Pisces CAREER Horoscope

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Pisces Career:

You are responsible and have great amount of fidelity and loyalty on your shoulders.

You will be generally successful in all positions of responsibility due to influence of planet Jupiter. But as Sagittarius people, you may not be very pushy- but wait to be asked for due to relaxing influence of moon.

Due to influence of Jupiter an moon many artists, musicians and literary people are born in this sign as these areas need imagination and yes knowledge given by Jupiter.

If you can develop willpower and overcome over-sensitivity you could do simply great.You could do well in care and hospitality industry. This could be some work where it needs patience and caring of people.

You also could be a good teacher or a trainer. You are prone to to deeds connected to religion. If moon is strong, you would generally do good deeds for the up-liftment of others. Training others or law could be a cup of your tea.

Careers That Suit You :
Your key planet in Jupiter- so as Sagittarius you could do well in careers to do with learning or teaching etc.

In addition you could do well, in soft careers like artists, musicians and people to do with literature. You have the same loyalty as Sagittarius(Also ruled by planet Jupiter) might have.

The golden mantra for you is avoid worrisome nature and be positive always.

• Shipping and foreign trade.
• Art, music and literature.
• Jupiter gives great ability to teach and preach – so Trainers or being Teachers would suit you
• As you respect the law- so one could become Legal advisers
• Physicians- as you have healing and sensitivity element in you.
• Religion & occult is very much in your area- so Religious or occult leaders/preachers could be a good fit.
Certain careers could lead you to the top and others may keep you mediocre. One needs to study the complete birth chart to see if Jupiter is strong and does not rules malefic houses.

Your Lucky Years:
12,15(mixed effects),22,23( mixed effects),21,24(mixed effects),30,32(mixed effects),33,36,39,48,57,66,
Your Lucky months:
march, July, November
September and December, would be fair.
Your Lucky Dates:
1,19,20,21,23,12, 27,24,28,29,30
Bosses Who Could Push You Up in the ladder
Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio
Virgo and Sagittarius, would be fair.