Vijay Mallya ex-chairman Kingfisher airlines & Drinks Mogul Leaves Country(CBI Lookout Notice)?2016 Horoscope-Numerology & Vedic Astrology



Vijay Mallya ex-chairman Kingfisher airlines & Drinks Mogul Vijay Mallya left the country despite the CBI lookout Notice.

Vijay Mallya – Chairman of UB Group

Date of Birth: 18th December, 1955

Birth Time: Not Known

Place of Birth: Bentwal, Karnataka, India

vijay-mallya horoscope

Natal Chart /Natal Horoscope Analysis and Forecast for Vijay Mallya :

  • Let us Look at his numbers first 18th born= 1+8= 9= Mars! We know number 9 deals with excess and rich food habits food & yes includes liquor and yes passion as well.
  • Regarding passion, we know the calendars of Kingfisher were full with some of the most beautiful women on the earth!
  • Also note he is a Sagittarius born, number 3, so 3 & 9  makes him overtly ambitious, flamboyant, positive- which eventually made him to take more than needed risks causing eventual failure of kingfisher airlines unfortunately!
  • Numbers (numerology)tell about his warm, fun loving, risk taking, aggressive and nature loving nature very clearly!
  • His destiny number (what he was born to do)= 18+ dec(12=3) +1955(=20)= 9+3+2= 14 =5= mercury. This gives him restless and passion to do things without even thinking about possible risks and failure. Yes, mercury gives good communication skills and business acumen.
  • Note he left the country scot FREE in year 2016= 2+0+1+6 = 9= harmonious with his birth number 9. But as the mid year passes- he could land up into serious legal issues.
  • Now let’s look at his Vedic horoscope: His lagan Jupiter in 9th, again conforms that his Jupiter is strong and is raja yoga karaka to give him gains from g\father( he inherited his business) and also prosperity( He was indeed prosperous barring the debt part).
  • His Jupiter the planet of benevolence is in the playful sign of Leo along with powerful Pluto- giving him the playful and fun loving nature and exceptional gains or losses. Rest is history we all know.
  • His moon lord of 8th is in 2nd house( house of wealth flows) is in Capricorn. So his mind would be on money, but there could be a lot of fluctuations of HIGH and LOW Periods. We know all this is true for him.
  • He could come to an understating or arbitration with the government or the honorable courts in April 2016

2016 horoscope forecast for Vijay Mallya

  • In Year 2016, Saturn and rahu go into his natal house of foreign travel and may be exile( with natal Saturn and Rahu there). Rahu also sends to different country, especially lands either dominated  in population by Muslims or Christians.
  • His 5th house of fun and luck is affected and so could be his kids to an extent as 5th house rules kids.
  • Note 3rd aspect of natal and transit Saturn affects his wealth and status.
  • When Saturn transits to ascendant by year end , then he may have to come back and may be by that time account for debts etc.As Lord of debts is also in the ascendant.
  • That is 2016 ending and 2017 time frame could make him come back or atleat get a heat of legal matters.


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