Capricorn MONEY Horoscope

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Capricorn MONEY Horoscope:

Due to influence of Saturn, the initial part of life may not be very supportive for money. But later by your own effort- you could create something for yourself.Avoid lending money to others.

You could do well in professions to do with heavy industry, and may be earn good money in training or teaching.Land deals and property dealing could also help you in gains. You have to adopt a very open approach to earn money and not insist or get nervous in tough situations.

The exact money status could be known from your birth chart from the health of saturn and Jupiter.

Areas Of Work That Could Churn Out Gold For you In terms Of wealth :

• Investment in coals industry
• Investment in Heavy Industry
• investment in labor related industry
• Investment in real estate- as Saturn rules real estate
• Investment in work related to Stones & wooden materials
Certain careers could lead you to the top and others may keep you mediocre. One needs to study the complete birth chart to see if Jupiter is strong and does not rules malefic houses.
Your Lucky months For Investments:
January, May, July
September and October(mixed effects), would be fair.
Your Lucky Dates For investment:

Capricorn, Taurus, cancer
Virgo and Scorpio(mixed behavior), would be fair.