The Impact of Bandhu’s Lord( or fourth house) in houses in Kundli Or Horoscope-Vedic astrology or Jyotish


The  Impact of Bandhu’s Lord( or fourth house) in Various Bhavas or houses in Kindly- based On Vedic astrology

The fourth house represents the mother or the mind or the family and comforts(home and house) of the person in one’s kundli or birth Horoscope. Good strength and placement of this lord is imperative for a happy and prosperous  family life.


  • If the Bandhu’s Lord(fourth house lord) is in Tanu Bhava(The first house of self and personality) in your kundli, the person  will be enriched with learning, ethics, decorations, terrains, movements and maternal satisfaction, as fourth house deals with family, home and decorations.
  • In the event that Bandhu’s Lord ( Fourth house lord)is in Dhan Bhava or the second house of wealth and status in the kundli, the person will appreciate delights, a wide range of riches, family life and respect and be daring. He will be crafty in manner.
  • If Bandhu’s Lord is in Sahaj Bhava or third house the house of valour kundli, the person  will be valorous, will have hirelings, be liberal, ethical and altruistic and will have self-earned riches. He will be free from ailments or health troubles.
  • If in the kundli Bandhu’s Lord is in Bandhu bhava the fourth house, the person will be a priest and will have a wide range of riches. As one can clearly see a re enforcement of energies of the fourth house in your birth chart or kundli.He will be skillful, idealistic, noteworthy, educated, glad and be very much arranged to his life partner.
  • In the event that Bandhu’s Lord( the fourth house) is in Putr Bhava or fifth house in your kundli or birth horoscope, the person will be upbeat and be enjoyed by all. He will be dedicated to Śrī Vishnu or lord Krishna, be upright, decent and will have self-earned riches.
  • In the event that Bandhu’s Lord is in Ari Bhava or the sixth house of debt , bad health and fights un your kundli or birth chart, the person will be without maternal satisfaction( as 6th house sends malefic energy to home or comforts of life), be given to outrage, be a hoodlum and a seer, be free in real life and be incapacitated.
  • Say Bandhu’s Lord (fourth house)is in Yuvati Bhava or seventh house in your kundli or birth horoscope . As both are Kendra houses- the person  will be blessed with a high level of training, will give up his patrimony .May not be able to speak well in parties.
  • If  Bandhu’s Lord(fourth house) is in Randhr Bhava or eighth house of wastega end death and malefic influences in your kundli or birth horoscope, the person will be comfort, won’t appreciate much parental satisfaction and be equivalent to a neuter.
  • In the event that Bandhu’s Lord(the fourth house) is in Dharma Bhava or the ninth house in your kundli or birth horoscope, the person will be of high repute to the whole gang, be dedicated to God, be temperate, fair and invested with each place where there is joy.
  • If Bandhu’s Lord(Fourth house) is in Karma Bhava or the tenth house  in your kindly or birth Horosc ope, the person will appreciate illustrious respects, be a chemist, be to a great degree satisfied, will appreciate delights and will overcome his five senses or Indriyas.
  • If Bandhu’s Lord(fourth house) is in Labh Bhava or eleventh house gains in your kundli or birth chart/horoscope, the person  will have apprehension of mystery ailment( 11th house is 8th from 4th and 4th house represents your mind), he will be liberal, upright, magnanimous and accommodating to others.
  • If Bandhu’s Lord( fourth house) is in Vyaya Bhava or twelfth house of expenditure and vices,  the person in the birth horoscope or kindly will be without domestic comforts(as the 12rh house shares  energy with the 4th house of comforts), will have indecencies and be absurd and inactive( 12 th house deals with indiscreet sexual conduct and 4th house is the mind).

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