Gemini CAREER Horoscope

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Gemini Career:

  • You could do very well with careers where communications and connecting to people are involved. Also financial dealing,banks ,stock markets could be places where  you would like to be.
  • Arbitration between parties is a rare skill you have. You also could be clever lawyers,actor,teachers or a  glib public speaker.
  • Too much of communication or not being focused on one thing could affect your performance.You might try to do something different in business or to do with communications.You may do well in teaching, preaching or foreign trade related work.
  • Careers That Suit You :

  • Your key planet in mercury- that gives you fan innate ability to communicate better than the rest, good sense of money and yes diplomatic skills. unless mercury is afflicted in the natal chart.
  • You have an inherent restlessness in personality- now this needs a proper vent. This could mean in sales, as a teacher, teaching maths or science or as an orator.
  • The golden mantra for you is stay focused and avoid taking heavy risks.
  • • Commerce and banking
    • Political party or a radio jockey- where you have speak and front end
    • You could be a good communicative manger putting conflict to rest.
    • Teacher- you could be caring and great teacher
    • Leadership roles or even management roles- you could be mother of the team, and trying to have all the details.
    • Computers/IT industry
    • Accounts
    • Engineering

    Your Lucky Years:
    23,32,41,55,30,17, 24,19, 51(mixed),60
    Your Lucky months:
    February, April , June
    September and August, would be OK.
    Your Lucky Dates:
    15,5,14(mixed results), 23(mixed results),8,17
    Bosses Who Could Push You Up in the ladder
    Aquarius, Aries, Your own sign Gemini , Virgo, Leo as well.

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