Salman Khan acquitted in chinkara poaching cases by Rajasthan High court-Kundli Or Horoscope By Vedic Astrology Or Jyotish

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Salman Khan acquitted in chinkara poaching cases by Rajasthan High court-Kundi Or Birth Horoscope Analysis By Vedic Astrology Or Jyotish


Salman khan Got relief from the Rajasthan High court at Jodhpur as it acquitted him in two of the cases to do with poaching of chinkara( variety of deer) on 25th July 2016(Monday). He was booked under wildlife protection act in the village of bhawad on 26 n 27th September 1998.

The trial court (CJM) had convicted him for both these cases & sentenced him to one year and 5 year imprisonment on the dates of February 17, 2006 and April 10, 2006 respectively.

Salman Khan  had then appealed to the Rajasthan high court challenging a lower court’s verdict regarding .

Birth date: 27th of  December 1965

Birth time: 14 hours 37 min.

Birth place: Indore, MP, India

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Salman Khan Chinkara Poaching Case Analysis :

Salman Khan – what caused him to get embroiled or Booked for the Chinkara Case in September 1998? Based on vedic Astrology or Jyotish

  • I had already predicted in my other articles(please refer articles below) that this year 2016 would be great and the reason for the same.He is running Jupiter-moon till April 1999.
  • The maha dasha lord Jupiter( guru) is very weak and retro gate and rules 9th house and 12th house of confinement or getting into  a legal conflict.
  • Jupiter the maha dasha lord sits on mercury(budha) sign Gemini(mithuna rashi) in third house of initiatives and Virgo or kanya rashi rules 6th house of litigation and issues.
  • Jupiter is also said to be the law master, being retro gate could give some negative effects-like getting into the legal tangle.
  • Also mercury the dispositer of Jupiter is in a malefic house of 8th, getting energy from rahu. This combination of energy reinforces the possibility of getting unexpectedly into a legal tangle.
  • So the maha dasha lord clearly suggests possibility of a legal tangle here for salman.
  • He is running the period of moon ruling his public image and home and sitting in 11th house. Saturn (shani)also sits close to moon(Chandra), and moon gets good energy from Saturn( shani) helping him to procure a palatial house.
  • Saturn connects to his hour of career & gains. Now Saturn is very weak and retro gate in transit in Aries at 8 degrees .Almost exactly conjunct with his natal mars ruling 8th house unexpected trouble.
  • So Saturn is not able to give the protection to salman khan’s moon and also mars and Saturn clash cause an angry outburst in 1998.

Salman Khan – what caused him to Get  Acquitted  for the Chinkara Case in 2016?His Future in 2017- Based on vedic Astrology or Jyotish

  • In Year 2016, he is running Saturn-rahu. Now both Saturn(shani) and rahu are in harmony with each other as they are called the cousins.
  • Also Rahu is exalted in 2nd house of Taurus sign or vrishabha rashi , the house(dhana bhava) that rules gains , status and wealth flows. He got status by acquittal and his movie sultan is doing well.
  • As he continues to run rahu in 2017 as well, he will continue to grow in stature. The only thing is in 2017 he have more delays and surprises that heeds to deal carefully, else OK.

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