Moon in Leo or simha rashi

moon-images Moon in Leo  or  simha rashileo1 Moon in Leo  or  simha rashi

Moon in Leo  or  simha rashi

  • The general attributes of the individual are given underneath, the accurate qualities get changed in light of the individual horoscope or kundli, the quality or shortcoming of moon (rashi or ascendant) and different planets.
  • Moon or Chandra  being a watery sign in Leo  or simha a fire sign could make the person Angry. The person could have  high or expansive cheeks, colored  eyes, and couple of kids.
  • The person may not like  ladies as per the Shastra’s. Loves  wilderness and mountains.
  • Long drawn anger could be there, experiencing grumblings emerging out of yearning or desire , thirst could be there, disease of stomach, teeth and mind could be there.
  • He or she could be liberal, gutsy settled, with a happy personality and submissive to mother.