Gemini MONEY Horoscope

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Gemini MONEY Horoscope:

  • You could do well with money dealings and may be stocks. You may find your own  ways to create more money. The only thing you need to take care is of excess risk taking and jumpiness from  one area to other.
  • You may have fluctuations in regard to money and wealth flows, Play or take any risks on full moons or in waxing moons- avoid waning moon.Beauty products and care industry like hospitals or hotels could bless you with money.
  • Money could come in business or dealing with money and finances.Dealing with the younger lot would be more fruitful for you.You may have gains from people in armed forces,police,corporate heads or businesses that make money from conflict(like lawyers).
  • The amount of money you could get could be measured by the strength and placement of moon in your horoscope and distance of the moon from Sun.
  • Areas Of Work That Could Churn Out Gold For you In terms Of wealth :

    • Investment in banking industry or giving loans
    • Stock markets
    • You could be a good communicative manger putting conflict to rest.
    • Schools
    • Software company
    • Engineering Projects
    Your Lucky months For Investments:
    February, April , June
    September and August, would be OK.
    Your Lucky Dates for investments:
    15,5,14(mixed results), 23(mixed results),8,17
    Partnerships with People That Could Help You Accumulate Wealth
    People Born on dates:

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