What are the Yogas Or planetary Combinations for Luck, Fortune & prosperity- based on Vedic astrology or jyotish?

What are the Yogas Of planetary Combinations for Luck, Fortune & prosperity- based on Vedic astrology or jyotish? 

  • We all want to be lucky and be born with a silver spoon in our mouth. But some people seem to get it all easily- be it getting a home, cars, money or even lucky in marriage etc. why is it so?
  • Below article discusses in detail on the core reasons based on the model of vedic astrology plus also tells what makes people like anil ambani so lucky apart from their talent? and with a silver spoon in the mouth :)?
  • The reason is some people are born lucky due to their past karma in previous births-reflected in their horoscope. The amount and kind of good luck you have brought in from the past lives is reflected  by the health of your lord of ninth house and  also  health of your ascendant- that is your tanu bhava  or your back bone.
  • The factors that could affect your luck,wealth,fortune  and other matters are
  • The strength of lord of ninth house or dharma bhava
  • The strength of ascendant or tanu bhava
  • The placement of benefics or malefic in the said houses(ninth and first).
  • The placement of exalted planets in 9th house or Kendras like mercury, Jupiter or Venus could bring in good luck at the right time.

What are The  Various Combinations or Yogas for Wealth, Fortune & Luck and also Bad Luck?

  • If the lord of ninth house or the dharma bhava is in ninth house itself and it is strong. The person would be lucky/fortune and also have good money.
  • If the karaka for ninth house(dharma bhava) Jupiter or guru be in ninth house, and also the lord of the ninth house is in an angular house(4/7/10) and also the lord of ascendant is strong(lagna is strong)- the person would be very lucky.
  • If the lord of the dharma bhava or ninth house is strong and also planet Venus(shukra) is in the dharma bhava and the planet Jupiter(guru) is in an angular house( 4/7/10)- the father of the person is fortunate. As father is represented by ninth house and karaka Jupiter(Guru).
  •  If the lord of ninth house(dharma house) is in second house of dhana bhava and the lord of second house is in dharma bhava- the person gets good cars, is lucky and fortunate and will get famous after 35th year of life.
  • If the lord of the tenth house(karma house) and the lord of the third house of initiatives(sahaj bhava) are lacking in strength and also the lord of ninth house is debilitated or is near sun( combust) the person would have very less money even to buy food for himself.
  • If the planet for luxury Venus is in exaltation  and also be conjunct with the lord of ninth house( dharma bhava) and the planet Saturn is in third house of initiatives- the person would be very lucky and fortunate.
  • If the lord of the 9th house is in angles (4/7/10) and also planet Jupiter is in Ninth house of dharma.The person would be very lucky and enjoy his fortunes just after teen age ends. As the planet (guru) Jupiter matures at 15 – 20 years of age (peak 16)
  • If the planet mercury( budh) is exalted in say Virgo or is strong and the lord of ninth house or dharma is in ninth  house itself- the person would earn very well after 35th year.The reason is Mercury Matures at 32 – 35 years of age (peak 32)
  • If the lord of ascendant or lagna is in ninth house of dharma bhava and also the dharma’s lord is in ascendant and the planet Jupiter is in seventh house or Yuvati Bhava- the person would gain great wealth and conveyances- due to this energy exchange and also placement of Jupiter in Kendra aspecting the lagna.
  • If planet rahu (the dragon’s head) is in ninth house or dharma bhava and the dispositer of rahu is in eighth house and also the lord of ninth house or dharma bhava is debilitated- the person would have a hard luck. Due to locking of luck by rahu and also the lord of luck being weak.
  • If the planet Saturn or shani is in ninth house and also planet moon or Chandra is there. The ascendant is debilitated- the Person  would have trouble getting his food as well.
  • The dharma bhava or lord of ninth house is evaluated based on the lord of the ascendant ( The tanu bhava) and the lord of ninth house.

How does one become wealthy and other Poor or un-lucky?

