2019 Capricorn Health Horoscope

2019 capricorn health horoscope 2019 capricorn health horoscopeWhat is the Health status of Capricorn sun sign in 2019?

  • We need to first know that Capricorn sign people are more naturally prone to getting depressed. They also have to take care of liver and spleen problems. Plus their digestion also needs care in general to remain healthy. walk per day and they should do yoga and be more positive .yes good exercise and good food is very much needed for them.
    to keep them in shape. πŸ™‚
  • Now looking at the year 2019 . There is a weak Saturn energy due to Saturn retrogression this year and so is there a weak Jupiter energy in the middle of the year 2019.
  • so the overall transit situation shows that this year the Capricorn people have to be very careful about the body ailments as discussed above. especially depression has to be taken care of well. plus your digestion has to be kept in control. as heat in stomach could be there. In your leg your Shin area also needs care. Your stomach has a lot of heat generation but first you could handle it with care.
  • coming to month by month predictions for the 12 months for the Capricorn sign people?

  • January 2019 the Capricorn person would be – but with some issues happening like head chest etc. Your anger has to be controlled and so is the stress to be kept at bay .
  • In the February month health of Capricorn person should be same as the January month but with slightly more mental stress . That s has to be taken care of by more of Yoga. all your face needs protection and your bones need basic care.
  • In the month of March for Capricorn person, the shoulder region needs proper care and also lungs/chest. so basic exercising and going to gymnasium would help a lot
  • In the month of April Capricorn person needs care of health. it cannot be a great time for overall health. There could be higher energy levels in the stomach . This increase of energy has to be handled properly.
  • In the month of May for Capricorn person the stomach definitely needs care. one may eat more good food .but again taking care of the stomach is very much advised. if prone to diabetes one should take extra care now.
  • For the month of June 2019 a very basic care stress has to be there. yoga or any pranic exercises is a must this time .
  • In the of July the basic sex organs need care and basic jogging excising is much need. it to balance the sexual energies again the larger intestine would need more care July
  • For the month of August one has to take care of the basic issues that arise due to Excess heat in the body of Capricorn person. Your stomach definitely needs care and so does digestion .
  • The month of September means relatively better health . Over all health may improve a bit. keep the legs and lungs healthy now.
  • The month of October is a time when Capricorn person’s liver and spleen need basic care. as you are prone to these problems .
  • November is a time frame is which definitely not great for Capricorn person’s health . this time the heat in the body could increase stomach problems. and also your knees need better care.
  • December month is ok .but you have to take care of overall health . The chance of hospitalization is there or taking care of others in the family may be needed. so overall Mahamrityunjay Japam would help you a lot.
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