Astrology Vedic Kaal Sarpa Yoga Horoscope Kundli Predictions

About This Article ?

  • This article in depth talks about what Kaal sarpa Yoga is any Kundli or Horoscope based on Vedic astrology Principles.
  • What makes the Kaal sarpa Yoga so intense in a Horoscope(Kundli) or worse.
  • what is the Impact of the Kaal sarpa Yoga based on Vedic astrology classics On Love, Family, relationships , Career, Job, money , wealth and foreign travel etc.
  • How to know you have kaal sarpa Yoga in your Horoscope
  • What are the 12 kinds of Kaal sarpa Yoga in any Horoscope or Kundli
    What are the remedies of kaal sarpa Yoga in Vedic astrology.
  • Also PRACTICAL example of Kaal sarpa Yoga is also given for more clarity.
  • kaal sarpa yoga horoscope kundli rahu ketu dragon's head dragon's tail

    Kaal Sarpa Yoga- why is it considered so Deadly in Vedic Astrology or Jyotish?

    jyotish kaal sarpa yoga horoscope kundli rahu ketu dragon's head dragon's tail
    What is Kaal Sarpa Yoga as per Vedic astrology or Jyotish?

  • The kaal sarpa Yoga is literally meaning the Black Snake combination! The snake here is the Rahu and Ketu ( the dragon’s head and dragon’s tail), representing the Snakes head and tail.
  • Actually if all planets are on one side of your horoscope of the rahu-ketu axis- then it’s a kaal sarpa Yoga.
  • As Rahu or dragon’s head means unexpected obstacles and situations changing and ketu or dragon’s tail means material losses- so when this malefic combination is there with all planets or Grahas on one side of the Kundli or Horoscope.
  • Then it creates unexpected problems and situations in all aspects of Life like Family, career, health, children, Money flows , or Travel or dharma.
  • As all the planets are influenced by the Rahu and ketu Both, so creating unexpected situations in all aspects of the life. The shanti of this Yoga has to be done in the proper Vedic astrology way.
  • kaal sarpa yoga horoscope kundli rahu ketu dragon's head dragon's tail
    A Real or True example of Kaal sarpa Yoga in any Horoscope or Kundli?:

  • This example is a typical shankhnaad type of kaal sarpa Yoga of Vedic astrology in the Horoscope.
  • where the rahu ( dragon’s head or snake’s head) is in the ninth house and ketu(dragon’s or snakes tail) is in third house of the Kundli or Horoscope.
  • The houses that deal with initiatives or projects and also deal with siblings .
  • You can clearly see all planets are on one side of the rahu- ketu axis from 9the to 3rd house.
  • planets garha kaal sarpa yoga horoscope kundli rahu ketu dragon's head dragon's tail
    Now what are The most affected planets in the horoscope or Kundli?:

  • Jupiter(Guru), Mercury(Budha) and Moon(Chandra), as they share the direct energy of rahu-ketu axis and yes other planets are affected to a lesser degree.
  • harmful deadly kaal sarpa yoga horoscope kundli rahu ketu dragon's head dragon's tail
    Why is Kaal Sarpa Yoga deadly or harmful Vedic astrology or Jyotish?

  • As said earlier Rahu or dragon’s head is demoniac and a materialistic planet, and ketu is also demoniac but spiritually oriented planet. They are eternal beings in the cosmos till the cosmos exit based on Vedic astrology.
  • Whenever rahu or Dragon’s head shares energy with any house, sign or planet- it transmit the energy of instability, sadness, rashness, materialism and suddenness/unexpectedness in any situation in life.
  • So does ketu(dragon’s tail) cause contraction, aggression as it is close to mars in behavior), material or worldly matters for a walk, fear of ghosts and evil spirits etc.
  • This way say rahu(Dragon’s head) is close to sun, so instead of giving the good effects of sun like name fame, health etc, it would give opposite results of bad name, bad health and mad habits.
  • Similarly ketu(dragon’s tail) with sun could give strong ego, high blood pressure , no adjusting nature and loss of name etc.
  • So in kaal sarpa Yoga as all planets are on one side of Kundli or horoscope and get malefic energy of rahu and ketu- thus the good effects of almost all planets representing various facets of life( as planets are lord of houses ruling facets of life).
  • get impacted and there is unexpected and indeterminacy in any aspect of life.. Life is uncertain and painful.
  • partial half kaal sarpa yoga horoscope kundli rahu ketu dragon's head dragon's tail
    What is Partial Kaal Sarpa Yoga in Kundli based on Vedic astrology?

