Why are sun sign and Moon sign (rashi) both Important?

sun-image virat kohli anushka sharma compatibility horoscope sun sign moon rashimoon-images virat kohli anushka sharma compatibility horoscope sun sign moon rashiAnushka_Sharma_and_Virat_Kohli_at_Vogue_Beauty_Awards virat kohli anushka sharma compatibility horoscope sun sign moon rashi

Why are sun sign and Moon sign (rashi) both Important?

  • We always keep hearing lagna or ascendant  or moon sign rashi and at times get confused why are all these used. This article clarifies this doubt and tells you how your moon sign or rashi and your sun sign both are important for predictions.
  • A sample case for love and compatibility of film actress anushka Sharma and cricketer virat kohli both is taken to explain the difference and common points in the approach.

  Why checking Compatibility based on Sun sign AND also Moon sign(rashi)- both is Fine?

  • For Vedic astrology we have sudarshan padditi- as per the classical text of brihat parashar hora shastra , in any kundali or horoscope the average or mean of all the lagna or ascendants like surya lagna( the sun sign), the moon lagna (the moon sign) and lagna the ascendant is taken.
  • In reality your over all compatibility is a sun of all your lagnas a) surya or sun sign b) moon sign or rashi and also c) lagna(rarely used) but is important.
  • But for simplicity sake you could either take you and your life partners sun sign and look at compatibility OR simple use your and your life partners rashi or moon sign to get the compatibility.
  • Both these interpretation based on sun sign or moon sign would give you fair enough answers .
  • It is just like taking selfie of left side of your face(like your sun sign) and selfie of right side of your face(like moon sign).
  • Infact to check your compatibility with your lover or partner with sun sign and also moon sign both

Anushka-SharmaH virat kohli anushka sharma compatibility horoscope sun sign moon rashi

virat-kohli-natal-lagna-cricket-indian-captain virat kohli anushka sharma compatibility horoscope sun sign moon rashi

Birth Details:

virat Kohli(cricketer)

  • moon in virgo(kanya)
  • Date of Birth: Saturday, November 05, 1988
  • Time of Birth: 10:28:00
  • Place of Birth: Delhi
  • Longitude: 77 E 13
  • Latitude: 28 N 38
  • Time Zone: 5.5

Anushka Sharma(film actress)

  • anushka moon in Libra
  • Date of Birth: Sunday, May 01, 1988
  • Time of Birth: 12:00:00
  • Place of Birth: Bangalore
  • Longitude: 77 E 35
  • Latitude: 13 N 0
  • Time Zone: 5.5
  • Given below is the analysis of virat kohli and anushka Sharma based on sun sign analysis and yes moon sign analysis. You could check it yourself, both are correct.

What is the compatibility virat kohli and anushka Sharma  based on sun sign?

  • Virat Kohli is Scorpio and anushka is Taurus the 2ns sign. so virat being ruled by mars sign the action sign gives him passion in cricket and so would it give him in the love matters as well. He would be very loving and passionate for anushka Sharma and anushka would be very sensitive and loving to virat as such. she would be a great lover and home maker.
  • At the same time virat may have anger tantrums in between relationships- but anushka being Taurus could give stiff resistance despite being loving and caring in nature. it may take virat a long time before things come to normal. So virat would have a very honest outlook but has to at the same time be caring in the words he speaks to anushka as she could be immensely sensitive.

What is the compatibility virat kohli and anushka Sharma based on Moon sign or rashi?

  • Now anushka is Libra by moon sign and virat is virgo by moon sign or rashi.
  • Libra sign gives great balance and poise and harmony to anushka Sharma. yes we know Venus has made her a successful and beautiful actress as well. She will try to bring in immense harmony in the home or family life of virat kohli. only thing is that she may weigh pros and cons of everything what virat kohli says and this could be a point of contention for both of them.
  • Only contrary virgo or virat makes him quick and witted and yes somewhat family oriented man as well. So there is some harmony in family orientation as far as virat kohli is concerned. but virat being too restless and yes anushka being more serene could create some mismatch issues in both cases.
  • Virat has good communication skills but could br abrupt on the contrary anushka Sharma would be very sensitive , loving and caring- but if raised to anger she could show virat the door as well; :). she respects law and would like people to respect the same.


  • so what is the conclusion of the relationship of anushka Sharma and virat kohli? both the sun sign and moon sign analysis are correct so over all yes they make a great couple and over all predictions for compatibility would depend on the mix of
  • a) SUN Sign AND also b) MOON Sign Or RASHI.
  • So for best results in Vedic astrology and otherwise always use sudarshan padditi of combining these two results.


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