Ketu strength & India’s Horoscope 2018-19

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Ketu strength & India’s Horoscope 2018-19

  • Below article is the evaluation of effects or impact of planet Ketu in various avasthas(there are total 12 avasthas or states of ketu in any horoscope)  and houses of any horoscope.
  • Further the comprehensive impact of Planet ketu for India as a nation is evaluated in details. Along with the transit impact of Ketu in the year of 2018 and 2019 on India’s horoscope.

What is the Impact of Various States or Avasthas(strength or weakness) of Ketu in  any Horoscope?

  • 1)If the planet ketu is in the sayan avastha or state in any horoscope in any of the signs like Aries. Taurus, Gemini or Virgo that is mesha, vrishabha, mithuna or kanya rashi- the person would have a lot of money and opulence.
  • But if in case ketu is in other rashis or signs like cancer,leo,libra,scorpio , sagittarius,capricorn,aquarius or Pisces the person could be un healthy and disease could be there.
  • Here ketu is said to be strong in above mentioned signs and in latter signs ketu gets weak
  • 2) If the planet ketu is in the Upavesan avastha or state in the horoscope or kundali- the person may have stomach ulcers and may have issues with enemies, the diseases due to winds or vata and yes snakes and thieves.
  • So in this state is the negative effects of the sixth and eighth house or bhavas are there .
  • The planet ketu is basically weak here.
  • 3) if the planet ketu is in the netrapani avastha or state in the horoscope or kundali, the person could contract or have issues or diseases of eyes and may have fear or issues form people of low character , and yes snakes and also enemies and people from the royal patronage or high standings or government offices. This is similar to above it means effects of sixth and eighth house and mars or sun being in the sixth or eighth house or bhava in the horoscope are there if ketu is in netrapani avastha.
  • so over all the strength of ketu is weak here.
  • 4) if ketu is in the prakash state or light state in the horoscope, the person could be with a lot of money/wealthy and also follow the right path. he or she may live in distant or foreign countries and are positive and a genuine person and will also get employed in the government.
  • One has to note that the effects are all of positive Jupiter ruling the 9 and 12th sign of Sagittarius or dhanu rahis and meena rashi.
  • the planet ketu is strong here.
  • 5) If the planet ketu is in the gaman avastha or state in the horoscope the person is a too much of money or wealth, could be a scholarly person, with good knowledge and have full virtues and have name and fame in people.
  • One can see this is the effect of positive fifth bhava or house and yes Jupiter to some extent.
  • Over all ketu is strong here.
  • 6) If the planet ketu is in agaman state or avastha of the horoscope- the person may have a lot of diseases and may face loss of wealth as well, the person could hurt other people and have tooth problems and would always blame others.
  • This state of ketu agaman satet is an effect of strong sixth house of diseases and yes a weak Saturn results as bones and teeth are involved.
  • ketu here is weak in strength

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India Birth date:

15 august 1947

00:00 delhi

Effects of Ketu in the 7th bhava  or house for India

  • Now ketu is in is in 7th, there is excess energy in relationships house of India, so India  would connect to high image countries. USA and European countries area  good example of how high level connection India has. ketu functions like dhwaja or exaltation of qualities of the house it sits in,. So relationship of India with other countries would be of different order or type. That is they would eb significant and unique.

Effects of Ketu in the scorpio sign (exalted) for India

  • Ketu gets high energy from Scorpio sign ruled by mars. As ketu also functions as mars as the saying goes “kujvat ketu” like mars ketu is there. So the relationships with any countries would be intense by India. Also India would become a spiritual leader and or Yoga trainer etc for other countries as eighth sign scorpio deals with the same and so doe’s ketu.
  • so a lot of o friendship of India with other countries could be formed on basis of spirituality /occult knowledge and Yoga.

Ketu transit predictions 2018-2019 India

  • Till 2019 June ketu is in the Capricorn sign and then it will get into the Sagittarius sign.
  • so in transit ketu is in the 9th bhava for India till June 2018
  • Ketu in the ninth house in India horoscope or kundali(birth chart) is in harmony with the ninth house characteristics of moksha or liberation so India may suddenly gain in luck and money.
  • Also the focus may go more on dharma or religion and Yoga matters In India. As ninth house is karaka for friends (Jupiter ruling) gains front friends and nations that are cash  rich like USA  would gain as Jupiter also represents them. Gain in status could be there as aspect on the second house is there.
  • then ketu is in the 8th bhava or house of India
  • Ketu transit in eight houses in your horoscope or kundali(birth chart) could mean sudden loss of wealth for India and yes possible increased hidden attacks by enemy nations. AS the as eighth house deals with foreign travels one may travel to foreign lands. unexpected issue may come up.
  • also transit ketu would meet transit Saturn that time so international relationships may have strong issues and over all share markets and industries need special care.
  • we wish our country India all the best in the independence


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