  • We all want to be lucky and rich and famous and what not! But our most of the destiny is written by GOD or by our own actions in the past life.
  • There are two kinds of houses in any horoscope.
  • A) BAD or malefic houses= third (3), sixth (6), eighth (7), twelfth (12)
  • b) GOOD or benefic houses= first(1),second(2),fourth(4),fifth(5),seventh(7),ninth(9),teneth(10), eleventh(11)
  • So strength of GOOD houses, like the lord of the houses being in Kendra or benefic aspects or being in trikona give good energy and make the person lucky.
  • Strength of BAD houses or lords of the BAD or malefic houses string makes a person un lucky and with less money! This is a simple equation.
  • That is strengthening your GOOD lords and Weaken your BAD lords or propitiate them. Just like when you go for a job interview you play on your strengths and goodness and not your weaknesses.

what are the Yogas for anil ambani that make him so different? Birth details anil ambani

  • Name: Anil Ambani
  • Date of Birth: Thursday, June 04, 1959
  • Time of Birth: 22:30:00
  • Place of Birth: Mumbai

anil-ambani-d1 what does his(anil ambani’s) GOOD houses say about is wealth/luck etc?

  • The lagan lord is lord of Capricorn that is Saturn and is in the twelfth bhava or house it is weak at around 11 .49 minutes degrees, now as the dispositer Jupiter or the lord of Sagittarius sign is also weak in the twelfth house it gets very weak in the twelfth.
  • Now twelfth house is also negative and so is the twelfth house lord weak and also is the lagna lord on a weak sign so creating a sort of neecha bhanga Yoga and making him a success.
  • weakness of twelfth lord gives him(anil ambani) less trouble than average and yes stress and also helps his lagna. One can clearly see how weakness of the twelfth lord is helping anil ambani ji. but sure travels to foreign lands may not be fruitful for him or anil ambani .
  • the same logic applies to second house of dhana or wealth Yoga lord for anil ambani ji being in the twelfth again creates a neecha bhanga Yoga for his success in wealth matters. yes negative x negative = positive.
  • The fourth house lord is mars is weak in the seventh bhava and debilitated in the cancer sign but again being blessed by Venus the karaka for wealth and comforts and also lord of trikona house that is fifth house and also the tenth house the Kendra the house of career makes it great for him and balances his negative aspect. Giving him good image and yes money /wealth and status as well.,
  • note fifth bhava or house is again a very shubha bhava or house and is ruled by Venus , it sits in Kendra in the seventh bhava and so does mars or Mangal sit in Kendra this gives great strength to two of his prime house one for family and other for his good luck, purva janma punya and yes his thinking.
  • the seventh bhava or house lord is moon or Chandra is exalted in the fifth bhava, giving it great strength. In regards to relationships and jobs. Though afflicted a bit by the 8th lord sun or surya in the fifth bhava.
  • there is affliction and good energy both from mercury the lord of the sixth bhava and lord of the best house that is the ninth house the mool trikona sign. This blesses him from father and past life good karma making him blessed in every sense. which is true for anil ambani he was born with a silver spoon.
  • The ninth lord mercury is combust but is in the fifth trikona bhava so getting great energy there and forming a good raja Yoga of the ninth and fifth bhavas. Giving him or anil ambani great wealth and luck and yes  gains from his father the legendary dhirubhai ambani
  • Venus the lord of action and karma is again blessed in the seventh house or Kendra giving anil ambani all the bets in his life in his career and love and otherwise.
  • the eleventh lord is again mars and is blessed in the seventh house or bhava with positive Venus energies the lord of tenth and the fifth bhava making it great for gains from friends, money etc and we have great lakshmi yoga here.
  • so we see all the GOOD houses are well built and strong.

what does his(anil ambani’s) BAD houses say about is wealth/luck etc?

  • The twelfth bhava lord we have analyzed above,the sixth house lord is mercury as we discussed above is strong enough in the fifth house or bhava
  • Again Jupiter the lord of third bhava is weak at around 1.4 degrees this is infact good for anil ambani
  • The eighth lord sun is though in the fifth house but is weak in the enemy sign of Taurus. so over all a bit weakened but still OKL. so he or anil ambani has to stay clear of negative people and yes accidents.
  • So over all almost all BAD houses lord for anil ambani are weak


  • so for maximum luck the GOOD houses of 1/2/4/5/7/9/10/11 have to be strong & the BAD Houses of 3/6/8/12 have to be weak.
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