VIRGO Sun Sign Health Horoscope (Kanya Rashi)

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Virgo Sun Sign HEALTH Horoscope (Kanya Rashi) :

  • You are less prone to diseases.You may be prone to neuritis of shoulders and arms. You have to be careful on trouble with solar plexus and chest.
  • Avoid imagination of diseases.Have sun light, fresh air and do Yoga for perfect health.A bad marriage could affect health more than other signs.
  • If mercury is combust or weak there could be extreme sensitivity and this could lead to health issues has to be taken care of.
  • One might have skin problems due to mercury ruler ship, but only if mercury is not well placed in your horoscope.
  • One should deal with nervous problems properly, may be Yoga and pranayama is needed on a daily basis.
  • If there be digestive system, it needs care and also connected problems of stomach need care. Take proper rest.
  • Virgo sign may have to deal with carelessness in food habits that could cause problems in intestines. So proper food is suggested. There can be problems due to too much thinking – take a while and rest. Follow ayurveda.
  • One may have to deal with controlling worry , the source of all trouble & has to be taken care of well .worry could be a source of trouble for Virgo or kanya rashi people. So do Yoga, work outs or simple suryanamskaras(sun salutations) as sun is a friend of mercury in a sense.

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