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 Capricorn career horoscope astrology

About this Article?

  • This is a very interesting and details article on Capricorn ascendant or Makar rashi & even Capricorn sun sign people, the Career Horoscope on what kind of Jobs they would naturally do well?
  • what kind of problems Capricorn people could face in career and how to avoid?
  • what kind of careers suits Capricorn ascendant or Makar rashi people to make them most successful in life? How could Capricorn people get luckier in life? ;0
  • which years would help the Capricorn ascendant or Makar rashi people grow much better than others?
  • What Lucky Dates, and Yantras(Amulets) could make Capricorn people very lucky?
  • What is the full impact or predictions for 10th house of career or karma in Horoscope for Capricorn Lagna(Makar rashi) or Ascendant people is give?
  • How do the Capricorn or Makar Rashi people rise high in life or at times have to struggle all analysed based on Vedic Astrology? And much more ..;)
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    Capricorn Career Horoscope:

  • The Capricorn ascendant or Lagna Or Makar rashi or even Sun Sign people might be deeply devoted to the society due to Saturn lordship of the Capricorn sign.
  • Capricorn ascendant or Makar rashi people could become a natural choice as Heads of Organizations ;).
  • Due to their good thinking ability and reasoning capacity.
  • In fact Capricorn ascendant or Makar rashi people should strive to be head of organizations to keep yourself motivated.
  • They or Capricorn or Makar rashi people are best suited for public life to get the best out of your career.
  • They could do well in dealing with Saturn or Shani dev related trades like heavy industries, iron or even to do with farming.
  • The Capricorn people need to ensure that their mind remains pure, and you do not fall in to bad company.;)
  • They could also take initiative for helping society and people in general.
  • Capricorn ascendant or Makar rashi people could do well in careers where deep thinking is involved or may be caring, beauty or hospitality industry.
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    What Careers That Suits You to super success ;)?:

  • Their key planet in Saturn or Shani dev or number 8- so Saturn would give them a good hardworking capability and discipline. They do also have good deal of originality and independence .All these capabilities should eb well utilized for overall career success.
  • They have good mental ability and calibre, that is ability to think and analyse is above average.
  • So overall any job that has the need for mental ability and discipline would be satisfying and thrilling for them .
  • The golden mantra for you is avoid any kind of strangeness in your view points about duty or work affect your work relationships.
  • What kinds of Jobs Does Saturn or Shani Dev Support ?
    • Saturn supports Jobs requiring hard work, but rewards may not be great
    • Heading a factory or large team of workers
    • labour related industry
    • Logical and practical work like engineers
    • real estate- as Saturn rules real estate
    • Due to your mental ability and discipline – you could do Research work
    • Also becoming a Scientists or a researcher in any area helps you.
    • You could also work for Stones & wooden materials

  • Certain careers could lead Capricorn ascendant or Makar rashi to the top and others may keep you mediocre.
  • One needs to study the complete birth chart to see if Jupiter is strong and does not rules malefic houses.
  • To know exactly which career could bring in laurels to you and which could bring in more obstacles, your entire horoscope has to be studied & analysed.
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    What does the 10th house of career or Job say about Capricorn ascendant people or Makar rashi people?

  • For the Capricorn people the lord of the 10th House or career or job house is sun or Leo or Simha rashi.
  • On this house an aspect of that and that is the Lagan or ascendant that is the Capricorn sign .
  • The planet Saturn or shani dev ruling Capricorn aspects in the tenth aspect to this 10th house of Capricorn or Makar Rashi people .
  • The planet Jupiter or Guru which is the ruler of the Pisces sign and the lord of 3rd house has the ninth aspect on this 10th House of the Capricorn sign for the career.
  • Saturn or shani dev again or ascendant lord and Jupiter are mutually friendly .
  • Sun or surya is also Lord of this house is situated between the moon( cancer sign or karkat rashi of 9th house of the horoscope ) and Virgo sign or Mercury as it rules for Virgo sign that 11th house .
  • So due to the above planetary energies exchange the Capricorn or makara rashi people do well as servants or in Jobs in serving other people in jobs .
  • very often these people get into government service.
  • Yes, Capricorn or makar rashi people slowly rise due to the aspect of Saturn but at the same time steadily as Jupiter is there.
  • Yes, Capricorn or Makar rashi people may think they are very orthodox and religious or open minded .

  • And they may pose that way . in reality they are not.
  • Capricorn ascendant or Makar rashi work very hard to achieve the goals due to Saturn aspect on the house of karma or 10th house and Saturn Lagna or ascendant is already there as Capricorn rules the same.
  • So, Capricorn or makar rashi people with their tenacity do not allow any obstacles to impede their progress in career or jobs.
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    Your Lucky Years:
    14,17,22(mixed effects),23,24,26,25,31(mixed effects),41(mixed effects),44,50,58,53, 62,67
    Your Lucky months:
    January, May, July
    September and October(mixed effects) would be fair.
    Your Lucky Dates:
    Bosses Who Could Push You Up in the ladder
    Capricorn, Taurus, cancer
    Virgo and Scorpio(mixed behaviour) would be fair.