Planet Venus in houses


VENUS in 1st House

Your personality could be artistic in nature. Love for home and beautiful things could be there.

Gives a sweet personality generally.


VENUS in 2nd house

You have a sweet voice. Good for comforts and money.

You will do well in life, provided Venus is strong in your horoscope.

VENUS in 3rd house

You may want to acquire good things in life like a more beautiful home or car. Good connection with opposite sex possible.

VENUS in 4th house

You may acquire fancy cars. Good for family. Good for your mind as it could be artistic in nature.

VENUS in 5th house

Your mind might be artistic in nature. You could be creative and a bit comfort oriented.

Interest in opposite sex is indicated.

VENUS in 6th house

Take good care of females in family. If male your wife and married life needs special care. There could be times when comforts may not be there or not up to your satisfaction at all.

VENUS in 7th house

You could marry well. Good interest in sex and passion is indicated. You may build up good contacts with females.

VENUS in 8th house

You have to take special care of not to indulge in any vices. Avoid connection with low mentality  women or female folk.

Your comforts or family life could have impact when you run dasha of Venus.

VENUS in 9th house

Your interest could be there is vaastu,astrology or occult sciences. You could have gains from women.,

If Venus is strong good for your vehicles/cars or family.

VENUS in 10th house

Your would make involve creative endeaovors.By your actions you will gain in respect in life. You might have a comfortable job and you might have more than normal responsibility  at job.

VENUS in 11th house

You would have gains in life . Gains from your elder brothers could be there. Over all this is a good placement of Venus.

VENUS in 12th house

You have avoided indulgence in food or sex or any other luxury. Venus placement here might take a person to go for excess in any such kinds of luxaries.

It could also mean one is more prone to diabetes type disease.

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