  • If any planet is either on where rahu(first) is placed or ketu(seventh) is placed, and or second, fifth or sixth house- then a partial kaal sarpa Yoga is formed.
  • impact kaal sarpa yoga horoscope kundli rahu ketu dragon's head dragon's tail
    What is The Intensity Or Impact Of Kaal Sarpa Yoga in any Horoscope or Kundli?

  • As we know by common sense- that planets can send good energy or bad energy depending on how close they are to each other in the degree or in any aspect.
  • Like say rahu or dragon’s head is at 21 degrees in lagan & ascendant.
  • Also sun is in 7the house at 22 degrees for a kaal sarpa Yoga, then maximum bad effects to health, wealth and name and fame would be there, than if the planet sun is at 29 degrees.
  • Similarly malefic like rahu ketu( dragon’s head and tail or Lunar nodes) affect the house they sit and aspect, maximum energy transfer is at the degree of the ascendant.
  • so if say degree of ascendant is 21 degrees in above case, then it is a base of bad kaal sarpa Yoga as in this case rahu-ketu would transmit maximum negative energy to various house and also planets sitting in houses.

  • What are the Various Kinds of Kala sarpa Yoga- as per Vedic Astrology? What are the symptoms of the same.

  • Anant Kaal sarpa Yoga – Rahu in First and ketu in seventh house: Husband and wife relationships affected, throat and mouth are affected, and person may to believe in GOD.
  • Kulik Kaal sarpa Yoga – Rahu in Second and ketu in Eighth house: One may issues in education, money and status in society.
  • vasuki Kaal sarpa Yoga – Rahu in Third and ketu in Ninth house: The persona may take rash actions or have a bad company and may be deeply spiritual. Person may not get gains from friends, brothers or sisters.
  • Shankhpaal Kaal sarpa Yoga – Rahu in Fourth and ketu in tenth house: Family peace badly affected, rashness in behavior, public image is bad and career is not working out. Not much gains from parents.
  • Padam Kaal sarpa Yoga – Rahu in Fifth and ketu in Eleventh house: Trouble in having children,. Not many gains from children, love affair don’t work out , not much gains in life.
  • Mahapadam Kaal sarpa Yoga – Rahu in Sixth and ketu in twelfth house: Unexpected issues in job and mind may be in a different world. Obstacles in any work. One may face false allegations.
  • Karkotak Kaal sarpa Yoga – Rahu in Seventh and ketu in First house: Unexpected events in life over. Stomach and sex organs trouble.
  • Takshak Kaal sarpa Yoga – Rahu in Eighth and ketu in Second house: Luck may not be supportive and lots of obstacles. One may not live long. Issues in property related matters.
  • Shankh Naad sarpa Yoga – Rahu in Ninth and ketu in Third house: there are obstacles in luck matters and the person could get entrenched in tantric
  • Ghatak Kaal sarpa Yoga – Rahu in Tenth and ketu in Fourth house: respiratory and heart troubles are there. The personal may not be easily able to inherit property and could have rash actions.
  • Vishakht Kaal sarpa Yoga – Rahu in Eleventh and ketu in Fifth house: trouble through kids, delays in having children, stomach trouble. Strange problems in gains
  • Sheshnaag Kaal sarpa Yoga – Rahu in Twelfth and ketu in sixth house: Expenditures could be high and so could be court cases and conflicts, the sleep could be affected and rashness could be there
  • effects kaal sarpa yoga horoscope kundli rahu ketu dragon's head dragon's tail
    What Could be Other Manifestations or Symptoms of Kaal Sarpa Yoga Type Situation in Your Kundli based on Vedic astrology
    • Anyone who has more than one planet on the rahu-ketu axis, as there is partial kaal sarpa Yoga here. That is taking rahu as the first house, then more than two planets in 1st, 2nd, 4th, 6th and 7th house in your horoscope.
    • If there are symptoms like things not working despite effort, black magic, and sudden turn-around or reversals in situation.
    • People born on 4th,13th,22nd,31st,7th,16th,25th,14th,24th of any month, also people with destiny number(sum total of all numbers in your birth date) or fadic number to be 4 or 7, as in this case even if there is no planet between Rahu and Ketu axis, a direct aspect or exact affliction of the ascendant degree of the houses could cause kaal sarpa Yoga Like situation.
    • If your house number, Car Number, Phone number or any other number is has too many 4’s like 44, 444 or 7’s 77,777 or 47 or total sum of numbers comes to 4 or 7, like number 76 =7+6=13/4 =Rahu Or 34=3+4=7=Ketu means there could be an impact of rahu ketu in your Kundli as Numbers and Kundli both work in tandem and give similar results.
    • Fear of Ghosts or say black magic etc. are caused by strong afflictions of rahu-ketu axis.
    • If your ascendant Degree is very close to the rahu or ketu degrees(longitudes), you will face Kaal Sarpa Yoga Like situations.