius 06-36-36     Dhanishta    4      Neutral

Venu           D    Leo 15-41-47     Purvaphalgini      1      Enemy

Satn      C    D    Leo 29-39-13     Uttaraphal    1      Enemy

Rahu           R    Pisces    05-12-55     Uttarabhadra      1

Ketu            R    Virgo     05-12-55     Uttaraphal    3

Uran            D    Gemini   15-57-10     Ardra     3

Nept            D    Virgo     23-04-23     Hasta    4

Plut       D    Cancer   25-43-03     Ashlesha      3

narendramodiH narendra-modi second house wealth money status family india prime minister

narendramodi-d9 narendra-modi second house wealth money status family india prime minister karakamsa india

Sri Narendra Damodardas Modi

17 September 1950

  • In the horoscope Or Kundli(Birth Chart and navamsa chart)-    Here the atmakaraka is Saturn or shani, the old philospher of the planetary solar system. It makes a person an  ascetic or sadhu  and makes a person leave his or her family life. Also gives a hard and proving life. This is exactly true with sri narendra modi Ji, who left family life to go for life for nation and yes  he spent a lot of time in meditation and prayers in Himalayas.
  • In the horoscope Or Kundli(Birth Chart)-    of sri narendra modi ji ,Mercury or budha the lord of seventh house or yuvati bhava  of love and marriage, job, relationships   and ninth   house(dharma bhava) of luck and fortune   is combust there in the second house of his navamsa kundli and also sun is there. Along with sun or surya  getting rays from ninth house of dharma /religion and luck, fortune along with rahu and a weak venus which cancels thee comfort for wife and ruling the house of opposition.
  • As discussed earlier Mercury or budha which is weak, rules the seventh house of marriage & relationships  and sits in house of family- so cancels doubly the family life as such for sri narendra modi ji.
  • In the horoscope Or Kundli(Birth Chart & navamsa ) of sri narendra modi ji-    Sun or  surya that is in the second house gives him name and fame in society or world or his country India. But at the same time rahu sitting in the sign of sun and sharing energy with the second house gives  a very deep interest in religion or dharma.
  • Rahu also gives a non conventional streak of religion to the person. He left the conventional religions to meditate and find the truth in Himalayas.
  • In the horoscope Or Kundli(Birth Chart, especially the navamsa chart)-    Given the overall context of Saturn or shani being  in the ascendant of karakamsa , ruling  the second house of family, wealth flows and also the third house of actions and environment.
  • Saturn or shani would  clearly suggest that narendra modi ji would have an ascetic type life( keen interest in yoga is a living proof of the same), also wealth flows would happen steadily and not suddenly as  Saturn is ruling e affairs.
  • In the horoscope Or Kundli(Birth Chart)-    Saturn ruling the third house of initiatives and environment gives him a disciplined approach( he is also born on 17th = 1+7=8 = Number of Saturn), and also would connect to the poor class more as Saturn represents the masses of  poor class in  Modi’s core focus to bring up the poor and connect the poor classes in India with the main stream


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