Moon in Cancer or karkat rashi

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Moon in Cancer  or karkat rashi

  • The general characteristics of the individual are given underneath, the precise attributes get altered in light of the individual horoscope or kundli, the quality or shortcoming of moon (rashi or ascendant) and different planets.
  • The person might be Walking in curves rapidly- that is with speed, buttocks could be more bulkier than normal, could meek to ladies or other people(moon is a sensitive and a meek planet generally).
  • The person could be good companions or friends , could do well as a crystal gazer or astrology due to intuition developed.
  • The person might have  numerous houses, waxing and melting away riches like the Moon or chandra.
  • He or she could  short, heavy neck, agreeable to kind words, enamored with companions, loves  water and gardens .
  • If moon is strong in navamsa or D9, gives good stability of mind as well in tough situations.